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Oshiriku sat in the mausoleum with her fingers laced together neatly on her lap. The silky plum colored kimono she wore stuck to her skin in a strange way that made it itch horribly. She looked up several times, but no one else was in the room but she. Her nose picked up the distinct scent of that horrible cologne Urahara had taken to wearing the past month since she'd been back in Seireitei. She turned to him and Yoruichi walking into the place with stupid smiles on their faces. Urahara whistled loudly before dropping on the bench next to her. His eyes roamed the room.

"You sure do spend a lot of time here. Why?" Yoruichi asked thoughtfully. "Aside him having been your best friend. Why?"

Oshiriku snorted. "I did love him, you know. I guess I just loved him too late."

Urahara sighed. "It can't be helped. He always wanted to huge family that loved him."

Yoruichi chuckled. Her golden eyes stared adoringly at the large painting of Ishirio at the altar. "We loved him like he was our own."

"Like? He was our own, Yoru-chan." Urahara tapped Yoruichi on the head with his index finger. He turned to Oshiriku with a serious expression that made her skin crawl. "I'm glad the procedures went well during your surgeries. You're all cured. If you ever get sick again--"

"I know where to find you."

"You really leaving?" Yoruichi tilted her head so that she could see her cousin around Urahara's large head.

"It's for the best." Oshiriku said. She ran a hand through her long hair. It was pinned down at the top by a red barrette Ishirio had bought her years earlier but she'd just decided to wear. She stared Urahara in the eyes. "Don't you think?" Had he told Yoruichi why she was leaving?

He shrugged with a small frown on his face. "I don't know. I wouldn't leave unless I got kicked out. You know? But you…yes, I do believe this is for the best."

"Ichimaru will probably get your position. Most of your officers are changing divisions. You should have seen his face."

"Why? It always looks the same to me." Urahara said.

They all burst into laughter. Oshiriku stood with a grunt. She rolled her eyes at the glance Urahara gave her. "I'm fine, Kisuke." She pulled him into a tight hug and kissed him on the cheek. A smile stretched her lips when she saw the expression of remorse Yoruichi gave her. She took her cousin in a tight hug. "Yoru-chan, take care of Kisuke. Keep him close. And you watch out. I love you." She kissed Yoruichi on the forehead as she did whenever she gave her cousin departing words.

"Ukitake asked about you." Yoruichi's words stopped her in the doorway. She gave her cousin a smile. Her golden eyes danced with happiness. "I told him you were retiring and going home."

Oshiriku ignored the expression on Urahara's face. She pressed her lips together with a nod. "Thank you. Both of you."

Urahara stood with a yawn. "Kuuaku's waiting for us. Let's go, girls." He took Yoruichi on one arm and Oshiriku on the other.

They left the cold, drafty place in silence; each of them smiled with different thoughts. Oshiriku thought about the first time she'd seen Ishirio and how she'd reacted to him. Yoruichi thought about how Kuuaku had recently changed her bedroom to fit the mood of Ishirio's death. Well, it wasn't as sorrowful as it could be, but the gray gargoyles were a wonderful touch. Urahara thought about Oshiriku and what she would become later in life. He could not help but stare at her out the corner of his eye. He couldn't help but smile at the smirk she gave him when she caught him staring.

Kuuaku stood on a hill in the middle of one of the forests with her fists on her hip. She had a deep frown on her beautiful face. Her black hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail that showed the beautiful angles of her face. Standing beside her was the youngest in their clan, Ganjyu. Oshiriku pinched his nose; she knew he hated when she did that. She smiled widely at Kaien and Kuuaku as she hugged both them tightly. Her eyes filled with tears as she turned toward the gate Urahara had opened. She hugged each of them another hug and a kiss on the cheek, except for Yoruichi who she kissed on the forehead again before jumping through the gate.

Urahara rubbed his head. "I wanted to ask her if she was happy with the gigai I made for her. It's special, you know? The first of its type."

Isshin and Yumuru appeared in front of them both out of breath. Yumuru inhaled deeply. "Captain…Shihouin?"


"She promised she would teach me!" Yumuru said angrily. She covered her face to hide the tears streaming down her cheeks. She didn't care if Oshiriku would teach her or not she wanted her friend back.

Isshin sighed. "Well, I'll never get to feel those lips on my cheek again. Damn it." He followed Kuuaku and her younger towards their house while Kaien walked back to the school.

Yoruichi put a gentle hand on Yumuru's shoulder. "Don't cry. Kisuke and I will teach you all you need to know."

"We can join your squad too?" Yumuru asked hopefully.

Yoruichi chuckled. "If you can catch my lieutenant."

A black hairpin held Yumuru's short curly brown hair back. She fumbled with the papers in her hands again before dropping three of them on the ground. Her fist hesitated at slamming into the door of the apartment complex. It wasn't really an apartment, but more like a penthouse. She'd watched numerous amounts of movies to know what the places were called. Her feet itched in the sandals she'd purchased weeks earlier. A man with curly black hair came out the door down the hall. His blue eyes stayed on her face for a moment before he locked his door and disappeared down the stairs. Yumuru knocked again.

A man with straight shoulder length black hair answered the door. His dark eyebrows rose slightly. Why was there a pretty girl on their doorstep? He forced a smile; he was going to die from embarrassment. "May I help you, miss?"

Yumuru stared at him with a smile. His gray eyes reminded her of someone she knew before she'd settled into that world herself, but she couldn't quite place it. She nodded. "Is there a Oshiriku Shihouin here?"

The boy's eyes widened in surprise, but he recovered before the girl could see the expression on his face. "No, sorry."

"Is there an Oshiriku here?"

"Who is it at the door? Ishirio, I told you not to stand in the door with it open"

Yumuru gasped when Oshiriku appeared in the doorway with a frown. She stepped back. Her former captain had her hair braided and pinned to her head. She wore a dark blue business suit with matching heels. The stockings she wore complimented her legs well. Yumuru couldn't take her eyes off the shocked face staring at her. Over five hundred years and she hadn't changed one bit. Her voice broke slightly when she uttered, "captain."

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