Chapter Eighteen: Lovers

Harry/Ginny's summer end of fourth year

"Harry!" Ginny cried happily as she descended the stairs of the Burrow and into the arms of her boyfriend.
"Ginny!" Harry said happily as he lifted her off her feet, holding her tightly as he spun her around. Once back on her feet she pulled his head down, kissing him fiercely.

A cough interrupted the two, making them both pull apart and turn slightly red at their actions.
"Now that you two are reacquainted, go get your things," Sirius told Ginny with a chuckle.
"Oh right!" Ginny said as she bolted back up the stairs. Harry just shook his head.
"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Weasley," Harry remarked when he realized that they were in the room.
"Hello Harry, enjoying your summer so far?" Mr. Weasley asked.
"Very much so."
"Done," Ginny commented as she came hurtling back down the stairs, a bag slung over her shoulder.
"That's all you're taking?" Mrs. Weasley asked confused.
"It's all shrunk that's all," Ginny told her mother. "See you in three weeks." Ginny pulled Harry outside, who waved his farewell. The three adults just shook their head.

"Don't worry; Remus, Michelle, and I will keep an eye on the two," Sirius reassured them.
"I'm not sure I like that," Molly mumbled.
"Take care," Arthur said as he hugged his wife.
"We will."
Harry and Ginny were ready to go, Ginny gripping Harry's hand tightly in her hand. Sirius shook his head as he approached the young couple. He produced a portkey and the three of them took hold. The familiar pull on their navel appeared and disappeared a moment later. They were now standing outside of what looked like a muggle airport.

"Airport? Why are we at an airport?" Harry questioned.
"And how did no one see us?" Ginny wondered.
"I'm gifted," Sirius said. "And yes an airport. I hate portkeying across such extreme distances."
"There you are, you are going to be late," Remus said as he and Michelle appeared.
The couple were practically beaming, they were recently married and enjoying their time together to the fullest.

The five of them made their way to their terminal after a lot of baggage checks.

Two days later…I think

"Where exactly are we going?" Remus asked from his seat at the back of the mini van that Sirius had rented. Michelle was sitting up front while Harry and Ginny sat on either side of Remus.

"I told you it's a surprise so stop asking," Sirius said agitated.
"Well there is definitely something up. When Sirius says it's a surprise, it really is a surprise."
"Wonderful," Harry and Ginny said together.
It seemed like hours in the car, actually it was really only an hour, before they arrived outside of a small house. It couldn't have been more than two bedrooms and a bath.

Sirius looked exceptionally nervous as he got out of the car. The four slowly followed as he approached the white door.

It suddenly opened to reveal a blonde haired woman, her green eyes livid. "Sirius Orion Black! Where in the hell did you go? How could you just leave like that without so much as a word of warning or even if you were safe!" She cried agitated. "I should skin you for that!"

"It's not my fault I was called back," Sirius whimpered as he tried to calm the blonde's fury.
The four spectators traded confused glances.
"It wasn't safe to write otherwise I would have. I thought you'd stop worrying after that package I sent."
"Well it didn't do any good," she huffed, then her attention rounded on the four others. "And it seems you've lost your manners as well."

Sirius looked sheepish. "Sorry," he mumbled. "Everyone this is Marissa, Marissa this is Remus, his wife Michelle, my godson Harry, and his girlfriend Ginny."

"Hello," Ginny said first as she stepped forward to shake her hand.
"Hello," Marissa said with a smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you all."
"We'd say the same but this is the first we've heard of you," Remus told her as he shook her hand.
"Sirius! You didn't mention me?"
Sirius jumped. "I'm sorry but I wasn't sure how they'd react."
Marissa glared at him, making him cringe back. "Well come on inside then and have a seat."
After they were all seated in the small living room, the talking began.
"After I escaped after last year I almost got caught a few times," Sirius started. "So I decided that the safest place would be for me to go to America, where no one would be looking for me. I took up a job and met Marissa. I was living then in a crappy run down apartment with five other people. We became friends and I eventually moved in here with her. Then I was called back by Dumbledore for your transformation and then I came back here after. I was here when Dumbledore sent word about what had happened at the tournament."

"That explains a lot," Remus added after a moment. "Well its nice to meet someone that can put Sirius here in his place."

Marissa smiled warmly at him. "It's not that hard really."

Hermione's summer after fourth year…two weeks into break

Hermione Granger was locked away in her bedroom pouring over large volumes of books. If someone looked closer they would realize that all of them had to deal with either Ministry laws over the past century or werewolves.

She dedicated her free time, when she wasn't doing homework, to solving the dilemma that faced not only Harry and Ginny, but Remus and Michelle as well.

