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"Ah! Oh! Oh my god, Kikumaru-senpai! Stop!" whimpered Momoshiro as he tried to grab Eiji's hands.

"Relax, Momo, I know what I'm doing," murmured Kikumaru.

"Wait, Eiji! You're doing it too roughly—you're gonna get it everywhere!!" yelled Oishii who was standing next to Momoshiro.

"Oh no, now you got it all over Kaidoh's face," said Kawamura.

"Tastes funny."

"Ehh don't say that Kaidoh," pouted Eiji as he slowly sucked the dripping goop off his own fingers.

Momoshiro covered his face with his hands and moaned loudly. His breath came out slightly faster than was normal. "Ne, Kikumaru-senpai, is it supposed to be this white color?"


"Here, try it my way," smiled Fuji as he leaned in close to Eiji.

"NNOOOOOO!!!" yelled Momoshiro and Eiji in unison as Fuji sprinkled some chili peppers into the cake batter that the team was currently trying to make.

The regulars of the Seigaku tennis club were in the school home ec room making a get-well cake for Ryuzaki-sensei who was out with the flu. It seemed like a good idea to Oishii when he suggested it to the team, but now he was wondering if the cake would do more harm than good. It would be depressing if the get-well cake ended up sending Ryuzaki-sensei to the hospital with the flu and food poisoning. Oishi sighed and looked up at his teammates and the mess they had created.

Eiji had control of the electric mixer and was enthusiastically (albeit messily) mixing the ingredients in the bowl. Despite his refusal to give up the electric mixer because he was the "expert," Oishii was sure the Eiji only liked to watch the designs that flowed across the cake batter. The cake mix, which now had chili peppers, covered most of the counter that they were using as well as the bodies of various team members. Oishii picked up a dishrag and tried to clean up the worst of the mess. The rest of the team was trying to convince Fuji that Ryuzaki-sensei would not like a spicy cake. The only members who were spotlessly clean were (of course) Tezuka and Echizen. Echizen was here only because Momoshiro had captured him and dragged him here in a headlock. Tezuka, on the other hand, had shown up ten minutes late, took one look at the carnage and walked right back out of the room. It took Fuji and Oishii some time before they could convince him to participate in the baking.

It was now three hours after school had ended and they were on their fourth try at baking a cake that was edible.

Their first cake didn't rise. ("huh?")

Their second cake exploded. ("WTF?")

Their third cake was salty. ("oh…so a teaspoon is not equal to 1/3 cup… Ii data")

And this one has chili peppers in it. Oishii was starting to think they were never getting out of this room.

"Fuji, 15 laps at practice tomorrow and no more chili peppers," said Tezuka with a frown.

"Hmmm…but it really would have tasted good," smiled Fuji.

"NO!" yelled everyone.

"Hey, Echizen! Don't just stand there; help us with the cake," prodded Momoshiro.

"But I don't want to get in trouble for giving Ryuzaki-sensei food poisoning," smirked Echizen. He was sitting on the counter away from the circle of carnage. His sneakered feet swung idly back and forth over the floor as he watched with amusement the confusion of his senpais.

"O-chibi, don't be mean!" whined Eiji.

"Yea, Echizen! Like you could do any better," mocked Momoshiro.

"Eh! I could too. I've helped bake cakes before and I could definitely make one a millions times better!"

"Could not!"


"Not! Prove it! Bake us a cake!" challenged Momoshiro.

"What? No! I'm going hom—"

"Hey, everyone! Echizen's gonna make the cake for us!"

"Really, Momo? That's so nice of you Echizen," said Oishii.

"Yeah, Echizen," agreed Kawamura.

Echizen was starting to panic. "No, wait! I'm not going to bake a—"

"We'll be counting on you Echizen," stated Tezuka.

Echizen froze and drops of sweat were starting to drip down his face. He slowly turned around, "Buchou?"

"Since Echizen says he can bake a cake a 'million times better,' we'll just let him demonstrate to us how a real expert makes a get-well cake," said Tezuka with a straight face.

Wait, was that laughter in his eyes? Thought Echizen, I knew it! He's as sadistic as Fuji!

"That's a good idea Tezuka," said Oishii as he took off his stained apron with a visible sigh of relief.

Echizen's jaw dropped as he watched each of his senpais walk out of the room. "Ja na, Echizen!!" yelled Momoshiro with a huge grin on his face. The door slammed, sending a lonely gust of wind across the now empty room. With a loud splat, a glob of cake batter fell on the floor and Echizen was alone.

