Authors notes: This is a little fic that just sorta popped in my mind. To tell you the truth…my grammar sucks. You see I haven't been writing for very long and well I'm really sorry. I'll try my hardest to keep it a good fic though. Originally this fic was rated NC17 because there was going to be a lemon, but things went differently. This is a little lemon scented, but sorry there's no lemon yet. This is basically a romance between Kagome and Inuyasha. There's also some fighting… what would Inuyasha be without the fighting? Anyhow… I hope you enjoy this fic! Chapter 2 will be up within a week so look for it please and remember to review! ^_^

                Legal stuff: I don't own Inuyasha… too bad… *sigh* they belong to the wonderful and brilliant Rumiko Takahashi.


Japanese words in my fic and what they mean:


                Youkai: Demon

Hanyou: Half- demon

Yakamashi: shuddup

Itai: ouch

Konbanwa: good evening

Dare ga, tasukete: Someone, save me!

Neesan: A way of addressing someone (only teenage girls) you don't know. It literally means elder sister.

Dare? : Who's there? Or who is it?

Oniisan: Older brother

Hai: Yes

Iie: no

Arigatou: Thank you

Arigatou gozaimasu: Thank you (formal)

Oi: Hey

Nani: What

Kami-sama: God

Osuwari: Sit

Baka: Idiot

Nani shiagu! : What're you doing?

Gomen: Sorry

Gomenasai: sorry (formal)

Kya: Ahh!

Yare, yare: it's something like… Oh my… or what a bother



Inuyasha sat on the god's tree feeling the wind wrap around his face. It was spring. The flowers were beginning to bloom, the air was warm and relaxing, and it was surprisingly tranquil. Yet Inuyasha couldn't relax. He knew what this season meant… he knew what he wanted. Damn his demonic instincts. The sun was now touching the mountains. It would be night soon. For once, Inuyasha was actually happy Kagome wasn't there. Inuyasha mumbled curses as a wave hit the pit of his stomach. What was wrong with him? It was never this bad before. It was as if the smell in the air was playing with his mind. It was sweet and inviting, and made him feel warm, and safe. That smell…. Kagome?

"Oi, Inuyasha! Come down here!" A familiar voice called. Inuyasha almost fell off his perch.

"Nani? KAGOME!? What the HELL are you doing back here?!" And why the hell couldn't I fucking sense her earlier? He added silently.

"Surprised? We had a break from school this week. We can spend all week finding the jewel. Aren't you happy?"

Inuyasha slumped feeling more than slightly defeated. That's it. I knew it. Kami-sama is against me. He wants me to suffer a long painful life.

 Kagome looked at Inuyasha, only catching the view of his pants. He didn't SEEM happy to see her. What the hell was his problem! He should be happy! Here she was willing to spend her whole spring break with him, and this is how he treated her?!  "Inuyasha why don't you come down? Come on we have all week, so we should start tomorrow, but… well… I was hoping we could talk until then, you know about where we should search." Kagome asked happily. She waited a few seconds until her smile dropped and her eyebrow began to twitch. Why wasn't that idiot coming down? Why wouldn't he answer her, huh? Had she done something wrong? That jerk! "INUYASHA! COME DOWN HERE OR I'LL SAY THE 'S' WORD!!!!!! Inuyasha cringed, and dug his claws into the large branch above him. Maybe if he held on….

"Fine, you asked for it! OSUWARI!" Inuyasha fell to the ground, taking the tree branch with him.

"YOU BITCH!!! WHY THE HELL COULDN'T YOU JUST… Eh?!" Inuyasha watched as a single tear slipped from her chin, and drop delicately to her perfectly rounded… ahhh! She's crying don't think about her breasts! He scolded himself silently; once again mad at his demonic nature. "Kagome?"

"You jerk! If you hated me so much…." Kagome spat bitterly. Inuyasha took a step back totally baffled.

"Wha…." Kagome stopped moving and seemed to come to a realization.

"It's because you need me for the jewel right?" Now tears slid down her cheeks freely. "is that the only reason…?"


The hanyou starred at her, unable to take his eyes off her. There she stood at the base of the tree wearing an outfit he'd never seen on her before. She wore a light fabric t-shirt that fit her body like a second skin. It was a deep scarlet red. He's never realized how wonderful she looked in red… she wore a black skirt to go with it. It was short like all her other skirts and her legs were bare, while they were normally covered in socks. He'd never really noticed how short her skirts were until now, or how seductive her legs were. The sun was blocked with her body, creating a warm yellow glow that seemed to emanate around her; it made her look like a goddess. God she's beautiful. He thought.

"It's not just because of the jewel you moron. Somehow I… feel calmer… when you are with me." He finally mumbled. He'd already said this once. It felt weird to say it again… at least she was awake to hear it this time…

Kagome's head shot up and she starred at him, her tears slipping away. " I… do?"

Inuyasha was careful to keep eye contact with her. He didn't want her to think he was a pervert… even though that was exactly what he was. "Yes."

The girl's eyebrow rose. "Then why didn't you come down earlier?"

The hanyou blinked a few time's, then shifted uncomfortably. "That's none of your goddamned business." He said a-matter-of-factly. "Come on it's getting dark. Let's get you back to the village. It's dangerous out here when it's dark." Not to mention the time of year… Inuyasha and Kagome began to walk back. Inuyasha didn't trust himself to have Kagome on his back. That smell she was emanating… was she… in heat???? Inuyasha tried to ignore the growing pain in his loins, but found it impossible. God, what I'd give to have her right here and now. He thought to himself bitterly. Still he had to stay close to her. With her smell she could attract a number of demons in mere seconds.