So far she had made stunning progress and was on the verge of a breakthrough, when the doorbell rang downstairs. Hermione barely registered the sound, but was startled by the sound of her mother's voice.

"Hermione Granger, get down here right this instant!" Her mother shouted from the bottom of the stairs.
She sighed as she got to her feet, stretching. She had been reading since about ten that morning and it was now four in the evening. Hermione pulled her bushy hair back as she made her way towards the stairs.

The sight that greeted her wasn't one she had been expecting to see. Charlie Weasley stood at the foot of the stairs next to her mother, who was currently red in the face.

"Charlie," Hermione said with a smile, despite the look on her mother's face.
"Hey," he said with a bright smile.
She descended the stairs and hugged him tightly, but pulled away quickly so that her mother wouldn't get too mad.

"Can you please explain to me what in the world is going on?" Her mother asked calmly.
"I don't know why he is here," Hermione offered.
Charlie sighed. "I've, well we, wanted to talk to you about…well…us," Charlie stuttered, not quite sure what to say.

"Us? Like as in…"
"Yes," Hermione put in.
Her mother just kind of stared at her. "This is a joke right?"
"No," Hermione told her. "This is not a joke. I should probably explain to you what happened over the summer."

"That would be an excellent idea Hermione."
"Let's sit then?" Charlie offered.
After about two hours Hermione and Charlie had explained the events that happened over the previous school year. To say her mother was stunned was an understatement of her reaction.

"Absolutely not," she said sternly. "You are far too young to involve yourself with someone who is almost eight years your senior. You areyoung, you need to experience things before you do something like this. You're only fifteen for goodness sake."

"But mum," Hermione pleaded.
"No buts young lady. However, I won't tell you that you can't talk or write to him, but dating is absolutely out of the question at this point. Maybe in two or three years I'll have changed my mind, but until then I will not allow this."

Hermione sighed. "Yes ma'am."
"Thank you for listening to us," Charlie said politely.
She just nodded. "Now if you'll excuse me I need to call your father. It was a pleasure to meet you Charlie and you are welcome in our home, but only if myself or my husband is home."

"Thank you," he said with a nod of his head.
Hermione watched her mother leave the room. "You knew that was coming didn't you?"
"I had an idea, but it's not as bad as it could have been," Charlie told her. "At least we still get to talk and she is right, you do have things to learn before that."

Hermione just sighed. "I don't have to like this and I don't have to agree with it, but I will listen to my mother on this."

Charlie just smiled as he hugged her tightly. Hermione buried her face in his shoulder as she hugged him back.

"Do I still get to kiss you?" Hermione questioned softly.
He chuckled. "If I'm around and no one else is then sure."
Hermione just laughed.

Fifth year…beginning of term

"It's so good to be home!" Ginny said cheerfully as she entered the Great Hall.
"I know what you mean," Pansy told her as she gazed around the Hall, a bright smile on her face.
"To think the halls will no longer be plagued by that greasy git and his little toy," Pansy remarked happily as she dropped into a seat.

"Little toy? Do I even want to ask?" Hermione questioned dryly.
"No," Harry and Ron said together.
They all crowded around the table as their fifth year began.
"So do you think anything exciting will happen this year?" Ginny asked from where she sat snuggled up against Harry.

"No," Pansy and Daphne said together.

Random day during Fifth year, hallway outside of Transfiguration

Ginny was just leaving her class. Harry had disappeared half way through class, leaving her by herself. Well she did have Hermione and Ron, but she would rather be sitting next to her boyfriend.

Hermione and Ron waved goodbye as they headed off in the opposite direction. It was their last class of the day and the two were going to the library. She was sure Ron was going to see Padma.

As she walked down the halls she waved to fellow classmates. She had just rounded a corner when two arms wrapped around her. One covering her mouth, the other holding her waist.

Ginny tried to scream, her fear rising instantly.
"Don't scream," a voice that was distinctly male whispered in her ear, sending chills down her spine. His lips touched her neck and she instantly relaxed. She knew exactly who was holding her. "Missed me?" He asked as he let go of her mouth.

"You prat," Ginny hissed as she tried to glare at him, but he held her in place. His lips continued kissing her neck, distracting Ginny slightly from what she was saying. "I can't believe…you…scared me like that."

"I didn't think you'd freak out," he mumbled against her neck, making Ginny's knees weak.
"What's gotten into you?" Ginny asked off handedly as her eyes slid shut.
"You of all people should know what time it is."
"Oh yea," she whispered and she suddenly found her back pressed against the wall, his lips still attached to her neck. Her arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer.

