Sesshomaru eyed the miko doubtfully, not liking at all the wicked smirk on her lips, and even less the twin circles of metal that she was holding in her hands. He had never seen the precise design, but the intention for the item was unmistakable.

"You do realize such meager restraints could never hold me," he questioned stonily.

"Well, duh!" Kagome replied with a huff, rolling her eyes at his impossible arrogance. "But being a powerful miko does have its quirks though."

She smirked again, brushing her fingers along the surface of the metal. Under her touch, it began to glow with a soft blue light. Her eyes sparkled with devious glee as her lips moved through the motions of an ancient chant. The glow beneath her hands grew brighter with each muttering, the seal sinking into the metal restraints. When the spell had taken hold to its fullest potential, Kagome held up the cuffs for Sesshomaru's inspection.

"So what do you say now, Mr. Such Meager Restraints Could Never Hold Me?" she asked with a wry grin.

"Hn," was his only response.

Her smile growing, knowing that was likely the best response she could have gotten from him, Kagome scooted herself up onto his lap, her legs straddling his waist. She giggled lightly when she felt his muscles tense momentarily beneath her, but quickly restrained her laughter. "Hands please," she chirped giddily. The dead-pan look that he gave her that spoke volumes of how much he was appreciating her chosen course of action, though, only sent her into another bout of light giggles.

Reigning in on the urge to sigh, knowing that he had all but asked for this…though he might have thought better of it had he known what the little minx had planned for him…Sesshomaru reluctantly lifted his hands forward to the miko's eager grasp.

Kagome was biting her lip harshly to try and keep her giggles at bay, but since, really, this was the funest thing…EVER!...she couldn't contain them completely. Here she was, sitting in the lap of the most powerful demon in the lands, about to slap a pair of handcuffs on him. How sweet was that?! Very, she decided as another light giggle managed to break out of her.

His low growl of annoyance, she met promptly with the tight click as she fastened the first cuff around his wrist. Her mischievous smile grew as she scooted forward to guide his arm around his back, but she was quickly cut off from her path, a startled squeak leaving her when Sesshomaru used his unrestrained hand to latch onto her hip and hold her firm as his own hips thrust upwards, giving her a full reminder of what exactly he was expecting from her in this little game of hers. But Kagome was well ahead of him in that department, and her little puppy was in for a real shocker.

"Hands," she warned sternly as she wrapped her hand around his wrist and pulled at it roughly to remove it from her hip. His eyes narrowed on her, his lip lifting marginally in a silent snarl, but Kagome met his menacing look with one of her own. "I told you, you're going to learn to keep your hands to yourself." Sighing at the low rumble of displeasure that began shaking through him, Kagome relented…a little. "I promise you'll enjoy your learning experience," she told him softly, her hips rolling forwards to brush against his length, teasing him gently with her heat.

Though Sesshomaru really, REALLY didn't take very well to the idea of being restrained as such, especially given the fact that the charm she had placed on the metal cuffs could, perhaps, possibly, restrain him to some extent; thoughts of what his little miko might have planned for him while she had free reign over his body piqued a curiosity in him that he simply couldn't resist.

It was humiliating and insulting to allow a slip of a human girl the power to restrain him, but then again, as she rolled her hips forwards again in gentle coaxing, teasing against his painfully aware arousal with her radiating heat, he couldn't quite find it in him to be ashamed at the fact that he wanted this, wanted her to tease him, wanted her to play her devious and arousing games, wanted to let her have her way with him…for now, at least.

Once she had had her fun, once her game had come to its pleasurable end, he would retake control, would give his return for her teasing, and would have her body at his mercy. The very thought of it caused him to throb with heated desire. His hips lifted of their own accord, pressing more firmly against the glorious heat being emitted by his little miko.

Kagome moaned softly at his movement, but she didn't allow it to distract her. While Sesshomaru's mind was preoccupied with the heat and pressure he found against her heated core, she gently pulled his hand from her hip, leaning into him to capture his lips, a further distraction as she maneuvered his hand behind his back to join the other one.