Kagome regarded him curiously. He was defiantly fighting an inner battle, but about what? Why was he acting so strange? He hadn't even mentioned the jewel yet, and why hadn't he offered to just fly to Kaede's? It was almost as if he was afraid to touch her… "Inuyasha?" Kagome asked while reaching her hand out to touch his shoulder. Inuyasha seemed to jump a little and looked a little nervous.

"What?" Inuyasha asked. He seemed annoyed… or was he just hiding some other emotion…

"What's going on? You're acting kind of strange." Kagome asked worry in her voice

"It's nothing! Don't ask stupid questions!" Inuyasha spat hating the pity in her voice. Kagome narrowed her eyes.

"Hai." I'll get to the bottom of this. Kagome promised silently. And I'll help you in anyway I can.

The rest of the way to Kaede's was walked in silence. The couple walked side by side sometimes-daring glances at each other, and almost always getting caught by the other. Why did Inuyasha seem so distant? He said he wanted me here, and not just because of the jewel, but, what's bothering him? He doesn't seem happy to see me. Kagome sighed. Oh well guess I'll just have to wait until he tells me.

Inuyasha shifted his pants uncomfortably, and then narrowed his eyes, glaring at Kagome. What is that witch doing to me? Kagome walked a little ahead of Inuyasha, mostly because Inuyasha was afraid to get too close, and he watched her as she walked. Her movements were beginning to awake his hidden desires. Unlike most youkai, she could affect him anytime, not just during mating season. Maybe because he was part human, or maybe because she was someone special to him. Inuyasha's eyes widened a little. She is someone special to me. Inuyasha starred at Kagome longingly from a few feet behind her. He watched as her skirt danced around her legs, almost making hypnotizing movements. He watched the way her hips swayed from side to side, how could this girl enchant him so ruthlessly? Was the witch doing this to mock him? Did she know about mating season? Inuyasha narrowed his eyes. He'd have to be careful. She might me planning to trick him into… well Kagome wasn't like that but… the idea was strangely intriguing. Kagome kept her face from the eyes of the hanyou. She knew he was starring at her. She could feel it, and her nervousness was written all over her features. Ignoring the feeling of Inuyasha's stare, Kagome opened Kaede's door and peered in to announce her presents.

"Konbanwa Kaede-san I'm back! Are you surprised?" Kagome asked all smiles.

"Ah, Kagome back so soon?" Kaede asked. Kagome looked around the dimly lit room. Shadows danced in the corners, and little light shone on a figure that lurked in one. Inuyasha seemed to notice as well and stood in front of Kagome protectively. It must be a threat, probably a youkai. Kagome thought getting ready for a fight.

"Lady Kagome. It is nice to see such a beautiful creature once again." A man said as he inched his way towards her.

"Miroku? What are you doing here?" Kagome inquired. So that's why Inuyasha was being so protective…

"Oh lady Kagome I've been here for three days… I had to see only lady Kaede's face… it's like I've gone from hell to heaven! Oh, lady Kagome you are truly beautiful!" Kagome blushed and tried not to look flattered. Inuyasha inched over a little and tried to block Kagome from Miroku's view.

"Miroku was injured by a youkai." Kaede stated bluntly while glaring at Miroku.

"What? Why? How?" Kagome asked unable to come up with a reason as to how they got past his curse. They obviously didn't have a jewel so… they couldn't possibly be strong enough to…

"She was a beautiful youkai. I… I thought she was a woman. She seemed kind… she said that she'd bare my child. Then I noticed her claws and… I told her I wanted a full human baby and … and…she tried to…" Miroku sighed with a dreamy look in his eyes. Fake depression was obvious in his features.

"Mate with him anyway." Kaede stated dryly sick of his dramatic pauses. Kagome stared at Kaede blankly and fell over, completely stunned. Fortunately for Inuyasha, she hadn't noticed his panicked look. Miroku cleared his throat and continued.

"When I tried to escape…"

"YOU tried to escape?" Inuyasha asked incredulously. "I thought you'd go for ANYTHING with a pretty face…" Miroku ignored Inuyasha. In fact he began to tell the rest of his story as if he hadn't heard his comment at all.

" She tried to force me, so in order to insure my safety I grabbed her breast to throw her off guard and…"

"I knew it." Inuyasha shrugged.

"So she tried to beat me into submission so she could have her way with me."

"I think she was just pissed you grabbed her." Inuyasha said getting annoyed.

"Luckily, I was able to escape her evil clutches and make it here with only minimal injuries." Miroku said heroically. Kagome snapped out of her shock and stared at Miroku in worry.

"Let me get a look at your injuries." Kagome said while searching through her bag and successfully pulling out her flashlight. She shone the light on Miroku, and noticed he had been treated for a few cuts and a broken leg. Then she noticed his face and took note of a black eye, and a large handprint across his face.

"I feel sorry for the youkai, and that's been there for three days? She must have been really mad…" Kagome muttered sardonically while turning her flash light off. "Why though, would she try to mate with him in the first place?" Kaede looked surprised at her question. Miroku looked offended. Inuyasha wanted to run. "Wouldn't demons usually avoid humans for that purpose?" Now he REALLY wanted to run.