After a healthy dose of snogging the two made their way towards the common room, grins plastered on their faces.

Random moment, fifth year, by the lake

Hermione had found this spot to be her favorite one. After the events of last year, it seemed the perfect place to collect her thoughts.

Over the summer she had diligently wrote Charlie, who replied in kind. The more she spoke with him the more she fell for him. They had seen each other only a few times over the summer and she enjoyed watching him interact with her parents. Her dad was really warming up to him, but her mother was still on the outs about him.

Two arms wrapped around her from no where.
"Hey beautiful," Charlie whispered in her ear.
"What are you doing here?" She asked happily as she turned around to face him.
"Got a vacation and took a break to see Mum and Dad, so I thought I'd drop by and visit," he told her as he placed his forehead against hers.

"I've missed you."
"I've missed you too. How's school been so far?"
"Tiring, as always. Ginny and Harry have been disappearing more than usual."
Charlie rolled his eyes. "I trust them, they won't do anything."
Hermione nodded as she leaned up to place a kiss on his lips.
"You know we aren't dating," Charlie reminded her when they pulled apart.
"So? That doesn't mean I can't kiss you or snog you senseless," she reminded him softly, a grin on her face.

He shook his head. "I think that's perfectly alright," he told her as he kissed her.

Random moment, fifth year, Christmas at the Burrow

"We are home!" Ginny called happily as she threw open the door to the Burrow. Mrs. Weasley and Hermione coming in behind her.

Harry smiled when his girlfriend entered, holding his arms open to her. Grinning she ran into his arms, knocking him back into his seat as she cuddled up against his chest.

"Shopping was killer," Mrs. Weasley complained as she kissed her husband.
"But we got everything we needed," Hermione said cheerfully as she sat on the floor in front of Charlie, resting back against his legs. He smiled and ran his fingers through her bushy hair.

"We'll help," Ron said as he and Padma got up to help Mrs. Weasley put away the foods.
"We are here!" Sirius cried theatrically as he threw open the door the Burrow. Marissa carrying a little baby girl in her arms, smiling as she entered. Remus and Michelle entered as well, smiling as they waved to everyone.

"I want to hold her," Ginny said as she bounced to her feet and straight to Marissa.
"She's still a bit sleepy," Marissa told her as he handed her daughter over to Ginny.
"Hello beautiful," Ginny cooed as she held the little girl and returned to her seat on Harry's lap. He held her around the waist, smiling down at the little girl.

"Hello," Harry said as he tickled her cheek.
The little girl smiled up at them, waving her little fists in the air.
"She's adorable," Ginny added. "Aren't you?"
"She's beautiful."
"Why thank you," Sirius said proudly.
"She takes after her mother," Harry added with a sly grin.
"Thank you," Marissa said with a genuine smile towards Harry, as she elbowed her husband in the side. Sirius pouted.

Hermione watched Ginny and Harry as they showered the little girl with attention. She couldn't wait to give Ginny the good news, as well as Michelle.

The family enjoyed the peaceful evening that was ahead of them. Hermione's parents were conversing happily with the Weasleys, as well as Michelle and Remus. Sirius, Viktor, and Harry were currently playing with Danielle, who seemed happy with the attention she was getting. Marissa and Ginny were talking with Fleur and Rebecca, probably about fashion.

"Hello," Charlie said as he sat down beside her.
"Hey," she told him with a grin.
"Getting ready to tell them?"
"Yes, think they will be happy?"
"Very much," he told her as he leaned closer.
"Getting brave now aren't we?" She questioned with a raised eyebrow.
"Your parents are preoccupied."
She smiled and cuddled up against him.
Dinner was soon called and everyone headed into the newly extended kitchen. Everyone talked happily as dinner was eaten. Hermione steadily got more nervous as the night wore on; if it wasn't for Charlie's silent support she probably would have said something too soon.

When dinner ended the women were all ushered out of the kitchen, the men deciding to clean up. Mrs. Weasley fretted about her kitchen being burnt down, but Mr. Weasley assured her everything would be fine.

The women gathered in the living room, settling around the house to get some time to relax. As the women talked away the men worked diligently at cleaning.

"Fred, get the table cleared and George, start on cleaning them," Mr. Weasley said as he delegated jobs to all those helping.

"So Harry, what did you get Ginny for Christmas," Bill asked as the two worked on drying dishes that Ron and George washed.

"A new broom," Harry said with a shrug. "She'll need one if she tries out for Chaser next year."
"She's going out for Chaser?" He questioned shocked. "I didn't know she was a chaser."
Harry chuckled. "She isn't forth coming about things sometimes."
"So Hermione, didn't you have something you wanted to tell me?" Ginny asked as she lounged beside her friend, Padma on the other side, while Fleur and Rebecca relaxed on the floor.

