Summary: The child of a CSI is kidnapped.

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It was the buzzing and vibrating sensation in her hip, which lead her back to consciousness. She moaned softly and tried to open her eyes, only to meet a coarse cloth covering her eyes. Her head throbbed from being bashed against the window frame and her mouth was dry. She went to move her arms from behind her back to locate the source of the vibrations, only to find the action hampered by thick ropes tied around her wrists and ankles. She was lying on coarse burlap, which she assumed to be an over filled sack of some sort, and from the silence, she could tell she was alone. Twisting her arms her fingers closed over her phone and extracted it from her pocket, from many years of experience she opened it and said in a hushed tone, "Help me…"

"Emmy?" he father's voice came through from the other side. "Emmy its daddy, are you okay?"

She felt the tears run down her face as she said,

"I'm scared Daddy."

"I know you are baby," he said. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

Emily licked her lips as she heard the fear and pain in his voice and forced herself to sing softly,

"There's a motel in Texas…hard bend on the wide blue sky…"

"Oh god Emily," her father said hearing the code they had developed for her to tell him that she was okay but in trouble.

The air whooshed out of Nick's lungs as he heard his daughter's terrified voice coming through the phone; he looked over at Sara and nodded. Sara squeezed his hand in response and then furrowed her brow as to ask if all was okay. He shook his head.

"Emmy, hang on baby, we're on the way, just keep your phone on," he said swallowing hard to keep his voice calm and steady.

"You're coming?" she asked in a small voice.

"Yes baby," Nick said. "Aunt Catherine is driving right now."

"You and Sara are to stay inside the car," Grissom said turning around from the front seat of the SUV Catherine was driving. He had arrived at the compound just as the team was dashing out to the cars. Nick nodded as he said, "Emmy can you tell me what happened?"

"Becks…" she started. "My head hurts…"

"What about Becks?" Nick asked as he motioned to Sara that Emily's head hurt. "Do you know where you are?"

"I….tied up…closet…" She started again then sneezed. "Blind folded—"

"Emily?" Nick said when she abruptly cut herself off. "Emily?"

He heard a scream and a thud from the other side and an angry male voice saying,

"Stupid bitch…turn the damn thing off…" the angry voice commanded. The sounds of a struggle resonated in the car. "That's right, don't fight it…that's a girl…" the line disconnected.

Nick paled and looked over at Sara. "Faster," she said. "Emily's in trouble."

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