"It's matting season. All youkai seem to want to mate at this particular time. Especially early spring, and as you know… spring has just started. Most demons don't seem to care WHO it is as long as it means reproducing." Kaede said frankly. Kagome turned her head slowly toward Inuyasha who was looking as if this was the last place on Earth he wanted to be. He was avoiding everyone's gaze by staring at the ceiling as if it was the most fascinating the he'd ever seen.

"Your saying that EVERY youkai… I mean even a hanyou as well…" Kagome asked in a little voice.

"Yes even Inuyasha, although dog demons are different. They only pick one mate then mate for life… well his particular breed anyway… but I could be wrong… and knowing Inuyasha, you'd better be careful Kagome." Kaede said, a mischievous smile playing cross her features

"SHUDDUP! IT'S NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS!!!" Inuyasha yelled. The hanyou flew out the door and ran until he was out of site. This had to be the worst fucking night of his annoying life. Kagome looked confused as she stared off after him.

"So he's… he's… that's why he was acting so weird." Kagome said flatly.

"Ha! And you call ME a hentai." Miroku blurted out, receiving a glare from Kagome.

"That's different! You ARE a pervert!" Kagome yelled off-handedly. Miroku just pouted innocently.

"Lady Kagome I am a PRIEST!" Miroku said indignantly. Kagome rolled her eyes.

"Right…" Kagome murmured.

"I guess Inuyasha's gone looking for a mate." Kaede said breaking up their conversation between the two.

"Ma... MATE??!! Kagome queried.

"Yes. It's the nature of all demons." Kaede sighed.

"Bu… but…! THAT JERK!!!! HOW DARE HE?! I'M HERE TO GATHER THE JEWEL SHARDS AND HE… HE'LL PAY!!!" Kagome growled darkly while rushing out the door and toward the direction Inuyasha flew to.

"I wonder if they'll be happy together…" Kaede thought aloud.

"My poor innocent lady Kagome. Who knows what that Inuyasha will do now that it's spring." Kaede raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? What's this? Haven't you grabbed Kagome before…?" Miroku looked innocent, and then pretended to sleep. "Coward…" Kaede mumbled.

  "Where is that idiot?" Kagome asked aloud. Finding Inuyasha seemed hopeless. Who was she kidding? How could she find him? He was probably long gone by now. How would she manage to catch him? He better not try anything with anyone! Kagome thought bitterly. It was just so dark out side. Finding her way through the forest seemed to be impossible. Not even the moon shone on the floor of the forest. It was almost pitch black. This must be easy for a demon she thought. They could easily see in the dark. Damn Inuyasha! There was no way I can find him now… I might as well go back. Kagome turned around and began to walk the way she came, or was it more to the right, or the left? Wait… wasn't this the way Inuyasha was? Then a chilling realization hit her. "I'm lost!" she said aloud. Suddenly the forest seemed a lot scarier. What kind of creatures, or demons surrounded her? Wanting to shrivel into a little ball, she curled up against a nearby tree. "Dare ga, tasukete…" she whispered.


Inuyasha kicked another rock and watched as at bounced a few times on the ground until it stopped against a tree. Kagome looked so beautiful tonight. Inuyasha thought. Not that I care or anything. He lied. "Oh well that bitch is probably out of her shock and is laughing at me about now. Damn her!"

Kagome sneezed. Was someone thinking about her? Kagome shifted uncomfortably. Sleeping against a tree was not going to be fun. This was all Inuyasha's fault! He's probably off with some demon right now… a tear slid from Kagome's cheek and on to her hand. He probably is one of those demons that… do that sort of thing with anyone. Kagome brought her knees closer to her chest. She felt so helpless and alone, and that jerk Inuyasha probably wouldn't even care.

"Konbanwa, neesan." Kagome was startled from her thoughts. Maybe he was a villager? Maybe he saw her wander into the woods and is here to help me. She considered.

"Da… dare?" Kagome inquired.

"I'm called Hinite." A young masculine voice stated.

"Hinite?" Kagome thought of this man's voice. He sounded like he would be a few years older than she was… there was no one like that in town. She realized. All the young men have gone off to fight in wars. "What do you want?" Kagome asked. The man laughed huskily, and Kagome shivered. His laugh is cruel. He IS a demon. The man knelt next to Kagome, took her chin in his grasp and forced her to look his direction.

"I'll make you mine." Hinite smashed his lips against Kagome's and reached for her breast. Kagome's eyes widened in surprise, and horror, she struggled ineffectively to get free but he was too strong. It was useless. Inuyasha… Tears streamed down her face, and Hinite smiled even more in the kiss, gratified to know she was scared.

 Inuyasha looked around him. He could feel a demon presence.

"Hello Inuyasha." A woman purred.

"Youka?" Inuyasha asked, knowing that voice, yet almost scarred to ask.

"So you've come to play with me have you?" The woman suddenly appeared behind the hanyou, and put her arms around him. She was a beautiful woman with long silver hair that reached her bottom back. For clothes she barely wore anything. Only enough to cover what was important. "I was hoping you'd reconsider my offer."

"I'm not here to…" Inuyasha's eye's widened as Youka pressed herself against his back. The hanyou escaped her grasp and jumped from his branch to the ground.


"Oh, I'll change you're mind. I know you want it. I can smell desire. I've offered myself to you for so long. Why do you reject me? You can't stop me you know…"

"Like hell I can't!! I've stopped you before when I saw you 50 years ago."

"That's because you weren't fully ready… but now… you're old enough… now you won't be able to resist." Inuyasha looked bored.