Making quick work of the restraints, Kagome soon had Sesshomaru's hands secured behind his back. She could feel him tense slightly beneath her, giving a tentative tug against the metal cuffs. They were holding, but he was so strong. Leaning into his ear, she gave it a light nip of reprimand. "Don't pull too hard or you'll break them. And that would ruin the fun."

"This is hardly my idea of fun, miko."

The cool measure of his voice was betrayed by the uneven lifting of his chest against hers as he fought with himself to control his body's reactions at having her pressed so closely to him. The muscles of his arms tensed, rippling under her hands in a strained pull against his bindings. Kagome bit her lip, a soft moan sounding deep in her throat. Having so much control over him was empowering, a drug in itself, and she reveled in it. Her hips rolled forward languidly, teasing against the hardened length trapped between their bodies. She snaked her tongue out to trace along the delicate point of his ear. "Let's see if I can't change your mind," she whispered seductively, giving him one last thrust of her hips before she pulled back from him.

Moving quickly to her bag, Kagome gathered it up, sent a quick wink to Sesshomaru, and then moved around to the other side of the well so that he couldn't see what she was doing.

Waiting, Sesshomaru decided, was not good for his resolve. The longer he was left trapped in the blasted cuffs the miko put on him, the stronger the urge to simply rip his way out of them. All it would take was an outpouring of power to break through the sacred seals she had infused in the metal and the restraints would be nothing more than a barely noticeable hindrance to his freedom.

His jaw set in frustration. He didn't like this. At all. Why the miko had ever thought he would was still beyond him. He was irritated, annoyed, and his arousal was deflating so rapidly he might as well have been subjected to the bitch's mint-spiked potion again. Why, for the love of everything sane, had he agreed to this ridiculous indulgence?

'Damn that miko,' he cursed her silently. 'I have granted her entirely too many freedoms with my person. She needs to be shown her place…if only I could decide what exactly that place should be.'

If he knew one thing for certain though, it was that he place was writhing beneath him. What he was still uncertain of, however, was how far that position would carry her. He understood the position that the information Bokutsenon had supplied put her in. If it was fact that should she carry a youkai's child, one of the dark fires born of the jewel as her light had been upon her own birth, that the jewel's curse would be brought to its end; she would do it.

And he, while still uncertain of his commitment to being the sire of her offspring, was so disturbed by the idea of her turning to another that his reassurance to her regarding such things had come out before he had put much thought into it. She was his. He wouldn't allow another to touch her in such a way. And if it meant being the one to end the curse she had guarded her entire life, then so be it.

But…it was more than that. And he knew it. It was just so hard to accept.

For so long he had despised her kind. The weakness and crude nature of humans had repulsed him. They were no better than filth that marred the beauty of his land. That his father had bred with one had infuriated him, but to give his life in the defense of his human mate and their hanyou child; it had been and act of such betrayal against his own that Sesshomaru had never been able to forgive him for it.

But now…now he couldn't think ill of anything his father had done. Now he thought that he understood. Because they were weak, they had needed his protection. Because he had loved them, he had willingly offered his life for them to be safe to live theirs. Because his love for another meant more than pride, honor, or duty, meant more than his own life.

Inuyasha had once said that protecting the girl gave him strength. And it did. Sesshomaru would not deny that. The hanyou was fiercely devoted to the miko, and in her presence his power only grew, along with his determination to win his battles, to conquer the demons that would threaten her.

Sesshomaru, however, had no need of such. In battle he was the blade, an assassin with no remorse. His form had been perfected, trained with grace and poise, with the fluidity of water and the strength of tempered steel. He was every bit the Killing Perfection.

That was what he had told his father in his last words to him. He needed no one and nothing to make his power more than what it was. His weapons were an extension of himself. The only reason he had coveted his father's fang was because it was the only blade he had deemed worthy of himself. That Inuyasha had been granted the fang in his stead had been disturbing, to say the least; and he had been intent on proving the half-breed inept at handling such power, such destructive force, convinced that the hanyou would never be able to harness the fires of his father's blood to the extent necessary to control the blade. The boy, however, had had inspiration, and it had been in the form of his miko.

But then, Inuyasha had always lacked confidence in himself. His words were rough and harsh, always offensive; but it was because he was always on the defensive, always hiding the fact that deep down he did not think himself worthy. She had changed that for him, had given him a reason to fight with everything he had.