"Well yes you, Remus, Michelle, and Harry, so we can wait till the boys are done," Hermione told her.
Then the girls launched into discussing their boyfriends, a topic that didn't last long considering three were dating Ginny's brothers. So the topic moved towards clothing, something all of them could enjoy.

It wasn't long before the men had returned, then Hermione, Ginny, Harry, Remus, and Michelle headed into a separate room.

"What's up?" Harry asked from where he sat, Ginny curled up against his side.
"I've decided to give you all an early Christmas present," she said with a smile as she pulled four cards out of her pocket. She passed them out and Ginny squealed.

"You did it!" Ginny cried happily as she launched herself at her friend.
"I'm confused, what is it?" Remus asked as he and Michelle looked at the cards they held.
"It gives us full permission to have children, to have a family!" Ginny told them as she hugged Hermione even tighter.

"How?" Was all Michelle could ask.
"I did a lot of research into the treatment of werewolves over the years. At one point they were allowed to have children and the werewolf trait doesn't carry on for some reason. It has something to do with your genes canceling it out. The actual werewolf trait is more like a virus. It's inserted into your body system, but not into the reproductive area. Meaning that it's not passed on to your children. Don't ask me how that works, I'm still confused myself."

"So this means…" Remus started but he was too afraid to finish his sentence.
"It means that you all are free to have families. Also all werewolves are being informed of this news."
"How did you get the ministry to pass this?" Harry questioned.
"I had a lot of help. Mr. Weasley, Percy, Fleur's father, they are all into politics, they helped back me up."

"Thank you so much," Michelle said as she hugged Hermione. "This means so much to us," she whispered.
"I know, that's why I did it," Hermione told them with a smile.

Random moment, summer after fifth year

"Hermione Jane Granger, get down here this instant!" Her mother yelled up the stairs.
Hermione jumped, having been lost in her summer reading and bolted down the stairs. "What's wrong?" Hermione breathed as she got to the bottom.

"There seems to be someone here for you," her mum said as she pointed towards the living room.
Confused Hermione made her way into the living room, surprised to see Fleur waiting for her. "Fleur, what are you doing here?"

"Well we all decided that some of us girls need to take a trip. We are going to Hawaii for a couple of weeks. That is, if you want to come?" Fleur asked with a grin.

"Really?" Hermione asked shocked.

Summer after Fifth year, Hawaii

"This is beautiful!" Ginny gushed happily as she gazed out over the beach.
"I agree," Rebecca added as she began spreading her beach towel out.
"Now don't you wish the boys had come," Pansy remarked as she stripped off her shirt.
"Why? So they can just gaze at us all day?" Daphne asked.
"That and they'd be shirtless," Ginny pointed out, a grin on her face.
"This coming from the girl who spent a year in the same bed as her boyfriend," Fleur added.
"How did you know that?"
"Bill told me," Fleur said with a shrug of her shoulders.
Ginny rolled her eyes. "So how is it coming with my dear older brother?"
Fleur just smiled. "Wouldn't you like to know."
"Very much so," Ginny told her. "I want to know when I get to become an aunt."
"Ginny!" Fleur cried as she swatted at the younger girl. "You'd be a mother before me."
Ginny glared at her.
"Alright ladies, calm down," Hermione told them with a chuckle.
"Yes, let's enjoy some much needed time off," Rebecca told her.

Summer after Fifth year, Burrow

"I don't see why they all got to go to Hawaii," Ron complained.
"You mean without us?" Harry asked with a chuckle.
"Just think of all those guys that would be there."
"Ron, get over it," Bill told his younger brother.
"It's just not fair."
"Hello all!" A loud voice called from the front.
"Ginny!" Harry said happily as his girlfriend came into view. He was grinning at her. Ginny smiled warmly at her boyfriend, letting him take all the time he liked to look her over. She had acquired a slight tan in Hawaii.

"Harry," she said as she made her way over to him, dropping down into his lap and kissing him lightly on the lips. "Miss me?"

Harry grinned as he just pulled her head back down to his. "Very much," he gasped when they had pulled apart. He nuzzled her neck, making her chuckle.

"Missed you too love."
"Hey Hermione," Harry said as he looked up at his bushy haired friend.
"Hi Harry," Hermione told him with a grin on her face. "You two are horrible, it's only been a week."
"A verylong week," the two said together as they cuddled together on the couch.
Hermione rolled her eyes while Ron was busy snogging Padma, who was quite happy to be back.
Fleur and Bill were standing by the fireplace, talking quietly to each other.
"He's in the backyard," Harry told her when he realized what Hermione was looking for. With a grin she headed out there, leaving Harry and Ginny to get 'reacquainted.'

