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Have you ever sat on a window ledge and gazed up at the stars, just thinking about what tomorrow might bring?

Sounds stupid, and mushy; I know. Believe me, I'm the last person you'd expect to see enjoying the cold night wind, humming merrily to himself like it was the last day on earth.

Hah; I wish. No, I'm trapped here like glue to paper. (1) But once I actually stop to think about it, maybe it's not as bad as I originally thought.

Briefly I turn my attention from the black blanket that covers the sky, my eyes instead gliding across the room to settle upon the only other occupant. (2)

And almost instantly my chest tightens and threatens to cut of my circulation. He could never imagine what I do at night, when he dismisses me to do as I wish. Probably thinks I wander off to do some unforgivable wickedness.

Maybe I do. Wonder if longing after a human could be considered wicked. In the eyes of all other djiin I don't doubt it. (3)

Heaving a weary sigh that was very much out of character for myself I return my gaze to the sky, not wanting to gaze at the young boy any longer; it will only cause deeper pain to myself.

Unfortunately, the gods are not on my side tonight. (4) "Bartim-" His words are interrupted by a loud yawn which almost makes me smile. Almost. He tries again. "Bartimaeus, wha-" Another adorable yawn. (5) I swear that was going to be the death of me. With an annoyed grunt he continues as fast as possible. "Bartimaeus, what's wrong?" His sentence is punctuated by yet another loud yawn.

Much to my own protests I drag my attention away from the outside to gaze at him, a happy smile slapped on my face. "What gives you the idea anything's wrong, Natty boy? I'm as happy as a djiin can get, what with the whole slavery thing." I reply cheerfully.

Sadly, he knows me all to well and his eyes narrow suspiciously. "Your lying." He accuses, and I almost roll my eyes.

"How very perspective of you." I reply blandly, letting all happiness wash from my voice like color from bleached shirt. (6)

Maybe I shouldn't have said that; it draws even more attention to the fact I'm acting rather out of character. Couldn't the kid just stay asleep and leave me alone? Nights are not the best time for me to be talking. I tend to let me guard down.

He crinkles in nose and stands up with such flourish I almost expect random people to start trumpeting horns. Now I really wish I didn't have to look at him right now; it was bad enough without seeing him in nothing but a nightgown. (7)

Pressing his fists on his hand he frowns deeply, looking like a mother hen scolding a chick all the while. (8) "So something is wrong with you!"

I curse myself for letting him back me into a corner so easily. With a small sigh I swing my legs out the window so my back is now turned to him, kicking them slowly back and forth. (9). "Mmm…so what if there is?"

Though I can't see him anymore, I have a very good feeling he's glowering at my back. "So, I want to know what it is!" he snaps, and from the sound he's making I know he's stomping the ground in a childish manner.

"Since when did you care?" Ouch; even I have to admit that was unnecessarily cruel. But damn it I'm a bad night and want to be left alone in my misery. And he just can't take the hint I want him to leave.

However he seems to decide to overlook my cold tone, because he doesn't move away. In fact, much to my shock he decides instead to occupy the space beside me on the window sill. Naturally I worry.

"Hey, Nat, what do you think your doing?" I snap, jerking my head to glare at him. He cringes slightly but manages not to be too intimidated.

"I'm sitting, what does it look like?" My turn to cringe. Maybe a few of my bad habits are starting to rub off on him.

"In a night gown? I don't think so! You'll get a cold! Hyperthermia! Heck, what if you fall out the window. 10 foot drop to the ground and you'd be flat as a pancake." (10) I fail to keep the obvious worry from my tone. He sniffs disdainfully.

"Since when did you care?" Okay, I swear my insides just twisted themselves into a not. Out of all the things I expected him to say, that was not one of them.

"I…" My voice fails me, and for a moment we sit in utter silence, him waiting for an answer and me trying to find the courage.

Finally I give a low growl, grab him by the chin, and jerk his head forward so our lips are pressed against eachother. His eyes widen in shock; hell, I'm pretty surprised myself. I don't give him a chance to respond, shoving him away with a growl.

"Since now." I hiss, then in a ruffle of feathers take on the form of a raven and dart off into the night, leaving poor Nathanial suffering severe shock.

I'm not looking forward to morning.


(1) Okay, so I'm not the dandiest at metaphors. Psh.

(2) My eyes didn't actually leave my eye sockets. I could have made them if I wanted to, but I don't think Natty boy would appreciate waking up with a set of eyeballs on him.

(3) Not to mention him being a magician. I don't even want to think what another djiin would do if they found out.

(4) Maybe if I took up Buddhism and stopped killing people they may decide to grant me some favors.

(5) He's really cute, despite his rather sour attitude. He's still a kid; though you'd never tell by listening to him.

(6) Another depressing metaphor. It's too late to be thinking about these things.

(7) Let me tell you, seeing your affection in a nightgown and nothing more can seriously get your head knocked out of line.

(8) Didn't I already explain I can't do metaphors?

(9) I failed to mention I've been in Ptolemy's form up to this time.

(10) I have a feeling Nathaniel pancakes wouldn't be very appetizing.

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