Inuyasha opened his yes

"Spring" chapter 2

by: Hanyou_Inuyasha

Author's notes: I'm so glad that you liked the first chapter. Now I'm really encouraged to right more. Thank you for your support, and thank you for all the reviews! I'll try my hardest to make the next chapters even better. Arigatou gozaimasu! I also must apologize for my horrible grammar. I'm not too skilled when it comes to that. I'll try harder to make my story more enjoyable. Thank you for being patient, and once again, thank you for all the reviews!

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Some Japanese you might want to know:

Youkai: Demon

Hanyou: Half-demon or (in the manga) half breed

Taiyoukai: Master-demon

Osuwari: sit

Dooshite: Why

Naze: Why

Hai: Yes, okay, here (as in handing something to someone)

Iie: no

Nani: What

Baka: Idiot

Okasan: Mother

Ottosan: Father

Hayaku: hurry

Oyasumi nasai: Good night

No ja/ Na no ja: this is only the accent that Shippo has. It doesn't really mean anything. Kind of like Chichiri's "no da" in Fushigi Yuugi.

Nani mo nai: Nothing

Nani mo ne: nothing with bad pronunciation. Sort of like saying nothin'

Honto: Really, truly, honestly

Yamete: Stop

Kitsune: Fox-demon

Onegai: Please

Daijoubu ka: Are you okay?

Dare: who

Chooto: wait

Demo: But

Mau: jeez

Inuyasha stared on in confusion as he noticed Kagome sitting by herself looking utterly alone and depressed. She held her knees tightly against her chest and he saw a tear slip from her chin, to her knee. He ran to her. She was sad, so he would try to make her smile.

"Kagome?" No answer. "Kagome?" Inuyasha reached out to touch her shoulder, but his hand went right though her. Had he died? "Kagome?" He said a little more urgently. Still, there was no answer. Kagome's head slumped, her shoulders began to shake, and she began sobbing, mumbling incoherent phrases. What happened? Inuyasha wondered. Why is she crying? Inuyasha reached out once again, but this time to caress her face. She wouldn't feel his touch, and Inuyasha wouldn't feel her skin, but he somehow thought it might make things better. As he slid his hand across her cheek, she looked up in surprise. Could she feel him there? Kagome's eyes widened in both shock and horror, and now more tears streamed down her flushed cheeks. He could see her tears and smelt her fear. Naze? Inuyasha realized that she wasn't looking at him, but through him. The Hanyou spun around to see what scared her and saw Hinite. He was smiling cruelly down at her. Kagome got up to run but he caught her hand, pulled her close and forced his lips on hers brutally. His lips muffled Kagome's scream, and Inuyasha snapped at the sound of pain in her voice. He tried everything to tear them apart, but realized he could do nothing. Pain and horror overwhelmed him. He'd had never been this terrified. Kagome… MY Kagome is… Inuyasha closed his eyes, unable to watch. The hanyou clutched his fists and tried to concentrate on the pain from his claws digging into his palms. He didn't want this… this couldn't be real! It was too painful. The next thing he heard was Kagome horrified scream, and Hinite's vicious laugh. No…NO! YAMETE!

Inuyasha's eyes snapped open and he realized his hand was stretched out reaching for… Kagome. He was breathing heavily from panic and fear. Inuyasha blinked noticing the wetness under his eyes. Tears? He had cried for her, yet he'd never cried. "Demons don't cry." He whispered to himself. What has she done to me? The room was dimly lit, but his senses showed him everything. Kagome had fallen asleep; her body away from the futon, but her head lay peacefully on his stomach. She was safe in his arms. They were in the room alone. Inuyasha breathed in deeply, taking in Kagome's scent. He also smelt… tears? She had been crying as well? Was it because of him? Inuyasha sat up slowly, careful not to wake Kagome, and affectionately looked down upon her face. He noted every feature, her eyes, her soft skin, and her alluring lips. She's so beautiful. He gently caressed her face hoping to rid her of any remains of her tears, just like he wanted to in the dream. He felt content. She was with him. Somehow, that was enough. Inuyasha thought back to the previous night and blushed. What was I thinking?? He asked himself. She just looked so beautiful, and I couldn't stop myself… I needed her… Inuyasha cursed his desires. Kagome would never want me like that… or would she? No… She would never love me… would she? Damn it not after what happened last night! I tried to protect her, but wound up being more of a threat. What did his dream mean? Would he die? What about Kagome? Was this their future? No, It couldn't be. He would never let Kagome… He'd never die not when she needed his protection. It was just a dream though right? The dream had seemed so real. He HAD smelt her fear, and dreams were always too unclear, and blurry. This dream was different. It seemed real. Inuyasha thought of what Hinite had said.