"Whatever… find someone else!" he said indignantly. Could his day get any worse?

"I want you… and I'll HAVE YOU!!! Youka yelled. Next thing the hanyou saw was hands and the ground. Then he felt her on him. She was trying to undress him. He felt her hold him down by sitting on him and she held his arms down with her knees.

"Get the fuck off me!" Inuyasha yelled. Youka narrowed her eyes.

"I will have you!" She purred into his ear. This made Inuyasha struggle even harder. Damn it! I can't get away! How'd she get so strong??? It has been fifty years…while she was getting stronger I was sealed. Youka traced little circles on his chest and to his stomach. She stopped then to turn to Inuyasha. "You'll like this."

"Don't you fucking da…" Inuyasha's eye's bulged, and Youka smirked as she cradled his shaft in her hand and began stroking his length. She felt strangely satisfied to see his head snap back and to see him arch his back in pleasure. "I… hate… you!" Inuyasha managed through strangled breaths. This only made Youka smile more.


 Hinite Began to take off the girl's shirt when he noticed a glowing jewel, just when he was about to reach for it Kagome hit her breaking point.

"Kya!" Kagome yelled. The youkai flew back as a blast of light came from her hand. He ran into a tree, a gaping hole appearing on his shoulder. "How dare you!" Kagome yelled: her teeth clenched. The demon seemed impassive to the blow her had received and went for her again. He grabbed her shoulders and shook her violently.

"You'll pay for that bitch!" He yelled

"INUYASHA!!!" Kagome cried.


                Again, Inuyasha tried to get away. It seemed impossible. She was just too damn strong. At least she hadn't got his clothes off yet! He tried to think of a way out of this. Feh! How can I think?! I almost want to give in. It was only natural… and I've been in pain all day... Shuddup! He silently yelled at himself. God I wish I were with Kagome instead of this slut. Wait… that smell... Kagome? She was in the woods, but why? She's all alone… no. There's another demon. Oh shit. His ears twitched. Did someone just call my name? Kagome. She needs me. How can I help her? Wait a second... TETSUAIGA! But how can I get to it? Shit I guess this is the only way. Well Kagome was more important than pride. This is for you Kagome. "Feh… Youra… you were right." He said huskily. "I can't resist you…" Inuyasha purred. Youra looked suspicious

                "Fine. Prove it." Inuyasha almost yelped. Can I do this? Think Kagome… Kagome… do it for her. Gulp


"Do you think I'd lie about something like that?" Inuyasha said in a low voice. The hanyou trailed his hand up her body and grabbed her barely clothed breast in his hand. He was glad she closed her eyes in pleasure because he couldn't help but visibly cringe. Kagome…

                "I knew you would come around." She smirked, and let him roll her over so he was on top. In one second Inuyasha brought out the tetsuaiga and cut off Youra's head. "Bitch! Now you can never fucking do that again!" Despite how much he hated it, the pain his manhood was causing him now was barely endurable, he could barely walk, but still he ran to Kagome, ignoring the pain. "Please tell me I won't be too late!" He muttered to himself. He searched around frantically, following her scent as it guided him to her.

                Please Inuyasha… Please help…me… Kagome begged silently as Hinite left her lips and worked down her neck, leaving a trail of cold kisses. Another tear slid down her cheek. He didn't care did he? He's probably with someone else, glad it's not her, and happy to be with a prettier girl. Inuyasha no baka! Hinite had finally succeeded in removing her shirt, and Kagome sat there appearing soulless as the youkai's kisses traveled down her neck, his wet tongue cold against her skin.

                "Get the fuck off her!" Inuyasha growled. His heart broke at the sight of Kagome. She looked… broken, yet he was relieved to see most of her clothes on. Good I'm not too late. He thought. The demon let go of Kagome and glared at Inuyasha. He stood up showing Inuyasha just how out of his league he was. He stood a few feet taller, and had huge bulky muscles. Inuyasha just smirked. He couldn't wait to kill him. He'd make it as painful as possible.

                "Inuyasha…?" Kagome asked tears running down her cheeks. She smiled. "You're here to rescue me." She said mostly to herself.

                "Of coarse I am you fucking idiot!" Inuyasha yelled not taking his eye's from his opponent.

                "You won't win." The youkai laughed. "You're just a hanyou. Don't tell me you actually expect to win against me!" He laughed again.

                "I'LL WIPE THAT GODDAMNED SMILE OFF YOU FACE!!!" Inuyasha yelled as he charged towards the bigger demon, his claws stretched out ready for battle. The bigger youkai moved at the last second and avoided the attack.

                "You just want to get killed don't you?" Hinite stated sounding bored. Inuyasha clenched his teeth. He's fast. Inuyasha thought. How can I match his speed? How can I trap him? Hinite appeared again only a few feet in front of Inuyasha and the hanyou attacked this time using all the speed he could muster. (It was still difficult to run…) But, again, the youkai easily dodged the attack. This time though he appeared behind Inuyasha and dug his claws into his back, and disappeared. Inuyasha fell to his knees.

                "I figured it out!" Inuyasha said finally. He ignored the blood that now flowed freely from his wounds. " You're a cat demon right, and since the girl is in heat you couldn't resist."

                "Hai. I'm sure you've met my sister in a similar fashion," He said all emotion indistinguishable " Youra." Inuyasha's jaw hung open and he took a step back. God I hope Kagome doesn't think… wait that's exactly what happened… I didn't do anything though. Well I didn't enjoy it anyway… damn it! I did it for the wench! Why do I feel so guilty? Inuyasha stared at her frowning slightly. He new she couldn't see him. It was too dark and human eyes could only adjust so much, but he was glad she couldn't see him. For the first time he noticed she was shirtless, and gaped at her, unable to make his eyes move away.