Sesshomaru was not burdened with such turbulent emotions though. He knew himself, knew what he was capable of, and would never give up on a battle his mind had been set upon without giving everything he had…not like it was ever required. He had yet to be truly tested, yet to find his worthy battle.

His halfling brother was the only one that really provided him any true sport, and as bloody as the hanyou usually got, the idea of killing his own kin, tempting as it was when it came to that insolent whelp…He had taken his arm! His fucking arm! That was surely something that had earned the damned half-breed his death…But somehow, the idea of it was still rather disturbing. Perhaps it was some twisted sense of honor that kept him from releasing his full fury on the hanyou?

'But you would have known that, would you not have, father?' Sesshomaru breathed out a sigh and reset his position more comfortably against the wood of the well. The miko was certainly taking her time, but Sesshomaru's drifting thoughts were keeping him occupied. 'Why would you have asked me then?' He couldn't help but wonder. If his father had known that he needed no assistance in battle, had known his control and his strength would have always overcome, why did he still insist on him having someone to protect? His strength was what it was, and he knew well enough when allies were required for battle. He was never unprepared. Even if caught by surprise, he could always gain the upper hand.

He had protected many, there was no doubt. It had been his hand that had stopped countless numbers of demons and humans alike that made threats upon his land or upon those whose care was in his trust. But he fought for himself, for his own honor and pride. For in battle there was no one with you but yourself. Guard your assets, protect those that you could; but in the end, it was the warrior that would stand against his adversary, one will placed against another.

Still, that was not why his father had said such things to him, and Sesshomaru realized it the moment the miko made her way from behind him and entered his vision once more.

She was stunning.

Her raven locks had been gathered and pinned to reveal the full length of her neck, left bare and open all the way down to the full mound of her breasts, each covered with a small triangle of white silk that sheered and became transparent as the material flowed gently down from her chest to flair out around her hips. The centre of her garment split invitingly down the centre, allowing the soft pink of her skin to be seen clearly down her stomach and not falling low enough to cover her sex. It was only held together by a flimsy tie settled just between her breasts, and he could feel his hands twitching against the hard metal restraining him with the urge to pull that tie and free her body to his gaze.

Her eyes were slightly downcast and she fidgeted with nervousness, wringing her hands together and worrying her bottom lip between her teeth. And on her cheeks was the dainty blush that he would live forever knowing that in something so simple could be found a beauty unimaginable.

Without caring to restrain it, an appreciative smile rose on his lips. His chest flooded with warmth he didn't care to scrutinize, and his eyes softened.

He understood.

She was his match. She was the only one who dared to confront him, deny him, argue with him, punish him. She was the only one that he would allow these things because she was the only one that he felt the desire to share anything of himself with. And he would protect her, but not because he would gain strength from doing so. He would protect her because she made him laugh and smile, feel things he had never imagined he would or could. She made him happy. And so long as she was with him, he no longer felt that he was alone.

When she knelt down before him, bringing herself to rest between his knees, he knew that he it would be she that he would have stand by his side, she that she would share his life with, she that would be his mate in every way.

"Are you ready?" she asked quietly, her hands brushing along his thighs as she brought herself closer to him.

And he answered without hesitation. "Yes."

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Kagome was nervous, excited, anxious, and a tumble of other emotions that she couldn't quite name, but which made her heart flutter and her lungs tight. But, kneeling before him, looking into the molten pools of his golden eyes, seeing the warmth and the tenderness he looked upon her with; and she knew, without a doubt, that she had never felt something as wonderful as she did then.

Did he know what he did to her? Did he know that even the thought of him filled her heart with such warmth it spread through every part of her being? Did he know that every time he touched her she would learn again the meaning of the word pleasure? Did he know that when he looked at her with his smoldering gaze that she felt a weakness she had never known before, but at the same time strong enough to do anything?

She knew that had it not been he that had come to her on that night, that she would never have known true passion. She would never have had the nerve to be so bold, to do the things she had done. It had been her mission to simply have sex, and any other she would have had that with. But not him, because with him she couldn't call what they did something as simple as sex.