"I'll be back hanyou. I'll kill you and the girl, after I take her virginity that is." Inuyasha narrowed his eyes. That bastard would not have Kagome. Hinite would have to kill him first. The hanyou gazed at Kagome with concern. She has to go back to her time. He realized. She'd only be safe if she were on the other side of the well. He wouldn't be able to see her, but she would be safe. That's what mattered. That's all that he cared about. Inuyasha put his arm around her waist and laid her beside him on the futon. He draped his blanket around her as well. He was gentle and didn't wake her, but he winced a little at the sharp pain this created in his back. That's what had happened. That's why I was asleep. I lost too much blood. That's why she was crying. I made her cry again. I'm only hurting her… He realized. He would tell her to go back through the well tomorrow, but tonight he would sleep beside her. He would protect her. The hanyou moved Kagome so her back was against his chest, and protectively placed his arm around her waist. Feeling at ease, Inuyasha let his exhaustion win, and fell asleep. His wounds would be better by tomorrow.

Inuyasha woke up feeling dizzy and exhausted. It had taken most of his energy to heal, but he still felt much better. He'd have to try sleeping when he was hurt more often. Inuyasha sat up and felt pain overwhelm him. Even though he was better, his wound wasn't even close to being completely healed. Suddenly Inuyasha noticed that Kagome was gone, and panic took over. Where was she? It was too early in the morning for her to be awake, right? Had Hinite come in during the night? Inuyasha leaped out of bed and ran outside. He noticed Kagome immediately, and calmed. She was holding a sleeping Shippo and was looking off into the sunrise. Inuyasha only stared at her. He'd never seen anything more beautiful. The breeze was gently tugging on her hair and she looked absolutely tranquil, yet a little sad.

Kagome sighed miserably. She was too worried to sleep. Was Inuyasha okay? He had been hurt because of her. How would she make it up to him? Inuyasha…why would you do that for me? Why would you risk your life for me? I never realized how much you put on the line to protect me before. That Idiot, making me worry…! Kagome looked down to the sleeping kitsune. Even he was upset. No matter how he tried to hide it, she knew the two youkai loved each other. She'd seen Inuyasha risk his life for Shippo, and she'd noticed the worried look in Shippo's eyes when Inuyasha was in trouble. They were almost like brothers. No… almost like father and son. Kagome treated Shippo like a son as well. They had almost adopted him when they found out he had lost his parents… well Inuyasha agreed to take him with them eventually. Kagome smiled at the thought of being a mother, and brushed a few pieces of fur from the kitsune's face. Would Inuyasha make a good father? Kagome blinked startled by her thoughts. Him? Kagome blushed. Scenes from last night flashed through her mind, scenes of Inuyasha touching her, scenes of when he kissed her. Kagome shook her head trying to rid herself of suck thoughts and sighed once more. Inuyasha… I wonder if he's okay. Kagome looked over to Kaede's cabin. She hadn't expected Inuyasha to be up and stood, showing her surprise. She was thankful for the lighting the sunrise brought. It was hiding the blush that she felt burning at her cheeks. To Inuyasha's surprise, she smiled thankfully. He's okay. She repeated to herself silently, driving away her anxiety. Inuyasha knew of nothing more beautiful than her smile, though he'd never tell her so.

"Your up early." He stated simply, trying to ignore how pleased he was to see her smile.

