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She watched with limp curls, blown apart by the wind on the ferry, as he froze walking back into the room. A single curl obscuring her vision of him, but not enough to have not seen his quick stop as she'd turned to face his footsteps and he'd just simply stopped.

He wasn't supposed to stop.

He should have rushed to her, taken her in his arms and promised never to let go again, never let anyone or thing come between them. He should have kept the promises he'd made to her so long ago, despite the fact that she'd broken them.

The ringing pulled them out of the state of pain they'd been lulled into, her eyes followed his, past her, to the noise and he soon was dropping what looked like half a medicine cabinet onto the coffee table in front of her before going to retrieve the sleek black cordless from the end table.

"Hello?" he shook off his confusion. "Oh hi, Penny. Uh yea," his brow furrowed, "yea I do have a friend staying with me…No it was a surprise." He chuckled.

Max frowned.

"Well that's nice of you to offer…Yes, I'll bring her along." He laughed again, "That's nice of you to offer, but I'm sure I'll be able to put something together. Yes, 6:30, you've told me everyday for the past two months." He laughed again, "Fine at least once a week."

Max's eyes lifted up and away as did the lines on her mouth as Logan's head moved to turn to her.

"I'll see you then," he promised before hanging up the phone.

"Plans?" the words shot out of her mouth before she could stop them.

"It is Christmas Eve," he reminded.

"Her referring to me or the dog?" she asked trying to slip into her old cocky attitude, hoping maybe it would make her Logan return or at least take the sting out of him not being around.

"She'd tie me to the porch if I brought Jack into her house," he nodded and moved over to the coffee table.

She wanted to offer to stay behind, but she was afraid he'd take her up on it.

"It's a potluck," he explained, needing something to fill the silence as he took the metal clasp off the flesh colored wrap.

She remained silent.

"I need to go into town to pick up a few things still," he explained pulling the coffee table back.

"Don't let me stop you," there was a little bit of that bite she was looking for.

"I'm not, it's still early. We'll take care of your ankle and," he nodded at it as he sat down before her on the coffee table. He paused for a second, allowing a moment of discomfort to leak through, he moved on, "If you want I can pick up your bike on my way back." His eyes were trained in his task of undoing her boot, "Or if you feel up to it you can come with me, pick what you want for dinner."

She smiled briefly at the same moment he looked up, cautious to keep all hope out of his eyes. "I should say I want to be surprised," her voice light and airy.

He chuckled remembering all of their previous dinner discussions. Previous strolls and rolls through the market as she'd badger him with questions, suggestions, comments. Previous cautious walks careful to not be identified or touch. They'd just been two people. A happy pair. Generally pleased enough with the company to get over the sticker shock on the goods, the foul odors that should never be around food and the general despair that accompanied the world outside of their usual walls. "I should take you just to save on my phone bill."

An impish smile graced her face, "One time Logan-"

"One time?" He cut her off with his own smile, "Max just about every time I left Terminal City without you, you'd call with a list of things to get." He laughed at a memory, "You once made me turn around twice to go back to the Farmers Market."

"Not like you'd reached the car yet," she quickly replied.

"Would that have changed anything?"

"Says the guy obsessed with walking again," she teasingly offered. He would have jogged to the moon if they'd let him try.

"I wasn't expecting relay races on my shopping expeditions," he smiled. "Between you, Original Cindy and Joshua."

"Hey that wasn't our fault," she cut him off, "we didn't know you and Alec had gone out until you were out. If you'd given us time we would have given you a list," she said specifically referring to the day he was talking about.

"Explain to me all the other times?" he asked securing the bandage on her foot.

Her smile dropped. She'd liked talking to him. She'd liked hearing his voice. Liked knowing he was still safe even though she wasn't around to protect him…She'd liked the domesticity of it. They were just a normal couple on the phone. "I liked busting your chops," she softly offered.

His smile had fallen along with hers, but twitched up slightly at that statement, "How does that feel?" he asked releasing his grip on her ankle.

"Better thanks," she nodded and pulled in leg in.

"So the market?"

"I'll join you." She smiled, "Check out the childhood haunts of Logan Cale."

He laughed, "That would consist of the candy store and the library."

"Why does that not surprise me?"


"It's nice here," she nodded as she walked towards the front of his Land Rover, not looking at him, but instead the quaint town.

"Yea," he nodded. He looked around as well, suddenly with fresh eyes. "I never really got it when I was a kid," he shook his head, "my mom loved it though."

"I can see why," she nodded again as she paused at the front of the car.

He stood next to her, "It's different from Seattle."


He shook his head, "I mean even then." He nodded, "Seattle was constant. Pretension." He shook his head, "Here you were who you were."

"Sounds nice."

"It was," he shook his head, "it is," he nodded. "So," he changed the subject, "anything in particular you're in the mood for?"

You. She had missed the Poulet Chez Cales. The watercress salads. The garlicy potato wedges. But because they were his. Because she shared them with him. Okay maybe they had merit on their own, but Logan…

"Everything?" she whispered to the point almost no sound emerged.

He turned with a frown, "Hmm?"

"Anything," she smiled at him. "You make green stuff taste good; my taste buds are in good hands."

He laughed as he held open the door for her, "That's going to change the moment you see-"

"Are those Mallomars?" her eyes widened seeing the bright yellow display at the front of the store.

Mari- graham cracker with marshmallow on top dipped in chocolate. Only sold from fall to spring. Puts all other chocolate/marshmallow items to shame.