Her body was his, craved him so desperately it burned with need when apart from him. But he had captured so much more of her than that. She felt so at ease with him, found it so easy to talk to him. Even arguing with him, as painful as it had been, had endeared her to him even more because of his gentle treatment of her afterward, because of his soft assurances, and because she could feel in his touch and hear in the soft rumbles of his demon tongue his yearning for her as well.

She could see it now, and it filled her with such joy that she could have wept. It would be so easy to loose herself forever in him, and there was a part of her that had already been lost, a part that she had thought broken but which she found had only been waiting, waiting from him to find it.

But she would not ruin this time with such sentiment. She had promised him a treat, and as far as she was concerned, he definitely deserved it.

Breaking her eyes from his, she looked down to her hands, following their path as she glided them over his skin. From his thighs, her thumbs traced the inner line of his pelvis, her fingers sprawled out along his hips as she steadily inched her way upwards. Following the hard lines of muscle, she traced her way up over the rippling planes of his stomach.

Licking her lips against the sudden dryness, Kagome fought against the urge to look up at him. She could feel him watching her, and she knew that if she looked into his molten gaze that she would loose herself to the heat of it and her plans would be ruined. No, she couldn't let him get off that easily…well, she planned on helping him get off, but it was going to be done her way.

Her hands spread up over the rise of his chest, a heavy breath of appreciation flowing out of her when she felt his muscles flex under her hands. Her fingers twitched, latching around the sculpted muscles with both hands and squeezing against them, feeling the hard clench of response; like steel wrapped in satin, his powerful form was held by the flawless smoothness of his immortal flesh.

Leaning into him, she pressed her weight against his chest, pushing him to lean back against the wooden surface behind him. He tensed against her, the movement reminding him of his locked hands as his shoulders strained against the pull. But Kagome had felt it, and she pulled back from him, sliding her hands to his hips to urge him to move towards her.

He responded to her gentle coaxing easily, shifting his hips forward so that his shoulders could support his weight against the wall of the well behind him, leaving his arms free to bend and rest easily on the ground.

Kagome's eyes took in the sight of him greedily. Restrained and subdued, he had given himself over to her. He was hers.

She bit her lip as she shifted her hands from his hips. Pulling them together, she brushed softly against both sides of his growing length, only to smile at his sigh of loss when she pushed past it, sliding her hands off of his waist to come to rest against the ground beneath him. She shifted her weight, dropping her upper body down so low that her breasts brushed against his groin. Pulling against him with her body, she finally brought her lips in contact with his skin. She trailed hot kissed along the line of muscles rippling his stomach, every movement accentuated by the rubbing of her body against his. Beneath her, she could feel every shift of his body, every tremble through his muscles as they fought between tensing and relaxing completely.

When she closed her mouth over the dark peak of his nipple, she couldn't help playful tugging against it with her teeth. A light shaking in his chest signaled the beginning of a growl, but Kagome quickly cut him off by shifting her weight so that her right hand could dip between their bodies and take hold of his shaft. "Would you prefer I bite somewhere else?" she asked him darkly before her teeth latched against his nipple again, biting down hard against the sensitive flesh.

A low moan spilled from his lips, and Kagome couldn't help but snicker to herself as she wondered whether that was a yes or a no. Well, she decided, there's only one way to find out.

Sliding her body down, she braced herself against her elbow. Her right hand was still free to pump along his hardened length, and she stilled for a moment to watch as she pleasured him. The sight was mesmerizing. Her eyes glazed over with desire, and without thought she found herself leaning towards him, wanting to taste him.

Her lips wrapped around the heated tip of his arousal. Gently, at first, she sucked and nipped at the head, pausing every once in a while to slide a portion of his length deeper into the hot cavern of her mouth. Her hand was still moving, drawing against him in long, strong pulls that would draw new heat and new firmness to the sensitive region as she continued pleasuring him with her mouth.

With one last hard draw against him, she began to pull her away. Whether consciously or not, he had recognized her movement for what it was, and his hips surged upwards in an attempt to keep the heat of her mouth wrapped around him. But it was she that was in control, and she told him this clearly a she brought her teeth to rest against his shaft and began applying careful pressure. He stiffened beneath her, a soft whine sounding in his throat, and she smiled as she pulled back from him.