                "Hey! Stop gawking at the girl and lets end this. Prepare to die!" With much effort, Inuyasha tore his eyes off Kagome and pulled out the tetsuaiga. He disregarded Kagome's look of shock and annoyance.

                "Stop oniisan!" a woman called. Hinite looked at the direction of the voice.

                "Youra what are you doing here?" Hinite asked.

                "So you thought you could kill me huh Inuyasha!? Think again. Now that I understand that you like this pathetic human girl, I can understand why you didn't let me give myself to you." Youra wined. Inuyasha just stared on in shock. "I guess I'll just have to kill her. Pity my brother couldn't have her for himself. She is in heat after all."

                "I'm in what????!!!!" Kagome shrieked. She got up paying no attention to the fact that she had no shirt on, and faced the two opponents in front of her, fuming. First mating season that I can deal with, but now I'm in heat??? What is that supposed to mean? Inuyasha could only stare at Youra in surprise.

                "Hey I killed you! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!!" Inuyasha yelled at last. Kagome tried desperately to see the two, but saw a familiar glow instead.

                "Inuyasha they both have shikon shards! Hinite, he has two!" Realization hit the hanyou like a ton of bricks.

                "So that's how you got so strong suddenly, eh Youra?" Inuyasha yelled darkly. Youra just smirked.

                "Inuyasha? What are you talking about? What were you doing with her!?" Kagome asked darkly.

                "Eh? I… um… THAT'S NONE OF YOU BUSINESS!"

                "Playtime's over! You, wench, prepare to die." Youra smiled then disappeared. Both Inuyasha and Kagome looked around frantically. Even though all Kagome could see was darkness. Where was she? Inuyasha saw her first, and watched in horror as Youra lunged towards Kagome. Everything seemed to go in slow motion. If Youra hit Kagome at that speed, she would die. Inuyasha felt like he wasn't moving. He had to go faster. He had to save her. Youra continued to get closer at her speed, but by some miracle, Inuyasha made it just before she could touch Kagome. He deflected her claws attack with his tetsuaiga. It slid through her fingers and cut up her arm. It cut deep into her, and almost separated her arm into two separate pieces. Youra jumped back, obviously startled. She glared at Inuyasha and pouted watching her arm as it healed painlessly due to the power of the shikon shard.

                "Kagome? Are you alright?" Inuyasha asked his voice sounded almost… scared. Kagome blinked, surprised at the concern in his voice. He's worried about me.

                "H…hai. Arigatou." Kagome stuttered. "Inuyasha you need to go for her um… the jewel shard is…"


                "Between her breasts…" Kagome stated simply. Inuyasha deflated. This couldn't be happening. God was definitely trying to torment him.

                "What about Hinite…" Inuyasha asked sounding remarkably like an abused puppy. Kagome smiled slightly and purposely didn't answer right away. Inuyasha began to look a little nervous.

                "Feh! What the hell did I do to you Kami! You won't go that low… will you." Inuyasha grumbled.

                "Oh don't worry. There in his arms." Kagome said, sad to end her fun. Inuyasha felt a little better.

                "Alright, might as well get this over with!" Inuyasha cracked his knuckles and took out his tetsuaiga. "Hinite, I'll start with you."

                "Fine by me. I'll get you back for what you did to my sister." The two stood facing each other in the darkness. Hinite was the first to move and was shocked to get a cut across his chest for the effort. "How are you able to cut me so easily with that blade?" Hinite asked irritably.

                "The tetsuaiga is made from my fathers fang. I guess it affects you so much because cats are weak against a dog's teeth." Inuyasha grinned. Maybe this fight wouldn't be so bad after all… er… he wasn't to Youka yet. He reminded himself.

                "Lets attack him together niisan." Youka smirked. "Then afterwards well torture his woman… that is after you do what you had in mind.

                "I THINK THAT'S TORTURE ENOUGH, THANK YOU!!!!" Kagome yelled. The two youkai disappeared and reappeared around Inuyasha, each time in a different spot, trying to disorient the Hanyou. The dog demon slashed at them but hit only open air. He tried to come up with where'd they go next, but there was no pattern. They appeared at random. Soon the two began to attack. They would appear, and slash at Inuyasha and disappear again. There was no way to track them. Another cut appeared on the hanyou's back and he fell to the ground feeling helpless. How would he defeat the two?

                "Inuyasha!! Behind you!" Kagome yelled. Inuyasha turned behind him to see Youka appear, she looked shocked that she had been spotted, and Inuyasha used that moment to cut her with his tetsuaiga. Youka watched horror as the tetsuaiga pieced through her body

                "Hurry Kagome! Take the jewel out!" Inuyasha yelled. Kagome saw a glow in front of her, reached for it, and successfully pulled out the shikon fragment.

                "I got it Inuyasha!" Inuyasha watched in disgust as Youra shriveled into nothing more that a pile of dust.

                "I know." Inuyasha said in revulsion. Hinite just stared at the scene in utter distress. His sister… was gone.

                "Youra… this can't be!" Hinite bent down to touch the dust, to verify that what he saw was a reality. Hinite head snapped up and he clenched his fists. The hanyou would die! Inuyasha looked annoyed.