Grumbling softly to himself about senpais and the mental capacity of a rock, Echizen hopped off the counter and put on an apron. Moving to a cleaner counter, he began to take out mixing bowls and measuring cups. Echizen bent down to take a canister of flour out of the cabinet under the counter and promptly banged his head on the table edge as he felt someone's hand groping his ass. Turning bright red, he whipped himself around to see Fuji's smiling face. "Fuji-sempai! What are you still doing here?!?"

Fuji was the last person he wanted to be taken off guard by. Ever since their last escapade with the ice cubes, their competition had become a game of chicken—that is, if chickens dared each other to into doing spontaneous sexual acts in public without attracting the attention of outsiders. The unspoken rule was that the first to say "stop" would lose and play a penalty game. What the penalty game would entail, Echizen had no idea, but he was sure that he didn't want to know what Fuji's idea of punishment was. Neither boy had backed down yet, not in the school bathroom stall, or the movie theater, or under the blankets during a sleepover with Fuji's parents right next door. The competitive nature of both the boys pushed them to raise the stakes every time and kept them from admitting defeat. I sure as hell ain't losing to him today, thought Echizen.

"I was sure that everyone had left," said Echizen as he looked into Fuji's eyes, his gaze was direct and challenging. The game had started. The younger boy cocked his head and widened his eyes—the very picture of innocence; the kind of innocence that Fuji wanted to taint, to destroy with his lustful touch. "Is there something you wanted from me, Fuji-sempai?"

"Mmmm…I wanted to see what kind of cake Echizen would be making," said Fuji as he leaned close into Echizen and nibbled on the younger boy's sensitive ears sending chills up and down his spine. The tensai slowly ran his fingers along Echizen's face and kissed him gently at first, then harder as he tried to taste more of Echizen's sweet mouth. Fuji sucked his lover's wet tongue and nipped his lips until they were flushed a lustful red and shiny with saliva. His fingers were brushing the sensitive, warm skin behind Echizen's ears; he smiled as he felt his kouhai shiver and moan into his mouth. Fuji pushed Echizen until the younger boy was sandwiched between him and the counter and began to grind his hips against Echizen's. He shifted slightly and pressed his thigh into Echizen's groin, slowly rubbing his leg back and forth against Echizen's hardening cock. The younger boy began to pant softly and clutched at Fuji's shirt. Echizen could feel the heat of Fuji's hard penis as it pushed against him.

Fuji slowly licked the special spot behind Echizen's ear, making his trembling kouhai gasp and whimper. "But I'm sure that whatever you're going to make is nothing compared to how you taste in my warm, wet mouth…"

"You fucking tease," growled Echizen as he grabbed Fuji and spun him around so that it became Fuji who was trapped against the table counter.

"Why, Echizen, I do believe you were expecting me to fuck you today. Your cock is already so hard." Fuji brushed his finger along the throbbing length of Echizen's shaft straining against the confines of his trousers.

"What are you talking about? Aren't you the same?" Echizen ran his hands over Fuji's chest, lightly scratching the older boy's nipples. Fuji groaned softly against Echizen's neck, the warm puff of air that traveled along his skin sent goosebumps tingling down the younger boy's arms. Encouraged by Fuji's reaction, Echizen slid his hands down along his senpai's back, caressing him through the rough material of his summer uniform. Echizen reached under Fuji's uniform and started to tease Fuji's hard nipples by brushing his fingers slowly back and forth. Fuji was starting to feel a little light-headed.

Fuji pushed Echizen back a little from the counter and slowly started to suck and kiss his neck, leaving a trail of bright kiss-marks. His hands made their way to the younger boy's nipples where he stroked the hard nubs through the material of the uniform while watching Echizen's flushed face above him. Fuji smiled. He got on his knees under the counter and grabbed Echizen's ass, pulling the younger boy's crotch close to his face. He rubbed his cheek against the straining hardness of Echizen's cock and brushed his lips against the warmth of the penis head.

"If I was you, Echizen, I'd pretend I was baking now…" murmured Fuji as he slowly pulled down Echizen's trouser zipper.

"Huh? What do you mean, Fuji?" gasped Echizen as he felt Fuji pull his cock out of his pants and stroke it.

"Nothing of importance"

Echizen clench his hands into a fist and braced himself against the countertop as Fuji continued to stroke his hard penis, occasionally running his palms over his sensitive head. The younger boy moaned as he felt Fuji's hot, wet tongue lick the base of his cock to the very tip, tasting the slippery precum that dripped from his slit. Echizen began to pant loudly and suddenly froze as he heard someone opening the door to the room. From under the table, Echizen heard Fuji laugh "fufufu" quietly as he continued to lick Echizen's penis.

"How's the cake coming along, Echizen?" asked Oishii as he stepped into the room followed by Eiji.