"I heard Shippo whimper in his sleep. I tried to comfort him so I brought him out here to get some fresh air. He still hasn't woken up, but he seems to be a little more relaxed now." Inuyasha moved a few lose strands from the Kitsune's face, copying the gesture Kagome used just a moment ago, and it looked as if a small smile was playing across the kitsune's features. Kagome looked up to Inuyasha, stunned. He really is kind when he chooses to be.

"Eh? Ne Kagome, what's with the look?" Inuyasha asked indignantly. Inuyasha pulled away from Shippo and pretended he'd never done a thing. "Kagome, you have to go home." Inuyasha said without explanation. Kagome almost feel over. Where did that come from? She wondered.

"Eh? Nani?" Kagome asked. As expected, she began to look irritated "Dooshite?!" she said darkly.

"You'll get hurt here stupid!" Inuyasha yelled.

"No I won't! I'll be fine!" Kagome countered.

"Why do you always have to be difficult?! I tell you to stay, and you go home. I tell you to leave and you wanna stay. Damn it! You do this to vex me don't you wench!" Inuyasha lifted Kagome off the ground, and over his head, and began walking towards the bone eaters well. "You'll be safer there. Why can't you just listen to me for once?!"

"OSUWARI!!!" Kagome yelled. Inuyasha hit the ground hard, but Kagome landed on her feet gracefully, and kept Shippo from awakening. "Because I'd be happier here risking my life knowing you were okay, than being home wondering if I'd ever see you again!!" Inuyasha stared up at her from the ground, taken aback. "Besides, I can help you in your fight remember?" Inuyasha glared down at the earth beneath him. He'd forgotten about that. In the fight against Hinite he'd need her to pinpoint where he was, and she could see the jewel. No it didn't matter. She is NOT going to be in danger!

"Like hell I care! You're going back!" He reached for her again, but Kagome was ready.

"OSUWARI! Besides," Kagome continued. " I think Hinite has the last two shards. I want to be here to complete it!" Inuyasha gave up. He knew he couldn't get her back with the damn rosary around his neck. Damn her! Inuyasha snorted, and picked himself off the ground for the second time. Wait… Last two shards?

"Fine!" He said as if it were really his decision. "I'll let you stay for now, but if it gets more dangerous, you are going back home! I mean it wench!" Kagome shrugged.

"You could TRY…"

"Wench." Inuyasha mumbled.

"Youka… I'm sorry I couldn't save you! Don't worry though because I WILL kill them. I'll make it as painful as possible. I promise." He added forebodingly.

"Hinite-sama" Another youkai squealed. "Just how will you kill them?" She asked intrigued. She appeared at his side, and gently played with the sleeve of his kimono.

"Go away, Kamari." Hinite warned brushing her hand away. The woman simply smiled provocatively, and waved her finger in front of the larger youkai.

"Don't dismiss me so coldly!" She wined seductively. "Besides, I can help you my love."

"Love?" Hinite snorted coldly. "Don't make me laugh! I suppose I will permit you to help me though."

"Good. I'll be a great asset. Together, we WILL make this as painful as possible for them. I have the most delicious way to do it too." Kamari smiled evilly as she began explaining her plan.

"Would you stop following me?!" Kagome yelled.

"Your in heat in the middle of spring Kagome! Do you just want me to fucking leave you alone where demons can get to you?! You're practically emanating a smell that says: Fuck me, fuck me now!" Kagome just glared at Inuyasha. He's been secretly following her all day. He would hide in trees and make his way through the woods as she gathered firewood, or went to the market for Kaede or anything. She could always sense him behind her. And now it was getting annoying. He'd been doing it for hours!

"Is Spring dangerous because ALL male youkai are effected by it?" Kagome asked innocently.

"Yes, and if you aren't more careful then…"

"Careful around male youkai?" she asked batting her eyes and looking more innocent. Inuyasha was getting more annoyed and confused by the minute.

"Yes damnit! What are you…?" Kagome raised her eyebrows, and dropped the innocent act.

"Aren't YOU a male youkai?" Inuyasha face-faulted.

"Na…na…NANI????" Inuyasha asked completely stunned.

"So wouldn't I be safer away from all youkai?" Kagome asked sardonically.


"Oh? Aren't you both male and youkai? Or haven't you told me something? What makes you different huh?" Kagome asked incredulously.

