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A/N: This chapter starts out in the throne room. The war is over and Toph moved in with Zuko cause there was no way she was going back to her parents.

Chapter one: Longshot's Arrival

"What?!" Zuko stared down at the young blind girl before him. She was 16 now, and had grown a lot since they met. The green silk dress she was wearing accentuated her every curve she had developed and covered her earthen-covered bare feet, but her dark black bangs still hid her beautiful face.

"I'm going on a date." Toph stated simply as if it were nothing. She enjoyed the reaction she was getting from the Fire Lord. Toph was taking every chance she got to annoy him, ever since he denied that he enjoyed having her live with him.

"Why?" Zuko couldn't bear to think about her going off with some other guy. Though he would never admit it, he liked having Toph around. He wouldn't know what to do if she just left with someone else.

"Because I can!" Toph acted like she was annoyed, even though she liked the attention.

"With who?"

"That is none of your business! Besides, why do you even care?" Toph couldn't help but smirk.

Zuko couldn't think of an answer and he was glad that Toph couldn't see his beet-red face. Zuko knew the real answer, he loved her. But of course, Zuko wouldn't admit it, not after telling her he didn't enjoy living with her.

After a short silence, Toph spoke up.

"Now, if you don't mind, my date is here." Toph stood up and smoothed out her dress. There was a knock on the door before one of the guards entered.

"A man is here for Miss Toph."

"What is his name?" Zuko demanded, hoping the guard would know.

"He doesn't speak." was the man's reply. Before Zuko could answer, Toph glared at the man with her foggy eyes.

"Well, go let him in!" she growled. The guard ran from the room. The guards learned very early not to ignore the moody earthbender's commands. The doors opened quickly as a young man made his way up to Toph.

He was tall, but he had only grown a little since Toph had first met him. He was still slender, with dark hair and eyes that spoke for him. He was in earth kingdom garb, but still had his old hat on and his bow and arrows were placed comfortably on his back.

"Longshot." Zuko spit the word out as if it were poisonous to say. The archer meerly glanced at the firebender before returning his gaze to Toph. This made Zuko very angry.

"Can you wait a moment? I forgot something in my room." Toph smiled sweetly while Longshot nodded. She dashed out the doors to retrieve what she needed, leaving the two guys alone.

Zuko glared at Longshot, but it didn't seem to bother him. Zuko wanted to set him on fire, but decided to give him some advice instead.

"So, you are taking Toph out on a date?" he said it as more of a statement than a question. "I really don't like you. It's even worse that Toph agreed to this little outing! But if you start to think of trying something with her, remember my words. If you so much as lay one hand on her, I will personally fillet you!" Zuko's hands ignited unvoluntarily.

Longshot didn't even flinch. Quite frankly, he didn't care what Zuko said. He simply crossed his arms, rolled his eyes, and waited for Toph. Zuko realized that words alone wouldn't make his point, so he decided to use some action.

He flicked a couple of small fireballs at Longshot, but Longshot hadn't been paying attention to him at first. The fireballs took Longshot by surprise, and he barely escaped the last one. He felt the heat as it glided past his face. This act got his attention.

"Remember that next time, I'll be aiming." Zuko snarled, but he was happy to finally get a reaction from the boy.

It was about one more minute before Toph reentered, with a small shawl draped around her shoulders. She quickly took Longshot's arm and scrambled out of the room, leaving just about as fast as she entered. She didn't speak to Zuko, she didn't even look at him. Toph simply grabbed her date and left.

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