                "Come on! Lets fucking finish this!" Inuyasha said starting to get bored, and showing no compassion. The bigger youkai didn't answer he just attacked. Inuyasha wasn't fast enough and another scratch appeared on his face. "Damn it!" The dog demon looked around. Hinite had disappeared again. But he heard his voice.

                "I'll be back Hanyou. Next time, I'll kill you and the girl, after I have her virginity that is." With that he was gone. Inuyasha collapsed to him knees… damn spring. This was all the season's fault! Inuyasha clenched his fist. He would die before that fucking jerk laid another finger on his Kagome.

                "Inuyasha… are you okay?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha looked at himself. He was a bloody mess again. There were scratches covering his body, but his back was definitely the worst the blood loss was bad, and the pain disoriented his senses. It was dark, so Kagome didn't have to know yet.

                "I'm fine." Inuyasha said hoping to remove the pity from the girl's voice.

                "I don't believe you. I can tell by the quiver I heard when you spoke." Kagome said tenderly.

                "Ne, Kagome. How did you know Youra would appear behind me?" Inuyasha asked hoping to change the subject.

                "They only disappeared and moved they didn't actually transport themselves to a different spot. I know because I saw the shikon shards the whole time. I knew where they would be before you did." Inuyasha let this sink in. They only disappeared? That was it? Kagome… she could help him defeat Hinite. This would be easy with her help. "Inuyasha, could you do me a favor?" Inuyasha looked at her in puzzlement, noticing, to his endless appreciation and discomfort, that she still wore no shirt.

                "Kagome… why haven't you put your shirt on yet?" Inuyasha asked. He smiled knowing Kagome couldn't see it. Kagome just blushed and covered her self a little better, knowing she only wore a bra to cover her chest.

                "I can't see. I don't know where Hinite put it. I was going to ask if you could find it and give it to me." She stated firmly. Inuyasha spotted it right away.

                "Let me see if I can find it. I can't see it anywhere." Inuyasha lied. He took this opportunity to stare at her. She was beautiful… ah… and cold… "Here it is Kagome." He said as he picked it up and tossed it to her. Damn he felt like a pervert, but he couldn't help it. She fascinated him to no end.

                "A... arigatou." Kagome said shyly, trying not to blush. She put on the shirt facing away from him. "I have another favor. Can you carry me back? I kind of tripped over a lot of things on the way here and... well please?"

                "Sure." Inuyasha felt a little uncomfortable. Just standing a few feet away from her was hard enough. If only he could kiss her… maybe... just once.

                "Inuyasha is it true?" Kagome asked shyly. The hanyou shrunk back. She wasn't going to ask about what happened every spring, was she? Damn she'd better not ask about her being in heat either… how the hell would he answer?

                "What? What the fuck do you mean?" he asked wanting nothing more than to run away but  held there knowing she would be in danger if he left. Shit. Nothing could force him to leave her side. If anyone has her, it'll be me. I'll kill anyone who even tries to… wait… why should I care? Do I lo… Inuyasha was torn from his thoughts when he saw Kagome. She looked pale.

                "Is it true that you were with that woman… and she..." Kagome asked unable to finish her question. The hanyou gulped.

                "Yes." He said cautiously. Kagome looked down letting her bangs cover her eyes.

                "I see." She said a quiver in her voice giving her emotions away.

                "No, it wasn't like that. She kind of attacked me. I heard you scream and was finally able to cut off her head. That's pretty much all that happened." Pretty much…

                "Pretty much? What are you hiding?" Kagome asked threateningly. Inuyasha gulped again. Was it just him or was it hard to breath?

                "She… grabbed me…. But that was it! I swear! Well except that I…"

"Except you what?"

"Well," Inuyasha shifted uncomfortably. "I grabbed her." Kagome took a step back in surprise. I knew it… Inuyasha looked at the hurt look in her face. Was she mad?

"NO! It wasn't like that! I grabbed her because I heard you scream!" Kagome blinked

"Because I… WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH IT!" Inuyasha looked frustrated. Wasn't it obvious?!

"I grabbed her to throw her off guard wench!" Inuyasha yelled. What is she thinking? Inuyasha deflated a little and looked at Kagome "So I could save you…" Inuyasha added in a small voice.

Kagome smiled a little, seeming satisfied with her answer then went back to looking at him with pity in her eyes. "Why the fuck do you keep on looking at me like that?!" Inuyasha yelled, irritated by that stupid look in her eyes. He didn't want her to pity him. He wanted… her to smile. Kagome looked down, a single tear sliding down her cheek.

                "I was just thinking. It must have been hard for you too. I can still taste the feel of his lips on mine." Kagome looked down, tears welling up in her eyes, then slowly slipping down her cheeks. "I hate him," she continued. "He took my first kiss."

                "Don't cry Kagome" Inuyasha said gently. "You know I hate it when you cry." Inuyasha walked to Kagome and wiped away her tears, only to find that that seemed to make her cry even more.

                "Inuyasha, if you weren't here right now I… he would have…" Kagome stopped unable to continue.

                "Shh… but I was here and you're okay right?" Kagome looked up to Inuyasha, her eyes squeezed half way shut in pain.

                "I was so scared!" she cried. Kagome threw her arms around his waist and cried into his bloodstained armor. She didn't seem to notice the blood and Inuyasha forgot he was hurt. She was more important.