Sixth Year, some odd random moment

"So what are you planning on doing?" Hermione asked as she looked at the petite red head that lounged on her bed.

Ginny looked up at her bushy haired friend, confusion clear on her face. "What do you mean?"
"He's getting closer. It may be next year but he is going to mark you. So what are you going to do?"
Ginny sighed and scratched her head. "I don't know. I mean I was pretty sure I always knew what I was going to do and I want to, but I don't really know."

"Either way you are going to let him right?"
"Of course I am. I love him and nothing is going to change that. Harry means the world to me."
Hermione smiled. "I'm glad you feel that way, it would be a pity if you didn't."
Ginny rolled her eyes. "It's been over a year since Voldemort was killed and sometimes it's still hard to feel like we are safe. I mean we didn't have a lot to worry about but you'd think something…interesting would happen to us."

"So those two dragons that tried to nest at Hogwarts wasn't fun enough last year?"
The two girls grinned. Apparently two rogue dragons had managed to escape one of the reserves. It was the middle of mating season and the two had thought Hogwarts would be the perfect breeding grounds. The school had to be evacuated in the middle of the year due to the problem they had created. It gave the students a chance to learn about different cultures and animals.

"I'll admit that was fun. Charlie never looked so surprised in his life when he saw them."
Hermione smile faded a bit, catching Ginny's eyes.
"Will you stop worrying? He isn't going anywhere Hermione. We Weasleys love with all our heart and we hold onto that until the end," Ginny told her.

"But why me?"
"Why not you Hermione? Don't sell yourself short. You're an amazing person and that's what my brother likes about you, that and your chest."

Hermione launched a pillow that hit Ginny directly in the face while the younger girl burst into fits of laughter. "That wasn't funny."

"It was hilarious!"
The two girls laughed, enjoying some much needed girl time.

Summer after Sixth year, Burrow

"So what do you think he wants?" Harry asked as he looked up at his girlfriend. His head was currently resting in her lap, her fingers running through his hair. She looked down at him, turning her attention away from the book she had been reading.

"I don't know but it's probably important," Ginny told him as she turned back to read her book.
Harry smiled softly as he watched his girlfriend. Her sixteenth birthday was closing in and Harry couldn't help but grin at the idea. Unlike most wizards and witches, Ginny would be allowed the rare opportunity to be approved to use her magic before she was seventeen. Because she was a year ahead of her fellow classmates it seemed unfair that she not be allowed the same opportunities as many students in her year.

Of course Ginny was oblivious to this as Harry had yet to inform her. His eyes focused on her long red hair. She usually kept it down when he was around, knowing he preferred it that way. Harry still couldn't fathom why she had agreed to stick with him for so long. After all she was growing up into quite the young woman and many of his classmates were starting to take notice.

Much to his annoyance, his werewolf counterpart was very territorial and Harry hadn't much liked the idea of any man looking at what clearly belonged to him. He had come across many who were actually brave enough to cross his path and he had quickly set them straight. Ginny was none the wiser about many of his actions or at least that was what she let him believe.

Ginny had known from the beginning about Harry's interaction with many of the males at the school, who were finding her quite attractive. While she was flattered with the attention she wished they'd stop, she had what she wanted and she wasn't going to give it up. Harry was hers and she was his. She found it sweet that Harry would stake his claim so openly and surprisingly without violence.

"Have I told you how beautiful you look?" Harry asked softly.
A soft smile graced Ginny's lips but she continued to look at the book. "I think you did this morning."
He chuckled. "You are and I love you."
"I love you too, now hush so I can finish this."
Harry rolled his eyes and with the speed that Ginny had become accustomed to, she found herself lying flat on her back, Harry leaning over her, and the book on the floor. He grinned down at her, his green eyes dancing brilliantly with the love he held for her.

"You can finish it later," he whispered as he leaned down to place a soft kiss on the side of her neck.
Ginny sighed, knowing she wasn't going to finish this story till tomorrow. "I want to finish it now though."

"Too bad," he told her as he began kissing up and down her neck. Ginny's eyes slid half way shut as she began to enjoy herself.

"My parents could walk in any moment you know," she pointed out softly as she slid her hands into his long hair.

He nuzzled her neck before moving to gaze into her eyes. "They aren't home," he whispered before he bent down to capture her lips in a loving kiss. Ginny responded immediately to his kiss, pulling his head down to hers as she kissed him back.

