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In a tree not far from where the uchiha and hyuuga were having their fight, two cloaked figures were having their own.

"Where is hidan? I hate waiting"

"Why can't I just send one of my clay birds down there while their distracted? Then, it will all be over quickly, sasori, yeah" the cloaked figure asked with a whine.

"For the last time no deidara, we're supposed to keep the girl alive, not blow her up with your little fireworks" sasori said with annoyance. Deidara crossed his arms and started tapping his foot against the branch they were on, clearly bored.

"Don't get mad at me for saying this but, its art, not 'little fireworks' yeah" deidara corrected. Sasori gave him an irritated look.

"We've had this argument many times deidara, true art endures the ages, ever-lasting beauty, not exploding bombs" deidara sighed and took out a medium sized bag.

"I respect your beliefs sasori, but art is the beauty of that single fleeting moment of destruction…." deidara explained while un-zipping his bag and pulling out a hand full of clay. "My art is in the explosion itself…" he then started molding his clay into the shape of a small bird, and let it go, as it started flying in circles around him. "quite different from your little puppet shows, yeah" sasori glared hard at deidara for a moment before lashing his tail out at him, deidara jumped out of the way quickly and landed on another branch close to where the chunins were but far enough to stay out of sight. Deidara looked shocked at first, but soon started smiling.

"I missed" sasori said plainly, a little disappointed. Then a cloaked figure appeared right next to him.

"What's up?" hidan asked calmly, as if he wasn't late. Sasori glared at him and deidara called his bird over into his hand and looked back and forth from sasori to hidan waiting for something to happen.

"What's up? What's up is all you say after being over an hour late!?" sasori asked angrily. Hidan rolled his eyes and gave an irritated expression.

"Look, I'm here aren't I?" sasori already warned him about being late, and how he didn't like waiting, but he couldn't care less about what sasori liked or disliked.

"Lets just get this over with, yeah" deidara said finally after five minutes of sasori and hidan's glaring contest. Sasori gave hidan one last glare before going over the plan.

"Well, this is what we're going to do, deidara will-"

A part of sasuke was telling him to just give up, but a stronger part of him wasn't going to lose so easily. So far everything he said seemed to be like little excuses compared to neji's statements.

"So, are you going to tell hinata-sama where we are or not?" neji asked with his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. Sasuke glared at him then looked over his shoulder toward hinata who was sitting on her backpack, watching and listening closely to everything. He sighed and muttered a "no".

"What's that uchiha?" neji asked pretending not to know. Sasuke looked up to meet neji's mocking eyes.

"I said no" he hissed. Hinata was confused as to why sasuke wouldn't tell her, but she kept quiet.

"Why not?" neji asked, he was enjoying every bit of this.

"Because, I-" sasuke was cut off by hinata's yell.

"GET OUT OF THE WAY!" sasuke and neji immediately jumped to the side as a bomb exploded where they were just standing moments before, smoke was everywhere, but when it cleared deidara, sasori, and hidan were standing not to far form where sasuke and neji were.

"I almost had them, yeah" deidara said smiling slightly.

"Oh, so that's the girl?" hidan asked looking at hinata, while she ran over to sasuke and neji who were getting into their fighting positions.

"Yah, it's her" sasori said.

Hidan chuckled "this is going to be fun"

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