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Hinata woke to the bright light coming from window as the maid opened the curtains.

"Hinata-sama get up its morning" she said shaking hinata a little in return hinata gave her a 'no'

"But, don't you have to see hokage-sama today?" she asked taking a step back waiting for hinata to jump out of the bed scrambling around to get ready, but surprisingly she didn't.

"hinata-sama, you have to get up" she said shaking hinata again, she finally got up and sat up straight on the bed.

"hinata-sama is something the matter?" the maid asked worriedly, she's never seen hinata like this in the morning, she's usually happy and talking about how today she's going to prove herself and get naruto's attention. But today she looks lifeless and depressed.

"I don't want to go" she said sadly with tears threatening to fall out.

"Why, did something happen hinata-sama?" she asked taking a seat next to hinata on the bed.

"f-father said that I was a disgrace to the hyuga name, and he called me a weakling and how he's ashamed to call me his daughter" hinata couldn't hold it anymore and gave up and let the tears come out.

"forget hiashi-sama, he doesn't know what he's talking about, I see you as a bright, sweet and caring girl who's strong and is going to prove herself to her clan and to a certain someone" the maid said with a big grin, hinata blushed and hugged her.

"Thank you hikari, your always there for me when I need you" hinata said hikari was always like a big sister to hinata, and they are very close even if hikari was 22 and there was a six year difference, they talked about everything.

"No problem now, if you don't hurry your doing to be late for meeting with hokage-sama" hikari said while flicking her in the nose, hinata laughed and headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face, then she quickly put on her clothes and give hikari a quick hug then headed toward the hokage's office.

Hokage's office

Hinata knocked quietly on the door, nervous because she had no idea who her teammates were going to be. The hokage decided that the four teams weren't close enough to others outside their team and got this 'troublesome' idea as shikamaru would put it, to randomly pick people to form a team for missions. Last time hinata was on a team with lee and shikamaru, it didn't turn out so well because lee was the loud one while shikamaru was the lazy one and hinata was shy, it wasn't exactly the best idea. But hinata thought it was kinda fun and she learned a lot about lee and shikamaru and eventually became good friends with them.

"Come in" hinata heard from the other side of the door.

'Here goes' she thought as she nervously opened the door and walked in to see the hokage at her desk looking at some papers and three chairs in front of her, two were already occupied. On the left was sasuke uchiha who looked like he had better things to do and on the right was neji hyuga who was glaring at her right from the moment she walked in.

"Please have a seat hinata" the hokage said with a smile motioning to the middle seat. Hinata quietly walked over and sat down. The hokage was silent for a moment and didn't speak until she finished reading a scroll, then looked up at the three of them.

"As you all know, there has been several missing-nin that have been terrorizing different villages" the hokage said seriously. They nodded in return.

"Well the three of you will be forming a team to find these missing-nin, the last time they were seen it was 2 days ago, at a village called treogakura a village in the trees its kinda far from konoha" she said while searching her drawers for something.

"Why are you sending us, we're chunins, isn't this the type of mission for jounins?" sasuke asked slightly annoyed that he would have to work with two hyuga's, one was his rival while the other would only slow him down.

"Yes, but most of the other jonins are away on other A-ranked missions, and this mission is to big for genins so our only other options are chunin" the hokage replied still looking for whatever it is she's looking for.

"Why did you put us on a team?" neji asked, he didn't mind working with the uchiha but hinata, after learning that his father chose to sacrifice his life lessened his hatred for the main house but, it doesn't mean he likes them, he and hinata aren't friends, neither are they even close to acquaintances. And he was sick of how desperately hinata tried to be closer with him.

" I put you guys on this mission together because your going to need to communicate with one another to complete it successfully, hopefully it will get you guys to come out of you shell more" she then stopped looking for whatever it was she was looking for and got up.

"Excuse me for a moment, I seemed to have…misplaced your map" she said as she left the room.

The room was silent, and hinata felt two pair of eyes on her, one glaring with hatred and the other with annoyance, she began to get nervous and started poking her index fingers together, a habit she thought she killed but still came back to haunt her every once and a while.

"Um… I-I think t-that us working t-together will b-be an uh... Good e-experience" hinata said nervously 'great hinata just great, first the poking of the fingers now the stuttering they probably think the same as father' hinata let out a sad sigh and waited for the criticism, yet it didn't come instead all she heard from either of them was a "hn" she smiled slightly thinking this wasn't going to be so bad until he just had to say it.

"Just don't get in my way hyuga's" sasuke said glaring at the both of them.

"Whatever uchiha, I don't even want to be anywhere near you" neji said returning the glare.

Because hinata was in the middle of them it felt like those hard glares were on her and she felt very uncomfortable, but thankfully the hokage just then walked in the room with the map and handed it to neji.