                "Shh." He soothed while gently pulling his claws through her silky hair. He listened to her cry for what seemed like a century. With every sob she made, his heart seemed to break even further. He couldn't take it any longer. He could hear her heart wrenching moans, and it tore him apart, so he did all he knew how to do to make her cries stop. He did what his body yearned to do, and kissed her. Kagome's eyes widened in disbelief, but soon her eyes closed forgetting the pain she had suffered. The kiss started out slow and gentle. It was as if the hanyou wanted permission, but didn't want to ask her in words. Slowly Kagome returned the kiss, and Inuyasha's mind went blank. All he could think was Kagome. All he could comprehend was her presence. Nothing else mattered. Nothing else existed. Kagome threw her arms around his neck; instinctively pressing her body closer to his, while Inuyasha brought his arms securely around her waist, and pressed her curves even closer. She couldn't be near enough. Gods she smelt good. Gently parting her lips, Inuyasha explored its full sweetness. Her taste was amazing, and he yearned for more. Slowly he parted their kiss and trailed hot kisses over her cheek and began to work his way down to her neck. Kagome closed her eyes, savoring the feel of his lips against her skin. The hanyou roughly bit into her neck enticing a weak moan from Kagome. His caresses were awakening hidden desires she hadn't even known she had. Both encouraged and intrigued by her response, Inuyasha tailed his tongue from the base of her neck to her ear where he nibbled gently, smiling once again from her quick intake of breath. The girl was captivating. She entwined her arms around the hanyou's neck and shyly pressed her lips against his. Inuyasha gathered her closer and kissed her with more hunger and need than she'd ever seen in him. Her lips parted as their kiss deepened, their tongues playing and exquisite game of seduction and desire. The hanyou slowly lowered Kagome to the grass beneath them, never breaking the kiss. Gently and slowly Inuyasha began exploring the girl's curves, and Kagome gasped in gratifying pleasure as his inexperienced fingers lightly brushed the cotton-clad nipples. Inuyasha starred at her breast. He remembered what it looked like but how… how would it taste? Pulling up her shirt he noticed another garment blocking his access to her. After failing to get it off of her, he resorts to plan 'B' and shreds it. Kagome looked a little upset he'd apologize later. Before Kagome could say a word, the hanyou's hot mouth was closed over the tip of one breast. Kagome withered in ecstasy as his tongue laved the sensitized nipple. Inuyasha then turned his attentions to the other breast, continuing the sweet torture of teasing the erect peak with one hand.

                Shippo mouth dropped and stared at the two in astonishment.

                "Wha… what are you doing?" Shippo asked innocently. Inuyasha's ears twitched and he threw Kagome's shirt to her, crossed his legs, and looked away, blushing.

                "Na…NANDE MO NE!!!!" Inuyasha yelled rudely.


                "Shi… Shippou." Kagome said unsteadily "what are you doing here?" Inuyasha finally faced toward the whelp and tried his best to contain himself from shredding the young kitsune.

                "Kaede told me what happened, and I came looking for you." Shippo said in a small voice.

                "Well I'm okay. What about you Inuyasha?" Kagome said trying her best to ignore the overwhelming feeling his ministrations caused in the pit of her stomach. Inuyasha only grunted and looked away from Shippou, obviously upset. Shippou hopped over to Inuyasha.

                "You don't look so good. You're bleeding everywhere no ja!" Shippo began applying pressure on his back and Inuyasha yelped in pain. Inuyasha suppressed the want to kill the kitsune and just continued to growl.

                "He's right! Inuyasha, why didn't you tell me?" Kagome said looking down at her hands that were covered in the hanyou's blood. Why didn't I notice this earlier?

                "Er… that's none of your business." Inuyasha mumbled. It was stupid to tell her how he didn't want her upset. Would she understand?

                "I'll lead the way back na no ja." Shippou said happily. "You'll get killed out here. My papa used to tell me that strange things happened in the spring, and demons might attack." Inuyasha rolled his eyes. Yes attack was ONE word for it.

                " That's a good Idea Shippou. Inuyasha needs to get treated. I have some bandages in my pack. Lets head back." Inuyasha looked disappointed, but got up with the help of Kagome and together they walked back to the village. Kagome put Inuyasha's arm around her neck and she supported some of his weight for him, maybe making the pain more bearable. Inuyasha just found it to be a convenient excuse to be close to her. Shippou was running on ahead.

                "Ne, Inuyasha, try to be nicer to Shippou okay? He didn't mean to… um… walk in on us. He was only trying to help." Kagome blushed a little. "He's still a kid."

                "Feh. Whatever!" Inuyasha wanted nothing more than to rip the 'kid' to shreds, but at the same time a small part of him was happy for the intrusion. He'd practically attacked Kagome. He didn't want that for her. He'd overwhelmed her. He hated himself for it.

                "Inuyasha, can you walk by your self?" Kagome asked.

                "Of coarse!" Inuyasha grunted. He didn't want her to think he was a wimp.

                "Okay, I'm going to run on ahead. I'll tell Kaede to get a bed ready for you." In the next instance Kagome was running towards the village. Inuyasha was just going to catch up with her, but decided to have a little 'chat' with Shippou instead. Inuyasha hovered over Shippou, who had stopped dead in his tracks. Inuyasha pulled a scared kitsune up by the collar, so he was level with his face.

 "What the hell are you up to?"

                "What are you talking about?" Shippou said innocently. Inuyasha blinked in surprise. Is Kagome right? Is he really just innocent?

                "Eh? Nande mo nai." Inuyasha mumbled incoherently.