"I could never hurt you." Inuyasha mumbled. Kagome blinked.

"Eh?" Had she heard him right?

"Nani mo ne!" he ignored the thought. If he said it he'd be vulnerable, and he hated that so he went on guard instead.

"I would never want you in that way!!" Inuyasha said defensively. Kagome shot back and stared at him with a hurt look in her eyes. This, however, only lasted a fraction of a second.

"OSUWARI!" Kagome screamed. "Listen!" she said with forced patience to the twitching form that now lay on the ground. "I just need some time to myself!"

"Then go home! You can be alone AND safe there!" He reasoned.

"NO! Would you stop that already! I'm not going back!" Kagome yelled.

"Okay, but demons could pop up any moment and…" Inuyasha jumped and was in front of Kagome in a fraction of a second. "They'll catch you!"

"Kyaaa!!!!" Kagome began hitting Inuyasha repeatedly. When she snapped out of it, she glared at the hanyou. He glared back, rubbing the latest lumps on his head.

"Why you…" Inuyasha growled.

"You asked for it! You should never sneak up on a defenseless girl like that!"

"Defenseless? Feh! Shippo may be defenseless, but YOU aren't!" Inuyasha barked. "Only against sex-crazed youkai." He added. Kagome ignored the last comment.

"Speaking of Shippo, have you noticed he's been acting weird all day?"

"Whaddya mean?"

"Well, he's not being his normal mischievous self. He seems… upset."

"Upset?" Inuyasha looked away feigning indifference.

"Yes… I'm worried. Inuyasha I'm going to take a bath now. Follow me and feel my wrath!" Inuyasha glared and pointed to the lumps on his head. Kagome looked embarrassed.

"What? You scared me…"

"Anyway I'm NOT leaving you alone!" Inuyasha yelled disobediently.

"Fine I'll just say the 's' word until you can't move. You decide!" Inuyasha's eyes narrowed.

"Wench." he mumbled.

"So be a good boy and check up on Shippo okay?" Kagome said with forced sweetness.

"Feh. Stupid human. You don't know what's fucking good for you!" Inuyasha growled as he walked off. "You'll beg me to protect you later you'll see!" He mumbled, mostly to himself.

Kagome sighed in relief as he walked out of sight. I really want a bath, but in reality I NEED solitude. I haven't had a moment to myself to really think things out. What's going on between Inuyasha and I? What happened the other night…Inuyasha kissed me… did he mean it? She asked herself. Kagome stripped and stepped into a nearby hot spring. All her worries seem to slip away and she finally relaxed. Inuyasha was fine now. From now on, everything would be okay.

Inuyasha snorted. Stupid girl! Doesn't she know she's just going to get herself hurt if I'm not with her? I would have never left her side if the hot spring were farther away. I can tell by her smell, exactly what's she's doing if I concentrate hard enough. Inuyasha sighed. He secretly wished he could've taken a bath with her. As much as he hated to admit it, spring was killing him… his instinctive need to rut mixed with his desire as a man to be with Kagome was almost impossible to manage. Am I losing control? He wondered. It seemed as the days went on that he needed her more and more. But just like his need, his determination grew as well. He couldn't take her like that asshole Hinite had tried. He wanted- no… he NEEDED to know if she wanted to be with him first. He would wait, maybe one day she might want to be with him as well. Inuyasha began walking slower. He'd pretended that the sits he received weren't as painful as they actually were to ensure that Kagome wouldn't be worried. The wound hadn't reopened, and the pain would subside eventually. Inuyasha thought back to his dream. He wasn't enough to save her in his nightmare… what about in the future? He couldn't bear losing her. Inuyasha shrugged. "It was just a dream." He repeated to himself for what seemed like the thousandth time that day. Now, he had to find Shippo. He didn't have time for this. The sooner as he found Shippo, the sooner he could be back with Kagome.

