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It's strange, you know…

Over time I had grown so use to sitting on the window sill by myself, musing over life and all its complexities. Use to mourning over what I couldn't have, however pathetic or emo that may sound.

But it's nice to not have to be alone anymore.

A small sigh escapes my lips, drawing the attention of my companion perched on the wooden frame next to me. "Is something wrong?" Amazingly this time he doesn't yawn; quite a feat I must say, considering how late it must be.

"Hum?" I glance at him, a small smirk twitching at the corner of my lips. "Nope, everything's peachy. Except for still being enslaved…but hey, I guess being a slave has some perks."

That answer seems to satisfy him, because his attention returns to the sky.

A long moment of silence falls between us, but it's not an awkward sort of silence like what follows when a magician belches during a fancy meeting. (1) It's a pleasant sort of quiet, one that allows you time to just think about everything and enjoy the presence sitting beside you.

"…What perks?" Somehow I knew he was going to ask that question. Magicians; always so full of curiosity and annoyance. Not that his questions annoy me. He has special privileges. Like the fact I don't kill him in his sleep. (2)

Smiling slyly I look at him from the corner of my eye, wondering if I dare. "We-ell…do you really wanna know?"

He scowls, looking cute all the while might I add. May my head be chopped off and stuffed with onions for admitting it, but he's gotta be the most adorable person ever; magician or not.

"Yes Bartimaeus, I 'wanna know'. Please attempt to better your grammar." Despite the content of the sentence, it isn't said in an insulting way. More of a light tease with a hint of annoyance to it.

I gaze away for a long time, giving the question careful consideration. Should I, or shouldn't I? I can almost hear my devil and angel battling it out. Sadly my angel was roasted a long time ago. Pity.

Finally I decide to give in, turning around so I'm facing my companion, leaning in slowly. His eyes widen quite comically and he leans back. But the window sill has only so much room, and his back quickly connects with the side.

"These perks." Is my only answer before I press my lips firmly against his.

I'm rewarded with a startled gasp that's lost somewhere in the kiss before the magician slowly gives into my attentions and returns it.

The kiss doesn't last long; just enough for me to savor the unique flavor that is Nathaniel(3). After a moment I pull back, drawing a small sigh from his lips and his eyes flutter open; I hadn't realized they had closed.

A faint grin appears on his face. "Yeah, I like those perks to."

I laugh before I can stop myself. This earns me a very startled look, as djinni don't laugh often in a way that isn't evil or deranged.

The moments interrupted by a yawn. Amazing as it may sound, it isn't him that made the sound. (4)

He gives me a confused look. I smile sheepishly. He laughs. Then he yawns.

For a long moment we gaze at eachother, then both of us burst into laughter.


(1) This doesn't happen very often, but it's always funny whenever it does. Though I can't help but notice it's usually the djinni or imps who laugh. Usually the magicians just look disgusted

(2) Or do other such acts which would be looked down upon. Which, by the way, I would never even dream of doing. I'm a djinni, not a pervert…okay…not a big one anyway

(3) Yeah I realize I haven't mentioned who I'm sitting with…I thought it was a given! Who else would it be? Really, humans…so stupid

(4) Prior to popular belief, djinni's can yawn. Usually when our essences are beginning to ache

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