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(Note: Before someone asks me - I am not trying to spam ff net It might seem like I am - but I just have a backlog of fics that were never posted to this account.)

New Year's. A ball drops. Fireworks all over the world.

But as of right now, there's nothing particularly interesting going on. I'm alone, except for her, asleep on the couch beside me, curled up in a neat ball under a blanket. We were lucky we even got tonight off, at the rate we were going.

"Liv..." I say, softly, hating to wake her, "Hey, wake up, sleepyhead."

She responds, with a nasty look and a sleepy "fuck off, John," - at least that's what I thought she said.

"Hey. Wake up. Olivia."

She gives up and turns to glare at me. "What the hell do you want?"

"Happy New Year," I say, grinning. "You slept through it."