"Don't worry," she soothed him quietly as her hand stroked softly along his length to sooth away the lingering sting and the loss of warmth. "I'm not finished with you yet. But…" She trailed off, her lips quirking in an impish grin.

He knew that look. That was a look that meant trouble…very pleasurable trouble. He nearly groaned just at the sight of it, the darkness in her eyes as the deepened with the shadows of the night to take on a deep cobalt color, the slight parting of her full lips, not to mention the powerful wave that pulsed through the air to leave it singing with the electric burn of her powers and heated with the thick spices of her scent in the full burn of her arousal.

She pulled back from him, reaching up to her hairpiece and pulling back a strange device only about the size of one of her fingers…a fitting analysis being that she slipped the item on her right index finger.

"Do you know what this is?" she asked with a coy grin that clearly showed she knew he hadn't a fucking clue. But, not wanting to actually tell her that, he simply kept his silence, watching her intently for her next move. "Maybe a little show and tell is in order?"

The light ring in her voice spoke clearly of her mischief. He was already at her mercy, chained and left open to her torturous touch. What more could she do to drive him insane with desire? It was already taking every last bit of his will not to rip apart the restraints she had placed on him just so that he could put his hands upon her skin, hold her body as she pressed herself against him.

Such exquisite torture, and he couldn't get enough of it.

When she stood in front of him, the sight was nearly enough to make him loose himself. Her centre was level with his eyes, the tender folds swollen with the pulsing heat of her blood and glistening with the sweet nectar dripping from her core. The full scent of her surrounded his senses, and he was left panting with the need to sip his tongue out to taste her sweetness.

Not being able to help himself, he leaned forward, every bit expecting her to try and stop him. But to his surprise one of her hands came to rest on the back of his head, her fingers threading through his hair and guiding him gently directly to her. A low purr of utter satisfaction and appreciation thrummed in his throat as he opened his mouth to devour her, to consume her heat and the juices of her passion, to take the taste of her into himself, it and it alone to savor in his pallet.

But he had only managed to dip his tongue into her glorious heat for and instant before she had pulled herself away from him. He snarled, his body jerking forward to latch onto her again, but her tight grip in his hair held him, reminded him that for this time she was in control. Clenching his hands tightly behind him in a painful reminder of why he was in this position, he managed to bring himself back under control, relaxing in her hold again.

A faint buzzing noise filtered through the haze of lust clouding his mind. Looking up to find the source, he saw the miko trailing the toy she had placed on her finger down through the valley of her breasts. The soft moan she released and the slight arching of her body as she leaned into her own touch caught his attention. It was her toy that the sound was coming from, a soft vibration that was being emitted to travel through her skin.

He watched in utter fascination as she continued dragging her fingers lower until she was brushing tentatively against the slick folds of her centre with the contraption. "It's for pleasure." Her voice was so soft it was almost a whisper, but so thick with desire that it made throb painfully in response. "But not mine."

Startled at her declaration, Sesshomaru lifted his gaze to hers. She smiled at him timidly, her cheeks stained in a beautiful blush. But she quickly averted her eyes, lowering herself to her knees once more.

His breath caught when her hand wrapped around his length and he first felt the soft vibrations spreading through him. His arousal surged in response, pulsing strongly against the new sensation, clouding his mind of anything else but the pleasure. But then her lips wrapped around him, the heat of her mouth and the soft stroking from her tongue drawing against him, and he was lost.

The sounds of his pleasure were rolling out of him freely; moans and sighs of pure ecstasy, and grunts and growls of raging desire and carnal need. His hips bucked upwards, needing to feel more friction, and this time, she responded by picking up her pace. Her lips glided along his length in smooth motions, dipping low with the movement of her hand to take in as much of him as she could before drawing back with a dragging pull.

So lost in the sensations of her touch, he had hardly registered her movement as she lifted her left hand to cup his sac. Not pausing in any of her other motions, she squeezed him gently. He nearly broke right then. He groaned deeply, biting his lip to try and hold himself back.

