Prompt: #006 Envy

Notes: My first ever Farscape fic! Written for fic101. Thanks to bella blu for the beta!

She had thought she had felt a connection to the human, Crichton, several days after they had met and had begun to get to know each other better. It had been unclear to her and she hadn't completely understood where the feelings were coming from.1

She was a Peacekeeper and she needed no one, least of all someone like him. It didn't make sense that she was beginning to rely on him and even beginning to need him. Worse, it didn't make sense that she was beginning to want him. There was no logical explanation to it.

Somehow she couldn't shake the feelings away though, as hard as she tried.

When she saw Crichton with the PK tech girl, a Peacekeeper like herself, an unpleasantly heavy weight pulled down her stomach and flooded her senses until there was nothing but envy and bitter annoyance. She had never known anything quite like it and immediately hated it.

Jealousy. That's what it was. She vaguely recalled it from a lecture Crichton had given her on human behaviour and emotion. She was jealous.

She was becoming a little more human every day it seemed, and along with that, she was becoming vulnerable. She wanted the emotions to get the frell away and let her go back to how she was before: an independent, hard-working Peacekeeper who needed no one and followed the orders of her superiors without hesitation.

Nothing changed back as hard as she wished for it, and she was left with the pangs of jealousy eating at her insides as the PK tech girl made her move on Crichton. She could only turn her back and walk away. There was nothing else she could do about it, after all. She couldn't tell Crichton how she felt. Not while she was around.

She didn't dare tell him.

She knew she'd have to build up the courage and do it soon though. So, while Crichton was out who knows where making out with the tech girl, she prepared herself. She had faced many things as a Peacekeeper and she wasn't going to let jealousy or any other human emotion beat her. She wouldn't.

Later she would tell him. Later.