Shippo watched silently as the clouds rolled through the sky. Since it was now spring, the cold of winter had gone away and death was now replaced with life. Everywhere there was healthy green grass, and flowers. A soft breeze tickled at the kitsune's face as he lay on the soft earth beneath him. Shippo sighed. No one knew. No one would understand. Today was the day that Okasan and Ottosan had died. The kitsune covered his eyes, blocking the warm rays of sunlight that shone from above. Were Okasan, and Ottosan happy? Were they in heaven? Could they see him now? Shippo couldn't help but feel utterly alone. Kagome had left a while ago, and Inuyasha had been missing all day. He's Probably spying on Kagome no ja. Shippo thought. Inuyasha wouldn't care about my problems anyway. If I told HIM how lonely I feel, he'd probably just hit me over the head and call me a wimp for giving into sappy emotions. Besides, Inuyasha has been acting really weird lately. In the clouds, Shippo could almost see the faces of his parents. He let a tear fall from his cheek. He was beginning to forget their faces. I don't want to forget. The young kitsune held his breath, and tried not to cry, however his efforts where in vein, and now tears spilt down his cheeks. Why did Okasan, and Ottosan have to die? How can I survive alone? Even Inuyasha almost left me all alone. He almost died because he's such an idiot. That moron!

He should be right around here. Inuyasha thought. The hanyou brought his nose to the ground and began sniffing, just to rid him of any doubts that this was indeed, the right course. Inuyasha ran in that general direction and finally saw the kitsune. He was just about to yell a greeting when he noticed the lost look in the kitsune's eyes. Wanting to investigate this further without getting involved, Inuyasha soundlessly climbed up a nearby tree and surveyed the younger youkai. Inuyasha watched in silent concern as he noticed the tears running down Shippo's face. More fucking tears? What the hell is going on? Why should the runt be crying? Inuyasha thought back to last night, and the kitsune's act of innocence. Now his ears lay flat on his head, and he has the look of shear annoyance so he gripped a nearby tree branch and nearly broke it in half. Feh. Why the hell should I care? Inuyasha questioned stubbornly. Because he doesn't have anyone else. The human, yet bothersome part of him yelled in return. Inuyasha sighed and jumped from his perch, making his way to the kitsune reluctantly.

"Hey." Inuyasha said simply. He pretended not to notice Shippo's frantic struggle to rid himself of any remaining tears. "What're doin'?"

"Na…na…nani mo nai no ja!" Shippo said indignantly. Inuyasha didn't know weather to be annoyed or relieved.

"Hai…" Inuyasha said suspiciously.

"Honto ja! I'm just thinking and looking at the clouds." Shippo nervously replied. Feeling extremely uncomfortable, Inuyasha picked the less personal subject.

"Looking at the clouds huh? Dooshite?" Shippo stared at Inuyasha for a few moments before responding. Is he trying to make fun of me? No… he was trying to be…nice????

"Haven't you ever watched the clouds na no ja?" Shippo asked.

"Eh?" Inuyasha shifted uncomfortably. "I haven't since I was a… kid." He eventually forced out. Inuyasha looked more awkward than he'd ever seen him, well unless Kagome was involved. "I used to watch them with my… uh… mom." Shippo was stunned.

"You're mom?"

"…" Inuyasha had a mom too. Shippo realized. Why didn't I think of that earlier? Everyone had a mom, even idiots like Inuyasha. What happened to his mom? Why didn't he ever mention her before? Why did he look like he wanted to kill something? "My mother was a… was a… well she was a human okay!" Inuyasha growled answering all of Shippo's questions in one sentence. "She died when I was young." Inuyasha said softly. Shippo sighed. Inuyasha's parents had died too. Oddly Shippo felt better. They were both alone together. Strangely it made sense.

"So you grew up all alone?" The Kitsune asked. Shippo noticed a strange gleam in Inuyasha's eyes. Is that loneliness? The kitsune wondered.

"Yeah so?" Inuyasha asked feigning indifference.

"Wasn't it hard? Aren't dog demons pack animals?"

"Feh. I'm a demon, I don't get lonely!" Inuyasha said indignantly.

"I'm a FULL blooded youkai, but I get lonely." Shippo stated without thinking.

"Eh?" Now Inuyasha was really uncomfortable. Not only that, but Shippo didn't look any happier.