"Well, you two should have better chaperones," a voice said laughingly from near them.
Harry slowly pulled back, glaring up at his godfather. "Very funny Sirius," he growled as he moved to lie down beside Ginny on the couch, wrapping his arms around her waist. Ginny glared at him as well as she snuggled back against him.

"Now we aren't going to get any free time," Ginny grumbled. "You just had to interrupt."
"Someone had to, who knows what you two would have done otherwise."
The two teens rolled their eyes but they both clearly remembered a few nights ago. They hadn't done anything drastic, they had just got carried away before Hermione knocked on Ginny's door, making the couple spring apart.

"Is there something you needed?" Harry questioned.
"Not me, them," Sirius said as he pointed towards Michelle and Remus, who were grinning brightly at the two.

"Hey!" The two teens said happily.
"They didn't even say 'hi' to me," Sirius pouted.
"Get over it," Marissa commented as she swatted at her husband.
He pouted and Marissa just rolled her eyes.
"Come on, we have to go catch Molly and Arthur."
"Bye!" The two said as they disappeared into the floo network.
"Well, we have something to ask you Harry," Remus told him with a smile.
"We were wondering if, well both of you really," Michelle added.
"If you wouldn't mind being the godparents to our child."
"We know how well you are with Sirius' daughter."
"So we wanted to ask."
"Yes!" Harry and Ginny said together as they got up to hug them.
"You're pregnant!" Ginny cried happily.
"Yes, we are," Michelle said.
The two proud parents were beaming, finally being given what they always wanted, a chance at a family, and a chance at true and utter happiness.

Random moment, Seventh year

Ginny was currently lying outside on a cool Saturday afternoon in September. In a week Harry would go through his monthly transformation. And in one week, Ginny would have made her decision.

The change was a progression. Harry had slowly started becoming a bit more intense in their relationship. Their snogging sessions would last a bit longer and generally Ginny could never remember how many times she had lost a shirt. He gradually became more protective and always seemed to need to touch her when they were together, usually holding her hand or an arm wrapped around her.

At first Ginny hadn't been sure of what she was seeing, but in the end she realized that her time was about to be up. She had years to think this through and knew that when it came down to it, she had the perfect decision made already. Albeit she was still a bit nervous, but she had decided that she would be with Harry until her last breath.

Harry didn't really realize that he was going through a sort of change, but he did notice the new intensity in their relationship. He tried to ease up a bit but found that no matter how hard he tried he just needed her and needed her badly.

"Hey beautiful," Harry said quietly as he knelt beside her head.
Ginny tilted her head back and smiled up at her boyfriend. "Hey, what are you doing out here?"
"Looking for you. Ron and Hermione released me for the rest of the afternoon. So I came looking for the beautiful red head."

"I think Susan is in the Great Hall," Ginny pointed out a cheeky grin on her face.
Harry growled and suddenly his lips were on hers. It was a different sensation kissing him upside down but the intensity was still there. Just as suddenly as he kissed her he release her.

Ginny whimpered and glared at him, while he just grinned down at her. "That wasn't fair."
"Now Ginny, when have I ever been fair?" He asked as he moved to lie down beside her. Instantly Ginny snuggled up against him, throwing one leg over his and holding him captive against her. "Comfortable?"

"Very much," she mumbled into his neck, pleased to feel him shiver beneath her.
The two remained in a peaceful silence as they just lay together, enjoying the last bit of warmth they would probably have for a while. Although Ginny had to admit curling up with him in the common room beside the fire was just as good, if not better.

Harry's fingers began running through her hair, a soft smile on his face.
"Did they send the potion?" Ginny questioned.
"They did, I got it yesterday. Remus says Michelle is due to arrive soon."
"Why so soon? It's only been about four months."
"Apparently the children develop faster in werewolves, mainly due to the transformations. She should have the baby either before or just after the transformation."

"Ah," Ginny commented. She was still surprised that no one had found out the truth about Harry. That he was a werewolf and that he could never change that. The press would have a field day about it. However, everyone knew that he had slain and killed all the Death Eaters and Voldemort that night in the cemetery. Many had been skeptical, but the Aurors had been living proof of that and there was nothing that could be done.

It appeared that many had their memories altered or had taken an oath not to reveal such news to anyone outside of those that had been working there. So Harry's secret was completely hidden from the world and she hoped it would be years before it was revealed.

Harry inhaled deeply, picking up the sent of Ginny and grinning. He loved the smell of her, the taste of her. She was as addicting as chocolate. Ginny's hand rested on his chest, his other hand held tightly with hers. He loved these days. Where he was able to just rest and not worry about anything other than the woman lying on his chest.

Ginny lifted her head up and looked down at him, smiling at him. "I love you."
"I love you too," Harry said as he cupped her cheek in the palm of his hand. She continued to smile at him.

