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The gravel underneath his feet crunched as he ran excitedly towards the castle. Harry made sure however, that he was in sight of his boyfriend at all times so that he could really feel the thrill of the chase. They both knew where they were going this time. A punishment of the best kind was coming, and Harry knew that whatever Draco had in mind, he would 'require' more than just his body.

Desperately glad that the younger years were in class and the seventh years were all still gossiping about the bet by the shimmering lake, Draco quickly followed the Gryffindor, knowing that Harry was enjoying the chase just as much as he was. He just hoped that he wasn't too exhausted by the time he reached the 7th floor to take his revenge. He may be young and strong, but seven floors with nary an elevator to be seen sometimes almost caused the Slytherin to try to convince the school board to move the students to a Muggle five star hotel!

For once though the distance seemed easy to travel, adrenaline pumped through his body as he stalked his boyfriend, who happened to be giggling giddily as he kept out of reach of Draco.

Turning the final corner in the corridor, he pulled to a stop as he saw Harry leaning seductively against the tapestry of Barnabus the Barmy.

Draco's steps quickened as he knew he had no patience to torment Harry immediately, he desperately needed his tongue first. Before Harry had the chance to say anything, the platinum-haired boy ordered "No talking," then proceeded to crash his lips down onto Harry's, immediately slipping his tongue through the red lips to explore the warm cavern within. An equally enthused tongue joined his as the boys desperately clung to each other, becoming more and more passionate till they were in danger of fucking against the wall instead of going through it.

Reluctantly they pulled away, Draco, chest heaving, paced in front of Barnabus three times picturing how he wanted the room. He knew he needed to calm himself down significantly, otherwise the games would be over before they begun.

As soon as the door to the room appeared, the boys shot through it, eager for the fun to begin. Harry looked around confused. He couldn't see anything out of the ordinary, the main focus of the room was a very comfortable looking king size bed with forest green silk sheets. They had played around with a few very light bondage games in the past, and not seeing any blindfolds or anything made Harry start to worry about what on earth the punishment could entail.

Draco, knowing what was going on in his boyfriend's head, walked over to an ornately crafted glass bowl that was full to the brim with warm melted chocolate. "Why don't you have a look over here, Harry?" He dipped his finger into the bowl, coating it with chocolate and with a smirk used the finger to beckon Harry to his side.

Harry took a deep breath as he started towards the delicious sight of boyfriend and chocolate, "You evil, evil man."

The two chocoholics learnt very early on in their relationship that copious amounts of chocolate had very different reactions on them: Harry always felt very sick, and Draco always became scarily hyperactive. The combination never made for a happy Harry. What a punishment! He may be getting glorious sex soon, but afterwards he'll be fighting off nausea, while his boyfriend will start bounding about with the energy of a hyperactive five-year-old. Yet, as Draco had counted on, there was no way Harry wasn't going to respond favourably to the summons..

Quite quickly the chocolate covered finger was enveloped in a very excited mouth, Harry's tongue making sure that the flesh was licked completely clean. Draco's whole body responding to the ministrations on his finger. Using his commanding voice as he had just outside the room, he ordered, "Clothes off, now."

Both stripping at the same time, clothes were thrown across the room, well away from the bed and the most definite mess that would occur there.

Finally naked, Draco dipped both hands fully into the bowl, scooping a large amount of chocolate in each hand, and proceeded to push Harry onto the bed, covering him quite liberally at the same time with the warm liquid. Before his hands could get too slippery from the substance, Harry quickly grabbed the bowl as he pulled Draco down onto the bed as well. Tipping the bowl upside down over his boyfriend, he expected a reasonable portion to pour out for him to rub all over the gorgeous body.

Instead an extremely generous amount of melted chocolate flowed out of the bowl, and kept flowing. Draco knocked the overturned bowl over Harry's body, then knocked it completely out of the Gryffindor's hands so it flew on to the carpet next to the bed, luckily facing up. Giggling madly at what had just happened, Draco let Harry in on a little secret.

"Harry, I asked the room for a bowl of melted chocolate that never emptied, check out what your eagerness has caused."

Harry started to chuckle as he looked at the two of them, their bodies for once not contrasting in their colors of tan and creamy ivory; they were both very definitely chocolate all over. Chuckles turned into the infectious giggles that Draco was currently wrapped in, as Harry started to picture what the bed could have looked like if the bowl wasn't knocked away when it was.

As it was they looked like they were about to participate in one of those erotic wrestling matches that Harry had seen Dudley watch on video where the combatants wrestled each other while slipping in a substance of some kind! He knew he'd be very sick from the amount of chocolate about to be consumed – but what a way to go!

