"Chapter Twenty"

"Draco?" Hari asked as he lay with his head on his 'older' mates stomach. Enjoying the comfort the blonde gave him.

"Yes?" Came the swift response.

"Do you know a Dresdin Malfoy?" Hari asked, he could feel the rhythmic movements of Draco's chest as he breathed.

"Yea." Draco said after a moments pause. "He is actully my cousin from father's side and your second cousin through Sev."

"So your dad has siblings?" Hari asked in surprise. He never knew he had so much family. He sometimes thought he would never forgive his Grandfather for giving him to Petunia. The knowledge of the past that was kept from him made him want to yell, cry or break things. Something to show his displeasure.

"He did have one. Another brother." Draco said with a distinct lack of interest.

Hari looked up at Draco. "What happened?"

"It happened a long time ago. I think Dresdin was one at the time, but he got caught up in some hunters during a business trip to America. At the time I was only five, so I hardly remember it. It was a big hit to father's trust, though."

"What are hunters?" Hari asked. Swallowing the saliva in his mouth, he wished he could take back his question. Not wanting to really know the answer.

"Hunters are mostly self proclaimed humans. Killing the evil 'that goes bump in the night'" Draco said with a sneer. "At least that's what father says. Personally I think they are more like The Dark Lord in retrospect."

"Why?" Hari asked.

"Hunter's don't really believe 'things' like us can be 'good' in the greater scheme of things." Draco answered. His gray toned eyes glaring at the wall accross from them.

Sighing, Hari glanced towards the common room entrance. "There are too many miss conceptions in this world." Sitting up from his position on top of Draco suddenly, Hari grabbed his book bag for defense. "I need to leave for that meeting with Professor Sage now." He said dejectedly. Wishing he could stay with Draco. They didn't see each other enough lately.

"Alright. Just make sure you keep Winson close to you. I Don't trust that teacher." Draco said as he stood with Hari. Embracing him in a hug.

Hari smiled and rolled his eyes in exasperation. "You don't trust any teacher, besides Severus, in this entire school. So frankly I'm not surprised." He said as he stepped out of the hug, and toward the common room entrance.

"Touch'e." Draco said with a small smile. "I'll see you when you get back. Come on up to my dorm. I can help you sort through your homework."

"I think I can manage first year class work on my own" Hari said as he glared at the taller blond in ofense.

"I know." Draco said, leaning closer to him. "It would still be a believable excuse, if someone happens to be snooping where they shouldn't." He added as he gestured toward Pansy Parkinson. Who happened to be two tables away, filing her nails and listening in on others' conversations. Everyone knew she did it. She just happened to be to dense to realize.

"Alright." Hari said with a nod of his head. ''I'll meet you in your dorm with the homework I cant possibly finish on my little lonesome." He said with a laugh. "I really must be going, though." He added.

"OK. Stay safe."

"I will." Hari replied with a reassuring smile as he headed out the door, Winson trailing after.

Walking through the dungeons, Hari felt relaxed. The place reminded him of a bigger version of his old cupboard. A place he had called home more than the actual Dursley House.

He reached the main level of the castle too fast for his liking, not wanting to meet with the new Professor. They didn't know that much about him. What side of the spectrum he was on.

Glancing around, he grabbed onto Winson's fur again. Letting his guardian guide him toward the defense class room.

Upon entering the room, Hari noticed it was empty. "Wonder where the Professor is." He said to Winson, who cocked his head to the side as if hearing something Hari couldn't. Within seconds Winson started pushing Hari further into the classroom. Almost knocking him over in the process "What?" Hari asked in shock. His guardian had never acted like this.

Bending to grab a hold of the dog, Hari jumped when the door across the room flew off its hinges as it was assaulted from the other side. The loud noise causing him to jump in shock. Watching as Winson stepped in front of him, snarling with his white teeth exposed. The shock turned to fear as he realized he was being attacked.

Gathering his thoughts he tried to remember how his dad walked the shadows. The room was practically shrouded in darkness.

He closed his eyes against his better judgment. His heart racing in his chest, pounding in his head. He prayed he could do this.

Struggling to recall the dark like Severus had told him, he imagined his cupboard. Small and dark. He wanted to be small and dark!

He could feel the cold of shadow sweeping into him. Straining to keep focused, he was startled to reality when he heard Winson give an ear splitting yelp of pain.

"Winson!" Hari yelled, his mind distracted as he ran to his downed protector. Stumbling as his body became solid again.

He looked around in fright when he found Winson sprawled on the floor, unconscious. "No!" Hari cried in anguish, grabbing the gray fur in his hands. Hoping something, someone would help him.

What was happening? Hogwarts was supposed to be normal now that he wasn't Harry Potter.

"Pathetic really," A low voice said from behind, startling him. "The line of Dumbledore has come to a crossroads. Elves and Vampires breeding." It said in disgust. "That old fool will relinquish his throne yet, if I have anything to do with it. Now that his blood is on the line." Hari could practically hear the sneer in the voice, sending a shiver of pure fear down his body.

Turning toward his attacker, Hari was met with the end of an orange spell exploding his vision, burning into his muscles, before he blacked out. The last thing he registered was the sadistic face of the Defense Professor.

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