Welcome to the family

A/N: I give you the next chapter of Phoebe's Return. Preston is 10 months old and the trips are 6 months.

"It's finally done," Paige whispered. The walls, once plain white, were now sky blue with clouds on them. When they found out what gender the baby was, she would paint the baby's name on the biggest cloud. The carpet was soft and white. She looked around the room. A crib with yellow sheets stood in one corner against the wall with a changing table a few feet away. She had put this room together single handedly. Phoebe was too busy with the trips to do much and Prue was having some problems with Andy and Preston. She placed a cute little teddy bear in the crib and walked out. The house was empty so she took a shower. She pulled on a pair of jeans and a dark blue shirt before walking downstairs. As she got to the bottom, her phone began to vibrate. It was a text message.

"Pipers n labor. Come 2 SFMH ASAP!" it said. She sent a reply to Phoebe and orbed out to the hospital.

Thirty minutes earlier

Piper, Leo, and Phoebe had been sitting in P4 sipping on sodas. They had been discussing a few important things such as space in the house. With four kids all there and one more on the way, it was getting a little crowded. Phoebe bit her lip and twirled a strand of hair. Piper, who was rubbing her eight month pregnant belly looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

"What's eating you up little miss?" she asked. Phoebe looked at her, smiling lightly to try and soften the blow.

"Well, I have a job and three kids now. I think it might be time to you know.... buy a house of my own," she muttered to her older sister. Piper looked shocked.

"What!" she yelled causing Phoebe to wince and Percy to whimper. Phoebe hushed her daughter.

"The house next door to the Manor is for sale and I already talked to the lady who is selling it and she told me that I could rent it for $700 a month until I pay it off," she said. Piper looked at her and widened her eyes.

"Piper! Please don't be upset! It'll really help a lot on space," Phoebe pleaded with her, trying to get her sister to see her side of the deal.

"It's not that Phoebe. I think my water just broke," she whispered. There was a delayed reaction before...

"Leo! Orb her to the hospital. I will get the kids there!" she said, pulling out her phone to text her younger sister and Alex to see if she could come get the kids. Cole shimmered over and grabbed them before taking his friend to the hospital.

When Paige arrived twenty minutes after the text had been sent, she saw Phoebe, Prue, Andy, and Leo waiting in the lobbey.

"What's going on? Is everything ok?" she hurridley asked. Leo continued to pace so Prue took her youngest sister aside.

"Piper's in the delivery room and they are going to call Leo back any second," the raven brunette explained. Just as she finished, a tall doctor with graying brown hair called Leo back into his wife's room. Paige and Prue took a seat to wait on the news of the newest addition to the Halliwell famiy.

It was a short wait. It only took two hours to happen once Leo was called back. In that time, Andy had been called away and come back with a slight smile on his face. Prue instantly figured out that her husband knew something of great importance. Leo came back out with the happiest grin on his face.

"It's a girl!" he cried out making the others give a cheer. However, he quieted them down with a nod of his head.

"It's a boy!" he said in the same tone, confusing everyone except Andy and Paige.

"Twins!" they shouted in unison, causing everyone to laugh and congratulate Leo. He led them into the room where Piper sat with the two new bundles wrapped in blankets. It was difficult to really tell what they looked like at this stage in their new lives.

"Congrats honey," Phoebe said, reaching down to hug her older sister softly. Prue and Paige followed suit. Andy picked up the blue bundle and looked at his nephew.

"Have you guys decided on names yet?" he asked. Leo and Piper shared a look. Lep picked his daughter up and looked at her with shining eyes.

"Katelin Melinda Halliwell," he said, stroking a hand over her downy hair.

"No Wyatt?" Paige asked from her position on the small couch. Leo shook his head.

"Halliwell is more powerful. Demons will know to leave them alone," he said causing Prue to nod her head and gesture towards her second nephew.

"We had a bit more trouble with his name," Leo said before looking at Piper.

"Lucas Christopher Halliwell," she said. Everyone smiled.

"Welcome to the family, Lucas and Katelin," Phoebe muttered. Everyone else echoed the statement.

A week later, Piper and the twins were finally at home. During their stay in the hospital, Leo and Paige had added things to the nursery. Leo put in another crib and dresser along with outfits for his son and daughter. Paige had complete the walls, adding the new infants names to the center cloud in the room. Preston, Percy, Pam, and Pete had been introduced to their cousins.

"I can't believe it," Piper murmered one night as she stood over the crib that Lucas and Kate would share for a few months. Leo wrapped his arms around her and smiled.

"You better. We are parents now," he replied, laying a kiss on her neck. Piper looked at her children. Now that a few days had passed, their looks came in loud and clear. Kate had her mothers dark brown hair and her father's blue-green eyes. Lucas looked very much the same except his hair was a shade or two lighter than his sister's. The new family quietly went to bed.