Eager to taste the combination of his boyfriend's mouth and the chocolate, Harry nibbled at Draco's neck before moving in for a deep and searching kiss. Draco responded in kind, his tongue meeting the other enjoying the combination of flavors on his taste buds. Already addicted to the essence of Draco and his favorite confectionery, the Gryffindor decided to move quickly down the blonde's body, desperate for the other combination of flavors he could find.

Alternatively licking and nibbling the muscular chest, while Draco caressed any part of the other body he could reach, every so often bringing his chocolate covered fingers to his lips to enjoy the full experience, Harry finally reached his destination.

As he had already seen, the fully erect shaft was deliciously covered in chocolate, just waiting to be consumed. Harry decided to forego the teasing he would normally indulge in, and immediately set to work to bring his lover to release as soon as possible. Quickly and without any forewarning, he enveloped the succulent cock with his mouth, his lips hitting the base, tongue licking around as much as it could. The chocolate reached every part of Harry's mouth, and he groaned at the experience.

Draco was in awe of the sensations his soul mate was causing him. To be suddenly assaulted by the warm cavern, then feeling the vibrations of Harry's groan at the tip of his cock which was brushing the back of the throat, was almost too much. His answering moan was significantly louder as he desperately tugged at the gorgeous messy hair within his reach.

Harry quickly ran his lips up and down making sure to apply enough pressure to cause quick build up of sensation. Moving the action up a notch, he grabbed a large pillow and set it under Draco's hips. While one hand continued the ministrations on the area his mouth had just devoured, lips traveled downward, lapping around the testicles, taking them in his mouth lightly one by one before continuing the downward exploration.

Nipping carefully along the sensitive perineum, Harry finally reached the prize. Draco, knowing what was about to happen was tense in anticipation. When he finally felt the first swipe of the tongue at his entrance, he let out praise to every deity he could think of for blessing him with such a man that could give him so much pleasure. Swipes, turning into circling, then a quite definite probing. Hands twisted into sheets as he knew that if he continued tugging on the raven locks, he was sure to pull them out.

Just as he thought he couldn't take anymore, he felt fingers quickly run over his thighs where more chocolate resided, and then a finger joined the busy tongue in probing the very sensitive hole. One, two, three fingers stretching, scissoring and bending inside to hit the one place that was guaranteed to cause an extra blast of sensation through his body.

Feeling a tightening in his balls, knowing exactly what Harry desperately didn't want to miss. Draco groaned out as best he could, "Harry, oh, Merlin, I'm about to ohh-h, quick quick quick."

Fingers continuing their actions were deserted by the-oh-so talented mouth as Harry desperately got his mouth over the delicious cock once more. A couple more bobs of his head was all it took as Draco's essence filled the waiting mouth and was immediately swallowed.

Draco was quivering with release; sweat pooling over his body, mixing with the liquid that still remained on his body. Harry climbed quickly up the heaving body, crashing his lips down on Draco's open and waiting mouth, tongues meeting and caressing immediately enjoying the mixture of sweet chocolate and the salty taste of come.

The Slytherin ripped his head away to desperately breathe out, "Fuck me, now, please, I'm begging you."

Harry, whose cock was as hard as a rock twitched in answer. Removing his fingers from their continuous ministrations and swiping his hand along his side to collect more of the liquid chocolate to quickly lube up his now painfully aroused cock, Harry then eased in the waiting passage of his lover. The men's quite busy sex life over the last two years had the effect of quite painless penetration, and today they were definitely not in the mood for slow loving.

Before Harry could even begin to speed up his movements, Draco couldn't help vocalizing his wants again. "God, love, please, fast and as hard as you can go, no fucking namby pambering around."

The resulting response was immediate. Hard and fast it was. The strong and relentless body of his lover stepped up his movements, sweat breaking out over his face. A hand grasping hold of the newly awakened hardness that only a teenage body in the prime of its sexual life could cause, quickly brought the former rivals to the edge of release. One final thrust of both the hand on his cock, and the dick buried in his body, that had been hitting his sweet spot repeatedly, tipped the men over the edge and into ecstasy.

"Draco, I love you, I love you, I love you."

"Ditto, ditto ditto, love times a zillion," was the response. Harsh breaths slowly calming down as their heartbeats also slowly returned to their normal rate, the blonde and the raven-haired lovers settled in for a slower, loving exploration of the others' body. Harry's softened cock slipped out of Draco's entrance as they both searched for the remaining chocolate still left after their frenzied coupling.

Discussions on coming out taking a back seat to the lazy claiming of every curve of their bodies, the exhausted men, completely wrapped around each other, finally slipped into a blissful slumber.