"Kagome…" He tried to warn her, to tell her to stop, but she shook her head slowly, rolling her tongue around his throbbing length in added emphasis.

Any protest he might have made was completely forgotten she he was assaulted with another wave of vibrations being emitted from her other hand. It shocked him so completely that he actually cried out at the sensation as his entire body was racked with pulsing tremor. He tried to fight against the tidal wave threatening to break through, but she continued assaulting his senses with such unmatched pleasure that he couldn't contain it. When her left hand shifted against him, allowing her palm to apply light pressure to his tightened sac as the vibrating pill on her fingers brushed against the sensitive region just below; his restraints finally gave out.

His head dropping back, he roared wildly as his release exploded in her hot mouth. His entire body shook with waves of euphoria as she milked every drop from him. He could feel the hot liquid spilling down from her lips to coat his length, slipping under her hand as she continued to stroke him tenderly.

Panting heavily as he forced in his ragged breaths, Sesshomaru's crimson eyes settled on his little bitch. "Stand up," he barked his order out at her. She froze against him in uncertainty, pulling back slowly to lift her eyes to him. "Stand up!" His tone was fierce, ripped by a vicious snarl.

Drawing in a shaky, uncertain breath, the miko slowly rose to her feet. Wasting no time, Sesshomaru ripped his way free of his restraints, his hands shooting to her hips to draw her closer to him. She gasped in shock at the suddenness of the action, but her start was quickly replaced with an elated cry as he brought his mouth to her centre, taking from her the feast he had been denied for far too long.

When his mouth had first wrapped around her, his tongue plunging hungrily into her deep cavern, Kagome was taken over by a crippling wave of pleasure so intense he knees buckled, but his tight grip on her thighs and bottom kept her from falling away from his tasting of her. Her head spun with waves of dizziness and euphoria as he continued assaulting her core; but when he started growling in a low pulse, the strong vibrations that shook through her tore against every never ending to ignite them with blazing heat.

Her scream lifted into the night, a wave of white fire dancing through her eyes and across her skin as he body was sent reeling by her release. He held her steady as her body tried to collapse, slowly drinking her flowing nectar in as she regained her strength. When he finally pulled away from her sweet core, it was with great reluctance; but he needed his little bitch, needed to feel her heat wrapped around him.

He lowered her gently to his lap, bringing her slick folds flush with his pulsing member. Before he entered her though, he paused to catch her lips in a deep, passionate kiss. Their tastes were mingled together in the heat of their mouths, and his low purr of pleasure was met with a soft moan from his miko.


Her breathless sigh as she rocked her hips forward to press herself against his length nearly broke him. Not needing any more encouragement, he lifted her hips and brought her heat down over himself. He hissed in pleasure when he felt himself enter her hot, tight passage, and she moaned deeply, her arms wrapping around his back to pull herself closer, mould her body more effectively with his.

Catching her lips again, Sesshomaru began coaxing her into moving against him. Slowly at first, her hips rolled forwards against his, moving in small circular patterns that had him brushing against every inch of her heated passage. But as he began adding his own thrusts to hers, she quickened her pace, matching his thrusts.

Having him buried deep within her was all she could think about. When he had first entered her, she only wanted to hold him in that deep place, but as he began thrusting against her, she could feel him press even deeper, filling her even more. She wanted more, needed more, and she began matching his thrusts to drive him as deep as she could. She leaned back from him, her hands coming to rest behind her on his thighs for supports as she continued rocking her hips forward strongly. Her breathing was harsh and the pounding of her heart she could feel in the rushing of blood through her ears; but she couldn't stop.

The strong pulling from within her grew tighter with every thrust, always closer to the breaking point; and with every thrust she would push herself harder, looking for the stroke to finally sever the ties. At last she found it. She cried out as she felt the trembling wave of ecstasy begin to spread through her. Her body clamped down around him, her arms and legs pulling him as close to her as possible as she rode out the final tremors of her release.

Holding her trembling body against himself, Sesshomaru nuzzled into the soft curve of her neck, breathing deeply of her contentment. "Have you had enough, priestess?" he asked in a slow, husky drawl.

"Never," she breathed out against him, a faint shiver spreading through her as her inner muscles spasamed once more.