"I miss my parents. I'm alone now. I have no family." Shippo sighed and avoided eye contact with the hanyou. Inuyasha had, had enough, and lifted Shippo off the ground, hit him over the head and dropped him again.

"Whelp!" Shippo rubbed the lump on his head and glared up to Inuyasha.

"What did you do that for no ja?!" Shippo yelled huffily.

"You have me, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, and Kaede-baba! Baka!" Shippo blinked in surprise. "You can… er… come to me if you… um… get lonely… so um… stop fucking crying!" Inuyasha forced out. Shippo smiled, and wiped away any remainder of tears.

"H…hai." Inuyasha picked up the kitsune once again and held him in his arms, and began working his way toward Kagome. Shippo was surprised at first, but soon relaxed. When he closed his eyes he could picture his dad holding him. Both his dad and Inuyasha held him the same way. Tight enough to keep him safe, but also treated him as if he might break any second. Shippo smiled for the first time that day. Inuyasha pretended not to notice.

Kagome sunk lower into her hot spring. What did Inuyasha think about her? What happened the other night? If he did like her, why did he always act so cold? Inuyasha's words had stung her even if she'd never admit it. "I would never want you in that way!" Kagome sighed. Maybe he really didn't care for her. Maybe he really only kept her alive because of the shards. Why couldn't that idiot just be clearer with his feelings! The other night he had kissed her with love and passion. She could feel it in his kiss. She thought she knew then that he did love her. And when she woke up this morning he had his arm around her. Didn't that mean anything? No. Maybe his kiss was out of lust… maybe all of his advances towards her were all because of spring.

From the corner of her eye; Kagome could see a faint glow approaching her. Shikon shards. Hinite. Kagome wanted to run but he was coming too fast. It was too late. When the figure finally materializes, and Kagome could see him clearly, she felt only slightly relieved.

"Inuyasha? Is that you?" Kagome asked covering her self as best she could from under water.

"Who else would it be?" He replied arrogantly.

"Who are you really? You have two shards! Hinite right?"

"Feh. Nope. I met the bastard on the way here. We… uh… settled our differences." Kagome didn't buy it.

"Why do you have the shards?" She asked dryly.

"I took them of coarse!"

"Why didn't you just give them to me?"

"I need them right now so I can protect you against youkai like Hinite. If I gave them to you now, how could I protect you during mating season?!" Kagome looked uneasy, but his story DID make sense. Was Hinite really gone?

"Fine. Where am I from?" Kagome tested.

"You still don't believe me? Kagome stop it. You know it's me, Inuyasha." He said while walking closer to her.

"Stay there. Don't come any closer!"

"Would you stop it already! I came here to tell you something important." He yelled. Inuyasha stopped behind her and draped his arms around her naked shoulders. "I've wanted to tell you this for a long time." He whispered in her ear. "I love you." Kagome froze.

Inuyasha shot up. He smelled her fear. Something was wrong. "Shippo, stay here I'll be right back." With that Inuyasha took off running only to find a little kitsune clutching to his back. I told you to stay there!"

"No! I'm coming too! Kagome's in trouble huh?"

"How did you…?"

"I could tell by the look on your face."

"Feh. You're as bad as the wench!"

Kagome tried to stay calm. This wasn't Inuyasha. Inuyasha would never admit his feelings for her so openly. He'd never use the shinkon shards to gets stronger either. It didn't make any sense.

"I love you Kagome. I always have ever since I met you." He said. Kagome sunk deeper in the water. This had to be Hinite. He probably didn't know about her ability to see the shinkon shards. What was he planning?

"I wanted to show you something Kagome. I wanted to show you the place where I grew up."

"The place you… grew up?" Kagome repeated.

"But first…" The man reached out his hand and caressed Kagome's face then leaned in to kiss her. Kagome pulled back and swam a little ways from the edge of the hot spring. This however didn't discourage him, and he moved into the hot spring fully clothed, and grabbed Kagome's wrist before she could move farther away.

"I will have you!" He said more forcefully. Kagome stared at the man infront of her. She knew it wasn't Inuyasha but… with his face he… Kagome looked away and cursed herself when a tear slid down her cheek. Inuyasha… Suddenly He moved away and his form changed for a second. The man looked on wide-eyed then he disappeared.