                "Oh sorry I interrupted you right when you had the courage to show Kagome how you feel. Literally na no ja." Shippou smirked at Inuyasha. Is he blushing? Inuyasha just narrowed his eyes and hit the kitsune over the head. Little runt…! I knew it!

                "Itai." The kitsune yelped.

                "It…It's none of your damn business." Inuyasha snorted. Shippou pouted as they returned to Kaede's cabin. Once they got inside, Inuyasha noticed a bed waiting for him.

                "Yare, yare, Inuyasha you are a bloody mess." Kaede stated regretfully.

                "Feh. Well, you don't look so good yourself!" Inuyasha replied referring to Kaede's ugly features. Kaede looked slightly annoyed but said nothing.

                "Lady Kagome I'm so glad your safe!" Miroku replied thankfully. "I was so afraid that some demon would try to take advantage of you. You look as beautiful as ever. Kagome-"

                "Don't even try it monk!" Inuyasha howled. "You do, and there will be a hell of a lot more injuries coving your body!" Miroku looked nervous and pulled his hand back, then smiled and looked up at Inuyasha mischievously.

"You're acting more protective of lady Kagome. Did something happen?" Inuyasha gulped. He could still taste her. He tried to ignore it though. Thinking about her only made things worse, especially the ache in his loins. She only let me do it because she needed support. He realized. And I took advantage of the situation. I only meant to kiss her, to make her stop crying, to make her forget what happened. I didn't really even expect her to kiss me back. When she did I…I couldn't control myself. Inuyasha dared a glance at Kagome only to find her gazing at him. They made eye contact, a small smile playing across Kagome's lips. She quickly coughed and looked away sternly. Inuyasha blinked wondering if he'd imagined the smile. Miroku looked on at the couple, his face showing a knowing smile.

"You idiot! Nothing happened between us if that's what you're thinking! Er… I'm protective cause um… She almost got raped by some other demon damnit!!"

"Another demon? You mean it happened once before or… you meant to be the one that…"

"SHUDDUP!" Miroku looked unfazed at his anger and limped over to Kagome.

"Don't worry I'll protect you from him. It is mating season after all." Kagome turned to Miroku with an aggravated look.

"Hai hai. I'm sure you will. Actually I think I'm safer with Inuyasha." Miroku looked hurt.

"I would never think to… Kagome I'm a monk!" Kagome looked incredulous. Miroku knew he had lost. "So what happened with this other demon anyway?"

"It attacked me. Apparently… I'm in … heat." Everyone looked at Inuyasha. Inuyasha took the defensive position and threw up a fist.

"What? WHY THE HELL ARE YOU ALL FUCKING LOOKING AT ME!?" They all looked away.

"What are we going to do about him? Could we stop him if we tried?" Miroku asked.

"I don't think it would help too much." Kaede stated. "At least we still have the rosary beads, Kagome can at least protect herself."

"Oi! Kaede-baba! I can fucking control myself!" Kaede looked skeptical.

"Hai hai." Kaede replied. Inuyasha fumed.

"So what happened with the demon?" Miroku asked.

"He tried to er… um… but Inuyasha came and beat him up pretty bad." Kagome felt better knowing the conversation had switched gears. She looked away so everyone couldn't see her flushed cheeks. Why does everyone have to talk about him like he's some predator waiting to take me? Kagome's blush deepened. And why does that seem so appealing? A small voice asked. Inuyasha is pretending like it didn't happen. Maybe he just did it because I'm in heat… She ignored that voice and tried to listen to her friend's conversation.

"He didn't kill him? I would have thought he'd be pretty mad." Miroku said sounding a little disappointed.

"He had shards you dumb fuck! Not only that but I had to fight off his sister too."

"Sister huh? Fight her off… in what way?" Miroku asked.

"FUCK YOU!" Miroku smiled. Inuyasha was so entertaining.

"Just like demons can smell that Kagome's in heat, youkai can also smell when male demons…"


"So how'd you defeat them na no ja? You killed the sister right?" Shippou asked.

"Hai. He had to cut off her um… well you see she had a shikon shard and well... he cut off..." Kagome trailed off. Shippou was just a kid. He didn't know of such things… well wouldn't care. Maybe he's too young to hear this.

"I cut through her breast and she turned to dust, her bother got pissed, swore he's kill me, and after taking Kagome's virginity, he'd kill her too."

"OSUWARI!!" Inuyasha flew and hit the ground face first. The hanyou snapped his head up to find Kagome kneeling next to him. "Will you shuddup! Shippou's only a kid! He's too young to hear such things!" Kagome whispered fiercely. Inuyasha glared at the girl.

"He's not at innocent as you think!" Kagome looked unconvinced and a little annoyed, then glanced over to Shippou who hadn't missed a word. He did his best to look innocent. Making his eyes grow wider and blinking a few times for effect. Through all of this he look thoroughly confused, and childlike. Inuyasha still lay on the ground behind Kagome. He couldn't believe Kagome! Falling for something like that! All the sudden he felt weak. The 'sit' Kagome had given him had cause the gash in his back to reopen a little. He was losing blood. Then there was blackness.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome watched in horror as Inuyasha hit the ground. "INUYASHA!!!"

To be continued….

Authors notes: Okay I decided to look over this chapter and I thought it was too gruesome. I changed and edited a lot. I hope you like the new revised version, and once again sorry for all the grammar problems. ^_^; Anyway I've been working on chapter 2 and it's almost completed it'll probably be up early July. Thanks for all your support.