I stood there staring at her. This magnificent being was stronger then I was. This Bella Swan was everything that I had wanted.

Two years ago she walked into our life, just because she smelled good to my brother Edward. He was obsessed with her from the start. I was jealous. She seemed nice right from the start, a little bit odd, but still nice.

She was human, she could grow old and have a life, everything that I wanted she could have, yet she was willing enough to give all that up for her love. I have to think, would I do that? Would I really be strong enough to give up my life, everything for Emmett? I love him more then I love myself, which is saying something considering how many people think that I am so stuck up.

I love Emmett so much that I couldn't bear not to live with him even though I didn't know him, but would I have given up everything I wanted to be with him. I probably would, but I would still have needed a lot of time to think it over. This girl, a small weak girl chose to loose everything in a single moment. The moment that she found out what we were she was asking to join us.

This pathetic human girl was so breakable. I could snap her in half whenever I felt like it. I wouldn't, but I could. Yet she was brave. She stood up to James, a vampire who wanted to kill her, just trying to keep her mother safe. Instead of wanting to have Edward avenge her death, on the video tape all she kept saying was to keep himself safe.

When Edward left her he was a mess. When Alice left I called Edward thinking that this could finally be over. I wasn't happy that Bella was gone. As much as I showed dislike I was kind of indifferent. I would have expected Edward to be able to move on, but instead he acts as if he had already died.

I did a horrible thing, I expected him to forget her and live like they had never met. Thinking back on it, I never could have pretended that I had never met Emmett. I care about him too much, and I made the mistake of believing that Edward wasn't as in love with Bella as I was with Emmett.

What really struck me was that Bella, tiny fragile Bella ran off to Volturi to try and save him. I'm afraid of the Volturi and it would be much harder to harm me, then to harm her. She fought for him even though she believed that he had truly stopped loving her.

She is stronger then I ever have or probably every will be. She is willing to give up everything to be with Edward, to the point where she would kill herself even if he didn't care about her. This mere mortal sweating on the bed made a decision to forgive me even though I knew that I didn't deserve it

I had scared her and acted like she was worthless and for me to be accepted by her was possibly one of the most rewarding things that has ever happened to me. I'm proud to be called her sister.