"KAGOME!!!" Inuyasha yelled as he appeared at the spring. He didn't waste time, jumped into the hot spring, and grabbed her shoulders. "Kagome… Kagome… daijoubu ka??" Kagome's lip began to quiver and she threw her arms around the hanyou. Inuyasha blinked in surprise. "Kagome?" Inuyasha asked. Kagome began sobbing onto Inuyasha's chest, and finally Inuyasha placed his arms around her naked body.

"Inuyasha… He tried to…I thought…" Kagome managed through sobs.

"Shh… calm down first." Inuyasha said gently. He instinctively held her tighter.

"He looked like you." Kagome said finally.

"Nani? Dare?" Inuyasha asked in surprise.

"Hinite. It had to be Hinite. I saw the shards." So Hinite and change form huh? What was Hinite planning to do with her? He'll pay for making Kagome cry. Inuyasha thought. Inuyasha moved away from Kagome and took off his Fire rat's coat, and handed it to Kagome reluctantly.

"Here put this on, and don't trust anyone. I'm going to kill him." Inuyasha growled. When he began to move out of the spring, Kagome caught his had, willing him to stay.

"Don't leave me alone again." Kagome said in a little voice.



"I'm finally here no ja! What happened?"

"Nothing!" Kagome said quickly. Inuyasha gave her a strange look. "Come on Inuyasha. Lets get back to the village." Kagome said happily. Inuyasha raised an eyebrow.

"Hai…" Inuyasha said slowly.


The three arrived at the village just as the sun began to set. Shippo ran on ahead to check up on Miroku and Inuyasha and Kagome were left alone.

"Why did you lie to Shippo?" Inuyasha asked

"He's just a kid Inuyasha. He shouldn't be worried about me. He's not old enough to understand anyway." Inuyasha narrowed his eyes.

"Feh. Like I said before, he's not as innocent as he seems."

"Whatever Inuyasha. Look Shippo's alone. We're all he has left. Can we try to make him happy?" Inuyasha snorted.

"Fine I'll be nice." Inuyasha looked down to the ground. "are you saying without family people are lonely?" Kagome's eye's widened and she looked up to Inuyasha.

"I didn't mean…"

"Do you miss your family?" Inuyasha asked.

"Sometimes…" When Inuyasha looked up and stared back at Kagome, she could read the loneliness in his eyes.

"Are you lonely?" Inuyasha queried.

"No! You and everyone else… I never feel lonely when I'm with you." Kagome smiled at Inuyasha and Inuyasha couldn't help but blush.

"What happened to your… your father?" Inuyasha inquired.

"He… died soon after Souta was born. "He got sick and…"

"Oh… sorry."

"He's still taking care of me even now. Just like your father is with you. He didn't leave me with a sword however, he left me with funds to secure my future, and to make sure I can take care of the shrine properly. My father was a rich man and he left me with enough money to last me my whole life. I inherit it when I'm older but… I don't think I'll need it. I'm going to be able to take care of my self by then. I'm not lonely because I know he's still protecting me. It makes me happy to know that he loved me so much.

"I wonder if my father's still looking out for me…" Inuyasha said, looking into the sky.

"From what I heard your father was a great taiyoukai." He's probably looking down on you now." Kagome reached out and together they held hands as they walked back to Kaede's. Inuyasha grumbled, and feigned indifference. I hope I can make your loneliness go away too Inuyasha.


"Damn it Kamari! What the hell were you thinking?! You know I need your power and the shinkon shard's power to stay in a different form! Why the hell did you stop?"

"I wasn't going to let you be with that stupid human girl! I'm prettier than she is!" Kamari pouted.

"Damn it! It's to exact my revenge! I wasn't trying to mate with her yet anyway!"

"The hanyou was coming regardless! It was too close. It's better this way." Kamari reasoned.

"Either way, do anything like that again, and I'll kill you!" Hinite yelled. "Now get ready the next part of the plan is just about to begin."

"Hai. Hinite-sama." Kamari pouted.

End of chapter 2

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