"Soon it will be too cold to do this."
"Then we can just cuddle by the fire."
"True, but there are just too many people then."
"I know but what can you do?"
"Nothing unfortunately. But we only have a few months to go," she pointed out as she pulled herself up to lie over him. His arms moved to her waist, holding her close to him.

"Just one more," he repeated as he lifted his head up, kissing her lightly on the lips. Ginny leaned down, kissing him back. The kiss started out sweet before rapidly turning passionate.

Harry rolled her onto her back, his tongue running against her teeth, begging entrance in her mouth. Ginny granted it instantly and a moan escaped her lips as their tongues dueled for control. Her hands had found their way into his hair, holding him down to her. His hands were running up and down her sides, trying to dislodge her shirt so he could feel her bare skin.

Ginny broke the kiss first when air became a necessity. Harry began kissing her jaw and then down her neck. She tilted her head to allow him easier access, enjoying the feeling of his lips against her neck.

She let out another moan as he found a soft spot on her neck. Ginny could feel her control slipping, already knowing that Harry's was long gone. She knew that soon she would have to break away from him because it would move on to other activities that weren't meant to be done where everyone could see.

With a sigh she pushed Harry up, dislodging his lips from her neck. He whimpered but didn't fight her.
"Soon," she told him quietly.
"Not soon enough," he complained, his green eyes hazy with desire. It thrilled Ginny that she could make him lose control so easily.

He rested his weight on his arms before leaning his forehead down to hers. Ginny smiled up at him, running her fingers through his long hair. She liked the shaggy look on him and as he grew older it fit him a lot better.

Seventh Year, Full moon

Ginny paced back and forth in her dorm. Biting her lips as she tried to figure out the best way to approach the impending situation that was just in range of her life. It would mean the turning point in every relationship that she had.

It would mean a bonding to a man that held her heart and a change in perspective for her family.
A gentle knock brought her out of her musings. "Come in," Ginny remarked as she continued pacing.
Hermione entered the room, watching her best friend with worry in her eyes. "He's waiting, he wants you to go rest with him."

Ginny nodded her head and turned to face the door.
"You don't have to make the choice Ginny."
"I do and I have," Ginny told her. "He doesn't even know it, but he knows something is going to happen. I love him Hermione and I will be his mate."

"Then be safe."
The two friends hugged, Hermione giving Ginny the support she needed.
Ginny smiled at her bushy haired friend and left the room. Harry was waiting for her in the common room, and smiled when he saw her. The second she was off the stairs she was in his arms, his mouth firmly attached to hers. She didn't resist him, she could never resist him, and kissed him back with as much passion as he kissed her. They broke apart and his eyes were burning with desire, love, and a need that she had never before witnessed in his eyes.

Her eyes burned with sudden tears as she realized just how much Harry truly loved her and that she returned it with just as much feeling as he did.

He smiled at her and the two left the common room, his arm still around her.
Ginny had made her choice.

Harry paced around the Shrieking Shack. He was irate and he didn't know why. He kept shooting looks at Ginny, who was watching him with an eerily calm expression on her face. For the last week he couldn't seem to get away from Ginny for more than an hour before he had to hold her in his arms. She always came willingly, smiling a secretive smile that drove him mad.

She watched him now, expecting him to do something that he had no idea what it was. Something about her attitude lately should have tipped him off but he was just as clueless as ever.

He could feel the moon rising, could feel his inner wolf getting ready to snap from its chain. Harry turned to face her fully, his dark green eyes meeting her blazing brown ones.

What he saw in her eyes shocked him.
He could see nervousness in her eyes, why, he did not know. A longing that was coupled with intense desire, but most of all love overshadowed it all. Her heart was truly in her eyes. He knew she loved him, she had proven and shown it to him before, but now her walls were completely and totally down and he got to see into the soul of his mate and love of his life.

She rose slowly, gracefully, her footsteps purposely slow as she approached him, her eyes burning with new desire that made her eyes look almost black. He fidgeted, waiting for her, but ready to press her back against the wall to show her what he wanted from her.

The desire to take her and make her his seemed to snap through him like a lightning bolt. It all seemed to fall into place at that very moment. Why he couldn't keep his hands off of her or why he was constantly ready to ravish her the moment his eyes were on her.

The complete understanding and how willingly Ginny opened herself to the drastic change in the physical aspect of their relationship. Over the years they had been cautious, never going all the way, or too far.

It was time, it was time to claim her as his. To mark her.
They were going to mate.
Harry's eyes darkened and he glared down at the petite red head that approached him as if he were a snack that she wanted to devour. A sly, sexy smile slid across her face as she saw the glare he shot at her.

