It was a couple of hours later when Dean asked his father the important question that was playing on his mind.

"Why couldn't I kill it?"

John stared at his son, so thankful that he and his brother were ok. He couldn't believe he'd made the fatal mistake of not telling his boys how to kill the Dreamwalker. That one mistake almost cost them their lives, and John would never forgive himself for that.

"You have to understand that that creature was strong. Every time it fed it grew stronger, but it only gained strength in certain parts of its body. It's bones!"

"That's why the blade felt like it'd hit stone!"

"Yes. The only way to kill it was to avoid the bones, and go straight for its vital organs. That's why I stabbed it in the chest, although I had to be precise or the blade would have hit a rib, and I probably wouldn't be sitting here!"

"Dad. Why didn't you tell me?" Dean questioned. That one bit of information would have changed the way Dean had handled the situation. He knew that no one had gotten hurt, but it could have planned out so differently.

"I'm so sorry Dean. It's un-forgivable, I don't know what I was thinking!"

"It's ok dad, it wasn't your fault," Sam exclaimed, looking up at his father in a reassuring manner.

"Oh Sammy." John replied, pulling his youngest into a hug. He couldn't believe how close he'd come to losing him, losing Dean. He made a promise to himself right then, that he was never going to let his boys down like that again.

The day passed quickly and soon it was time to sleep. Dean helped Sam to get ready for bed, and tucked him under the covers. He got up and said 'goodnight,' but when he turned to leave he found fingers closing in around his wrist.

"Dean," Sam whispered, looking at his brother.

"Yes Sammy?" Dean replied, turning back around and kneeling beside his brother.

"I'm scared!"

Dean had been waiting for this. "Of what?"


"Sammy, you can't be scared of sleep. Now close your eyes and get some of it."

"NO," Sam cried, jumping up and flinging his arms around his brother, as he prepared to leave again. He didn't want to be a baby, but he honestly was scared to go to sleep, and he wanted his big brother to make him feel better.

Seeing just how scared his baby brother was, Dean returned the hug, and patted him on the back comfortingly.

"It's ok Sammy, I'm here, you're ok!"

"Don't leave me Dean, please!"

"Hey, it's ok, I'm not going anywhere," Dean replied.

He helped his brother back under the covers, and he then climbed beside him, and wrapped his arms around his body. He snuggled close to Sam and whispered,

"You tell anyone about this, and you die!"

The end

Author's note: there it is the ending hope u enjoyed it and i should have another fic up soon called 'Lost'!