The Night the Sky Fell Down

Contrary to what most people were led to believe, Petunia Dursley was not stupid. She knew when something was going on. How could she not? She was perfect for scoping out gossip due to the long neck she inherited from her mother. What she did not inherit however, was the physique of her mother that made the neck graceful. But that's neither here nor there.

Petunia Dursley was no fool. So when her wretched freak of a sister arrived on her doorstep on October 30th, 1981, with a child in her arms, Petunia didn't slam the door in her face like she wanted to. As much as she may deny it, she knew her sister. And the only thing in her younger sister's eyes at that moment was fear and determination. Petunia let the redhead in.

"Petunia," Lily whispered after Petunia served them tea. "I need your help."

"Why should I help you?" Petunia nearly spat. "I don't like you."

"You should help because if you don't, I'm going to die!" Lily burst out, placing her tea cup down due to the shaking of her hands.

Okay, so maybe she did love the redheaded brat. Just a little. Sometimes. "What?" Petunia croaked. Despite her deep resentment for her sister who had everything, Petunia did not wish the weirdo death!

"Harry is in danger," Lily responded. "This evil wizard: Voldemort. He wants to kill my baby, Petty."

Lily began crying.

"Why would he want to kill Henry?" Petunia asked confused.

"Harry," Lily corrected with a roll of her eyes. "Harry, according to a prophesy, is the only one who can stop him."

"A child! How absurd," Petunia exclaimed.

"Obviously he doesn't care that it is far-fetched or I wouldn't be here," Lily snapped.

"What am I supposed to do?" Petunia asked against her will after a minute of silence.

"Can you just, keep Harry for a while?" Lily asked.

"Keep him?" Petunia asked with wide eyes. "No I cannot. I have a son of my own. Dudders is more than enough, thank you very much."

"I cannot believe you," Lily whispered. "This is your nephew! If the situation were reversed, you know I'd be there for you, no matter how much you hate me! How can you just turn your back on family?"

"The same way you turned yours," Petunia whispered harshly.

"For the lat time Petunia, I did not turn my back-."

"This is not the issue," Petunia said abruptly.

"Look, we got a tip that he would attack us tomorrow night," Lily continued. "Can you please just keep him until then? James and I'll be back to get him on the first. If we die-," Lily choked. "If we die, Sirius will be here to get him."

"Sirius?" Petunia questioned. She remembered meeting Sirius briefly at Lily's wedding. "Are you serious?"

Lily cracked a smile. "Yes. I wouldn't want to impose on you. Besides, Sirius is Harry's godfather."

Petunia stared at her younger sister for a moment. Her emerald green eyes were shining with tears. Her red hair was pushed back allowing Petunia to see just how frail and tired Lily looked.

Petunia sighed. "I'll do it. But you come for him on the first. I mean it!"

Lily smiled through tears. "Thank you so much, Petty."

When Petunia's husband, Vernon, came home that evening, he was not pleased to see that they had a guest. Petunia explained the situation but Vernon wouldn't be moved. "If you insist on keeping the freak here, then stick him in the cupboard, Petunia."

"Vernon," Petunia gasped. "Are you mad? That's ridiculous. He can share Dudders' room. He'll be here but a day."

Vernon sighed. "I do not want that abnormality near my son!"

"Vernon Dursley, I ask you this one favor and you cannot even do that?"

"Petunia, this is final. The cupboard or you can stick it back to its parents!" Vernon roared.

"Fine," Petunia allowed. "He'll stay in cupboard."


On October 31st Petunia thought it'd be fun to take Dudley to the park. She left Harry in the cupboard however. She completely forgot. That evening however, the most important thing in Magic History occurred.

Petunia and Vernon were watching the Late Night News when their door burst open. Petunia screamed. Vernon rose to his feet and watched as a person dressed in flowing black robes entered his living room.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" Vernon roared. "I demand you leave at once!"

The figure merely laughed and shot a spell at Vernon. A green spell. He glanced at Petunia. "That's such a shame. You look nothing like your sister." He shifted to walk out of the room. Over his shoulder he shot another spell at the frozen Petunia. Yet another green spell.

The figure stood in the foyer. "Come out and play, Potter," he taunted. He heard a faint whimpering. He turned sharply and saw the cupboard. He opened it with a spell and saw the child in there. He smiled evilly. "This was much easier than I thought it would be. Any last words?" he laughed loudly.

He shot the curse. A light shield caused it to bounce off of the boy and rebound to the figure. He had no chance to avoid the curse. "Aaaah!" he shouted as he was ripped from his body. That figureā€¦.was Voldemort.

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