"neji, you will be the leader of this mission, the mission will start in thirty minutes, plenty of time for you to pack everything you need, you are dismissed" she said sitting back at her desk with the paper work, neji and sasuke left immediately while hinata bowed and said a quiet

"Thank you hokage-sama" then exited. 'I wonder if I made the right decision to put them together as a team, especially sasuke, since one of those missing-nin is itachi uchiha' tsunade thought.

Hinata was walking about two feet behind neji because they were heading the same direction, neither of them said a single word but hinata could tell neji hated the fact that they would be on a mission together for knows how long. But suddenly neji stopped walking and hinata who was too caught up in her thoughts bumped into him.

"Ouch s-sorry n-neji" hinata said as he turned around to look at her but she avoided his gaze and looked at the ground.

"Cant even look at me in the eyes, what a disgrace" neji said angrily then continued walking, leaving hinata standing there tears coming down.

'Disgrace, is that all I am' she thought sadly then started running, she ran past neji towards home.

When she got home she quickly ran to her room and shut the door and fell to the ground crying. She didn't want to go on this mission she felt she would only slow them down and ruin it. And then when she got home her father would lecture her on how bad of a ninja she was and how her sister was so much better and deserved the title of heiress. She then heard a knock at the door.

"hinata-sama is everything okay?" hinata knew that voice anywhere it was hikari.

"y-yes I'm fine!" hinata said trying to clear away any hint of sadness in her voice.

"You're horrible at lying hinata-sama, I may not be able to see you face but your voice gives it away"

Hinata sighed and opened the door to let hikari in.

"hinata-sama what happened?" hikari asked shutting the door and pulling hinata over to sit on the bed.

"n-neji said I-I was a d-disgrace" hinata said sadly crying again.

"shhh its okay hinata-sama" hikari said while hugging hinata and stroking her hair like a mother would, they stayed like that for about five minutes and hinata got up to pack her things for the mission.

"Hikari could you please tell father that I'm going to be on a mission for maybe 4 weeks or so?" hinata asked sadly she had stopped crying but her eyes were red and puffy.

"Yes, be careful hinata-sama and don't let anything they say get to you" hikari said and gave hinata one last hug and she was gone. 'Neji, do you have to be so hard on her' hikari thought.

When hinata got to the gates neji and sasuke were already there.

"You're late" sasuke said.

"I…I know" hinata said looking at the ground.

"It doesn't matter lets just go" sasuke said looking at neji waiting for him to lead. Neji then jumped into a tree with sasuke behind him and hinata behind him. They were running for about five hours and it was almost nightfall and hinata was very tired but wasn't going to get in sasuke's way and have neji call her a disgrace again, she was going to prove herself on this mission on matter what.

"We'll stop here and set up camp" neji said emotionless as he jumped to the ground followed by sasuke. Hinata was about to jump down also but her legs gave out and she fell, she screamed and waited for the moment she would hit the ground but it never happened instead someone caught her. She opened her eyes to see that the person who caught her was sasuke.

"You should be more careful hyuga" he said coldly putting her down she blushed and quietly said thank you before setting up the tent. If she wasn't so busy with the tent she would have seen the glare neji sent sasuke and how he smirked back at him.

When hinata was done setting the tent she looked to see where neji and sasuke were, neji was making a fire while sasuke…was gone?

"N-neji where's s-sasuke?" hinata asked as she sat opposite from him.

"Getting food" was his short reply, hinata sighed he would never say more then necessary so she would have to be the one to start the conversation.

"I-its nice o-outside, don't y-you think?" hinata asked with a small smile, neji looked up from the fire and gave hinata an annoyed look.

"Why are you asking me that?" he asked.

"Uh…um I-I don't k-know" she said once again avoiding his gaze and looked at the fire, but neji just kept staring at her it made her nervous her fingers started coming together but she forced them to her side. But then thankfully sasuke came back with three fish in his hand and tossed one to hinata and one to neji. He then took a seat to the left of neji and the right of hinata, and got a stick and started cooking his fish. Neji and hinata did the same, they ate in silence until hinata decided to break it.

"How f-far are w-we from t-treogakura?" she asked taking a bite of her fish honestly, she didn't have much of an appetite. Sasuke looked up at neji also wanting to know the answer.

"About five days" he said dryly.

"f-f-five days!" hinata said a little louder then usual.

"Yes. Five days" neji said irritated that he had to repeat himself.

"Great" sasuke said sarcastically.

"Do you have a problem uchiha?" neji asked with a glare.

"Yes, I do, I have to be stuck on a mission both of you for who knows how long"

"I, can take care of myself its her, that weak disgrace to the hyuga clan the reason why my father is dead! The reason why there is nothing but pity the main house gives me! The one I have to sacrifice my life for! The one who has control over my like some kind of pet!!" neji yelled but then realized he just spilled out all his emotions and quickly put back on his emotionless face and walked off after saying a quick "excuse me"

Sasuke just sat there a little shocked at experiencing neji hyuga, the genius of the hyuga clan crack. While hinata went after him.

When hinata finally caught up to neji he was sitting against a tree arms over his legs.


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