Entry Twelve:

I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT BROWN RIDING WHORE!!!!!!!!! Do you know what she has done to me!? That horrible, evil creature that is my blood relation has dumped me at this hold for FIVE TURNS.

I WILL BE FIFTEEN BEFORE I GET TO GO HOME – Augh! How dare she do this to me?! How dare she?! Does she not wish for me to ride a dragon of my own? Does she simply wish to send me insane? It has been two days TWO DAYS and already I feel as if my head is empty – I miss the constant barrage of dragonvoices. I miss the steady thrum of their vocalizations. I miss the scream of a rising green. I miss the gossip of board riders. I miss the silly games and pranks that are played upon one another. Agh! I can't believe this!

Nikky doesn't understand why I'm so upset. Silly girl. I would throatle her, but I don't think it would get me back to the Weyr any time soon – probably just dropped between and left to freeze for all eternity. Blah. Sapphire is as disgruntled as myself; he's already bitten my foster-father twice, hissed at both my older 'siblings' and scratched the little brat. Haha. Serves them right. Fancy taking me on for five turns.

They will regret this. All of them!

- Denaiza – 11 Turns Old.