"You knew," he growled low but loud enough for her to hear.
"Of course I knew," she commented quietly as her eyes dragged over his fit frame. "I've known for months now."

"Why didn't you tell me?"
"What would you have done, love? Would you have run? I made my choice and that was you."
Harry growled but couldn't help his eyes dragging over his girlfriend's frame. "All this time."
"All this time. It was nice that you'd finally taken the physical part of our relationship higher, but you still didn't give me what I want," she growled as she stopped not far from him.

He looked down at her, slightly confused, but suddenly feeling like prey to a very hungry lioness. "It wasn't the right time."

"Yes, you're right, it wasn't the right time, but now, now it's time to make me yours, all of me," she told him as she began to circle him.

Harry watched her with his eyes, turning his head to keep her in view of him. She licked her lips as she circled him. The wolf was trying to free itself from the chain that held it back. The smell of his mate, the knowledge that she was ready for the chase, and he was game. It was time to claim what truly belonged to him and nothing would stop him.

He licked his lips as well, his body ready to pounce on her in a second. Ginny made a full circle and suddenly her back was pressed against the wall. Harry's body pressed hard against hers, every inch of them touching as he gazed down at her. His green eyes smoldering as he looked down at her.

"What choice was that?" he questioned as he looked at her.
"Catch me and see," she said before bringing his head down to hers. She kissed him hard, sliding her tongue into his mouth. He responded immediately and kissed her just as hard. Suddenly Ginny pulled free and dashed out of the room, leaving Harry to glare at the door before the moon took over.

She ran, ran as fast as she could. He was coming. She could feel him coming after her. Searching, hunting for what belonged to him and him alone. Her heart thudded in her chest, not from the running but from the sheer exhilaration of the chase. Fully aware that at the end of this night she would be his and his forever.

He was gaining on her, getting steadily closer to what he hunted for. She wasn't going to give up, she wasn't going to let him win so easily. Blood rushed through her veins as she continued to flee from the impending doom that awaited her. Alright it wasn't doom, but she liked to think she had a reason to make him come to her.

Finally she broke into a small clearing, but skidded to a stop when he revealed himself at the other end of the clearing. How he got ahead of her she will never know. She could smell him. The distinct smell of her mate, her love, and he was ready to end this chase.

He stalked closer, circling her as he came to her. He was ready to pounce. Ready to do what he had come to. She took a deep breath before letting herself transform back into herself.

He froze, eyes widening in shock and fear.
Ginny looked at him, her heart in her eyes. "I made my choice."
No, no, I wont' do it!
"Harry, you don't have a choice."
There must be, it's not too late, we can wait till next month! He pleaded with her.
"No, now or never," she growled at him.
He gave her a glare but she glared right back. He approached her, slowly, not sure that he should. With each step the temptation grew, the need grew. Then he caught the smell of something he had been dreading. The smell of another one, one to claim the precious object that belonged to him.

His mind made up he went straight to her, her hands clutching into his thick fur.
"I love you," she whispered before his teeth sunk into her shoulder.

Ginny slowly awoke, her head aching slightly as she carefully opened her eyes. She wasn't in the forest and she wasn't in the Hospital Wing, that she knew for sure. Something she did know was that she was currently wrapped in Harry's arms.

Leaning up more she gazed around the small bedroom. It was completely unfamiliar to her and she was slightly concerned about this.

Harry chose that moment to wake up, his green eyes looking at her. The two looked at each other.
The night was over and their lives were forever changed.
"Why?" He asked simply.
A soft smile spread across her face. "Because I love you."
He sighed and seemed to accept that answer, for now.
"Where are we?"
"Dobby came to get us," Harry explained. "We are at my new home."
"Really?" Ginny questioned as she looked around again. "I love it."
"I hoped you might."
Ginny grinned brightly as she kissed him softly on the lips. "I love you."
"I love you too."
She snuggled up against his chest, breathing deeply as she adjusted to her sensitive new nose.
"You'll get the hang of it," Harry whispered.
"You would have done it for me Harry."
"Yes, yes I would have."
The two lapsed into silence, enjoying just being together.
"We should get up," Harry commented as he slid out from under Ginny, making her complain. Harry started to climb out when he stopped suddenly.

"What's wrong?" Ginny asked him.
"We don't have any clothes," he said slowly.
Ginny frowned before grinning. "Who says we have to wear any?" She told him with a grin.
"Ginny," Harry groaned. "We have to get back sometime."
"No we don't," she said as she pulled him back to her. "You're mine for the morning."
Harry grinned. "And you are mine for eternity."

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