Of a love, of a Ficlet

By: KireiKiraya (Previously Unicornfan)

Disclaimer: Rk belongs to Watsuki-sama... but if it's worth anything I met him at Comic Con? He said I acted like Misao- it was great. Ya, anyway.

He wondered if she knew that it wasn't really his name.

Sometimes there was nothing more he looked forward to in a day than to hear her cry of "Kenshin!" Be it in a desperate plea for help, an annoyed tsk, a whining complain, or just an over-joyed deceleration of recognition.

He loved it more than anything in the world. He loved it almost as much as he loved her. Or maybe it was just one of the many, many things he loved about her.

There was a time when he could go years- and did go years- without being named. He was just a "rurouni", no name, he did not deserve such a thing.

But she... she made him want. He wanted her. He wanted to be named, he wanted her to call his name.

And he did not care what that name would be. He had a feeling anyway if he told her his true name of Shinta, she'd pout and say she did not like it. She had mentioned a few times how much she loved his name- and how much it fit him. Red heart of a sword. Truly a name deserving of him.

If she only knew.

In the dark recesses of his mind he accepted that he wanted even more than that. He wanted her to say his name, scream his name. When he slept his mind conjured up images of a moonlight room, a woman clad in nothing but her true-borne perfection. And the way she gasped his name in those fantasies assured him she wanted him as much as he needed her.

In the daylight hours he did not allow himself these fantasies, but they crept at him when the moon rose and cast her glowing domain over the lands.

For now however...

"Kenshin! Will you come here for a second and help me? I'm SURE I can cook this right this time... sure of it... pretty... sure of it..."

For now he'd allow himself her friendship. For now he's allow himself to stand by her side- not, perhaps, the way he longed to be, but for now it would do. And for now he'd call her name, for perhaps it meant as much to her as it meant to him.

"Of course, Kaoru-dono. What may sessha help her with?"

Until the day when he could call her his own.

A/n: Uhhh... so this is a ficlet written after being inspired by an amazing fic Khyralis wrote called Misplaced. www dot / s / 2975130 /1 / (obviously delete the spaces and such/ Stupid can't put up an actual link...) . Yes, even my attempt at a ficklet is long. Oh well, review please. (Btw, I had Kenshin talk like on purpose at the end since it's very rude to say 'you' in Japanese, so I dunno, was trying to get that across. His careful distance from her. And this takes place? I dunno, near the end of the Tokyo Arc I suppose. Maybe end of Kyoto. I dunno. Too many 'I dunno's...)

Also, this is a fic I wrote in the summer- actually, in my original notes it said in 'five days I will meet Watsuki-sama!". I never posted it up for some reason.

So here you go. Enjoy.