Time seemed to flow slower after that. I would like to stay everything went dandy fine but I wouldn't want to lie. What would normal have been anyway? I would try to leave but Prince Roy would tell me to stay at the castle. We would dine together then during the first night of the full moon he would declare his love. Together we would live with a single child and grow old happily in each others arm… Yeah, that doesn't sound normal to me either.

But really though, I wouldn't have minded a 'normal' fate. How simplistic life could be if we only lived for that. But no, I guess a prince is never meant to live a normal life. But if we ran away… could it work? Or just me? Am I the only one who wants to run away again? I guess it is true then, what they say, old habits die hard.

Scar died. All Riza could do was cry. She hadn't even cried when he own brother died, that time she just burned down a house. But all her emotions, they were just locked away for so long, untouched until now.

Time just seemed to stand still. A few minutes could have passed but it felt like hours to her. Only when Roy approached her did she even seem to remember all the events that went on that night.

He came off sympatric, yet almost regretful that he had won the fight to the death, "It's cold, come inside."

There was no responds from Riza. Though her crying had long been extinguished, her cold stare gave no sign of acknowledgement.

Roy frown from behind. He decided to try another approach and put on a fake voice, "To think a prince having to care for a peasant because she was too selfish to come inside. What will the nobles think?"

He wasn't getting a rise out of her, and this worried him. But even more so he wanted to ask a question, but dared not voice it. Maybe he was just too worried about her response to ask, or maybe he thought she would hate him even more for asking. But he wanted to know so badly… Did you love him?

He placed a jacket over her shoulders, and in such a simple gesture she responded. She looked up at him with eyes tried from crying.

"Let's go inside."

He held out his hand and helped her onto her feet. Grabbing onto his hand, it felt so warm against her cold, numb fingers. And without a word they walked inside together.

If only a flash he could have sworn he saw something silver. Did Scar give her one last memento? But alas, this was another question he would never voice.