She has barely moved since the crash, they watch her every time she does, so she tries not to. She hates them watching her, can feel their disgust, their hatred, and she just wants to run away from it all. She would as well, none of them could keep her here. But there would be no point. A rescue is on the way, she is certain of that, so slipping into the jungle and hiding wouldn't help her. They would find her, and that would only make things worse.

So she has stayed sat where the plane had dumped her. On one side is destruction, tears and smoke, on the other an approximation of heaven, waves crashing against golden sand, wind whispering through trees. Whilst the eyes that creep over her skin make her want to run through the destruction, her own eyes are glued to the beach, watching the waves wash over the sand. She likes the beach, so few of her childhood memories are happy, but some of the ones she cherishes the most have been spent at the beach. So she puts up with them watching her so that she can watch the waves.

The man who is watching her at the moment introduced himself as Sayid, he watches her less than the others have done, although more than Sawyer did. She's seen Sayid brawling on the beach with Sawyer. Sawyer had been with her until Jack had brought Sayid over to watch her. He'd stayed despite the fact that Jack had assigned different people to watch her in shifts. Not that Sawyer paid her any attention, but his presence had reassured her. She'd identified him as her protector when she had been delirious with dehydration, and she hadn't been able to shake that feeling despite his indifference.

But when Jack brought Sayid over, Sawyer had stalked down the beach without a word, unwilling to be anywhere near the man. They'd fought whilst Sawyer was on the way to get more water, Kate having drunk at least half of what had been given to him. She'd watched him as he went, he provided a welcome distraction from the little man who was wrapping tape around his fingers, and who paled to a ghostly colour every time he looked at her. Sawyer had argued with a man over the water, which was when Sayid had approached. It had quickly descended to a brawl, and Sawyer had been pulled off Sayid and sent down the beach. It was clear that it was Sawyer's fault, that his association with her had made him an outcast, despised by all. And while part of that was down to him, she knew that most of it was her, she contaminated everyone.

But Sawyer's reaction when Jack had brought Sayid had been interesting. She had thought him indifferent to what others assumed of him. The fact that he still resented Sayid showed that he was not. They'd taken Sayid's side, had dismissed Sawyer as an angry redneck out of hand, and it was this that he resented. But then, who was she to try and dissect his thoughts, she spent most of her life trying to avoid her own.

It had become dark by the time that Sawyer had returned back to where Kate was. It wasn't that far down the beach, but there was a definite separation between where she was and where everyone else was. He had, in the few hours that he spent with them, managed to annoy virtually everyone else on the beach. The only one he didn't annoy was Shannon, who was clearly dripping in money, and who found his attempts to humiliate her brother particularly amusing. She might be one to look up once they got off this island.

But the majority of his efforts had been spent dragging bodies into the fuselage. His efforts were met with averted gazes and in some cases open hostility. Not that he cared, he wasn't doing it for their approval. Doing it gave him time to pick through the stuff that had been left on the plane, just because there was a rescue coming didn't mean he couldn't benefit from people's stupidity. He'd managed to pocket himself a small amount of alcohol along with a packet of salted peanuts. Nothing fantastic, but enough to have made the afternoon worthwhile.

He'd managed to overhear the Hero's overly brave plan to venture into the jungle to find the cockpit. Unsurprisingly, Sawyer wasn't included. Even more unsurprisingly, Jack was organising shifts to take care of things in his absence. Apparently people were beginning to worry that the rescue hadn't come yet, so Jack was going to wander into the jungle to save them all, and leave them alone with the dying man and the killer.

Sawyer would have stayed to hear more of the riveting plan, but it was beginning to get dark, which made it difficult to find anything worthwhile in the wreckage. So he made his way back towards Kate, mostly because there were fewer people there, but partly because he wanted to see how she was doing.

Sayid was still there, not paying any attention. Some guard he made, staring off into space. She was still there though, as vacant as he was. "Captain Falafel, the Doc wants you."

Sayid looked irritated, but got up anyway, content that the girl wasn't going to attempt to escape, even if she was left in the care of this idiot.

Sawyer waited until he had gone before sitting down in front of the fire, and was then immediately annoyed upon realising that Sayid must have built the fire. Nothing else to do but sit by it though, it was beginning to get a touch cold. Kate was sat far away enough from it that she couldn't be getting any warmth from it. He wondered if she had even noticed that there was a fire, she was staring through the bleak light at the waves, seemingly oblivious to everything else.

"You can move closer to the fire," her attention flicked from the waves to him, and for a second he thought she might bolt. But then she nodded, and very carefully, very slowly, she raised herself up from the sand. There was a strange look on her face, and he wondered why saying that had such an effect on her. Still, when she sat down by the fire, the smile on her face was enough for him to leave her alone.

It was properly dark by the time Hurley got around to handing out the meals. Jack had asked him to do it earlier, but he was busy listening to what was going to happen tomorrow. But it didn't take very long, and everybody was happy to take it, well, everybody apart from Shannon, who refused hers. But Hurley gave hers to Claire, she still hadn't felt her baby move since the crash, and it was all Hurley could think of to reassure her.

There were a couple left, and as much as Hurley didn't want to, his conscience wouldn't let him not take one to Sawyer. The man was ignorant and an idiot, Hurley hated him even though he'd barely met him. Still, having convinced Charlie to come with him, he wandered across the beach with what was left of the food from the plane.

"About time," was all Sawyer uttered when he took the meal from Hurley, he was hungry. He went back and sat down by the fire, pealing the wrapping off the meal.

But Hurley and Charlie were still there, watching him. Charlie beckoned to him in the most ridiculous manner.

"Do you think we should give one to her?" Charlie asked, deadly serious. He still couldn't look at Kate without going pale.

"Yeah," Sawyer replied, incredulous that they would even think of asking this. "She'll starve if you don't."

Charlie and Hurley exchanged looks, and at Charlie's prompting, Hurley asked, "Can you give it to her?" He held the meal out, not looking in Kate's direction, as if making eye contact with her might be dangerous. Virtually forcing the meal into Sawyer's hands, Charlie and Hurley hurried away.

Sitting back down, he passed the meal to Kate. "Enjoy," he murmured sarcastically.

She smiled, "Sure," she replied, and then more seriously, "Thank you." He didn't reply, so she opened her meal, hunger making what would have been a particularly unappetising cottage pie taste rather nice.