Disclaimer: I don't own the characters!

Hello everybody…

I've got a wonderful idea for my new fanfic.

It will be about fairytales (not DISNEY) but than with the Avatar characters.

Me: First of all, welcome Avatar characters….

Aang: -sees Zuko- What's he doing here?

Zuko: I could ask the same about you.

Me: You are all in my new fanfic.: Fairytales in Avatar style!

Ty Lee: Oww…I like fairytales!

Mai: -looks bored at Ty Lee- Is this going to take long?

Iroh: A quality time with my friends and family. How nice!

Azula: Hey, Mai's right! Is this really going to take long?

Me: Are you so busy?

Azula: Yes, I am the new princess of the earth kingdom!

Toph: -turns her head at Azula- You? You can't even earthbend!

Azula: So?

Toph: You don't deserve it!

Azula: Like I care what a blind girl says.

Sokka: -holds Toph, so she can't kill Azula BEFORE the fic. starts-

Katara: Maybe we better start before someone's dead.

Me: Yeah…I okay but there's just a problem.

Aang: What is it?

Me: I don't know with what fairytale I need to start.

Toph: Who cares?

Me: Maybe the one who liked to read this fic…

Everybody: Ohhh

Me: So just tell me what fairytale you like…and I will make it with the Avatar characters!

Mai: -looks bored again- If I just don't need to play Cinderella or something like that.

Azula: You always said that you didn't know a fairytale!

Ty Lee: -hugs Mai- I knew you were laying.

Me: Oh and what pairings you want!

Everybody: Pairings?????

Me: Yeah…Zutara, Kataang, Sukka, Yuokka, Ty Lokka, etc…

Zuko: I'm out of here.

Aang: Me too. –leaves with Zuko-

Katara: Come on Toph, let's follow Aang. –follows Aang with Toph-

Mai: -sighs and leaves too-

Iroh: I want some tea. –leaves for tea-

Sokka: I have to go. Suki's waiting at the Serpents pass. –goes to Suki at the Serpents pass-

Azula: I'm out! –leaves Ty Lee and Me alone-

Ty Lee: So when do we start?

Me: -sighs and leaves too-

Ty Lee: Okay… I will make sure that everybody will be on time here, so see you all next time. Oh and don't forget about which fairytale first and which pairings you want. Here's the list again:




Ty Lokka












Did I forget to mention a pairing? Anyway, have a nice day and oh review, so we can start soon! Bye bye!