"Indeed," he replied with a smirk as he tightened his hold on her and pulled her hips forwards to meet his again.

His miko moaned deeply, but it only drove him onwards. Holding her body tight to his, he repositioned them, laying her down against the blanket she had spread on the ground and settling himself atop of her. He paused for a moment to catch the ties holding her flimsy garment together in his claws, giving them a gentle tug to release the bow. The material floated away from her body instantly, leaving her completely bare, just as he wanted her. Leaning into her, he took one of her pert nipples into his mouth, rolling it with his tongue and suckling gently as he slowly began to push himself into her slick heat once again.

A soft whimper from her though had him looking up. "Sesshomaru," she pleaded with him quietly. "Please…go faster."

For an instant he thought that he might prolong her torture as she had done for him, but when he was confronted with the soft blue of her pleading eyes, the thought was swept away. He could not resist her.

Picking up his pace to a steady rhythm that buried him deep within his little miko's blazing heat with every long stroke, Sesshomaru let sensation guide him. When her body was lax and receptive, he would pump into her quickly and firmly; but when she stiffened with another wave of ecstasy, he would slow, push himself deeply into her trembling core, burying his length fully in her molten heat.

Time passed with no meaning and no notice. They remained locked together, lost in each other. Their bodies were one as they moved together in their mating dance. Pulses of power and cries of rapture surrounded them, bathed them in a glow of their own passion.

When at last he couldn't hold back any longer, Sesshomaru let his body fall against his lovely mate, holding her tightly to him as he was steadily milked of the last vestiges of his release by the trembling contractions of her inner walls. Exhausted, contented, and more satisfied than he had ever been; he simply allowed himself to lie against her in the afterglow of their passion, to breathe in her scent and feel the heat of her body against his own.

He was so relaxed and so content to simply stay where he was, he might have fallen asleep were it not for the gentle nudges she gave him. Pulling back from her lazily, he rolled over onto his side and gathered her to his chest. She giggled lightly in her exhaustion-drugged voice, wiggling her back end against his spent cock as she settled herself in his hold. But Sesshomaru was too satisfied with her to give her any sort of reprimand, so he simply tightened his hold on her, slipping his hand up between the valley of her breasts to hold her heart to him from both sides.

With a soft sigh, Kagome's eyes slipped closed. She was warm and safe in the arms of her demon lover, and exhaustion and contentment were pulling her quickly towards the capture of dreams.

But…"Sesshomaru?" she asked quietly.

"Hn," he murmured in response, his lips brushing across her shoulder in a light kiss.

"Will it always be like this when we make love?"

Pulling back from her shoulder, Sesshomaru's eyes opened to look down at his little miko. She was curled up against him, her body fitting perfectly within his protective hold. Her fingers were curled around his as she held his hand in the valley between her breasts, her eyes were closed, her features lax and set in the perfect softness of her serenity.

She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Her heart so pure and loving, her radiant light so captivating and so warm it filled every part of him, her soft curves and her glorious heat, her quick wit and her devious play, her fiery temper and her gentle nourishing; she was perfection, made from him and him alone.

A soft thrum of contentment and pleasure started in his chest, and he leaned into her again to nuzzle his nose into the soft curve of her neck. "No, Kagome," he breathed out against her tender skin. "Love…has nothing to do with this."

"Hmm," she sighed sleepily, her voice drifting distantly as she was being taken over by sleep. "You're wrong..." She didn't say anything more.

Silence descended upon them, the only noises the soft sounds of the night's breezes and the faint calls of distant night-birds engaging in their hunts. Slowly, as her body succumbed to sleep, her grip on his hand slackened. Sesshomaru pulled away from her hand gently, allowing his fingers to brush down her chest until they were stroking lightly against the planes of her stomach. His mind swam with images of her soft curves being filled as she grew heavy with his pups, and a slow, tender smile pulled on his lips. Taking in one last long breath of her captivating scent, he allowed himself to relax, knowing that she was safe within his embrace as he was pulled away from wakefulness.

His eyes slipped closed, but before he fell into slumber with his little miko he whispered the words that even in her sleep made the young priestess smile.

"I know."


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