Murderous Perfection

By Ash Kaiba

DISCLAIMER!! I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! Or ideas from The Door to December by Dean Koontz that I used for inspiration.

I got this idea at school. I've wanted to do something like The Door to December for a while. I hope it comes along well.


Six Years Ago…

"What? We made a deal! If I won, then you will have to adopt Mokuba too!" The voice yelled.

A boy with long raven hair sat up. He had been lying on his bed, waiting for his brother's chess match to end. Yellow shorts covered his thighs as a green shirt covered his upper body. His wide violet eyes watched two silhouettes outside. The one that spoke was shorter than the second. A young, but demanding voice echoed from it. The tall one had a rough voice as it yelled at the short shadow.

"We made a deal! I can't leave this place without him!"

"Why not, brat?"

"I promised him! I promised him that I will make a life for us!"

"Well, you're coming, but I have no need for him. Some other family can have him, but you possess what qualities I desire in my heir." The adult stopped. "Pack up while I do the paper work. Say good-bye to that runt of yours."

The tall shadow walked away, leaving the small one behind. It finally turned and the door slid open. A brunette stood on the other side, appearing to be struggling to hold back his tears. The blue eyes slowly got watery, reminding the younger boy of the ocean. The boy jumped off the bed and ran to brunette.

"Seto, did you win?" He asked.

"Yes, I did, Mokie."


"Mokuba…" Seto called as his little brother tried to get their bags. "Mokuba…"

"We have to get ready!"

"You have to stay here."

The comment froze his entire body. Mokuba slowly turned his head. His violet eyes widened in shock. Seto's face grew dark as he lowered his head.

"Are you…"

"No, Mokuba. This isn't a joke. I have to ready to leave soon."

"But, you promised!" He yelled. "You promised that we can be together! That you will take care of us!"

"I'm sorry. I truly am. He says he doesn't need you, only me. But, I need you. So, please continue living. I will try to find you. I swear…"

"Okay," the boy sniffed. "Then, you need to pack."

"Yes," Seto answered, pulling his bag out and opening their dresser. He snatched the best condition khakis, shirts, and pullovers. They moved about silently, not saying one word. Then, Seto asked, "Mokuba, will you remember me?"

The boy looked at him. "Yes."

"If I don't come looking for you, will you look for me? Remind me who I am and who you are?"


The ocean eyes glanced at the doorway. A man in a red suit with a dark maroon tie glared at him. His stone irises froze the boys in place. His hands kept themselves busy. One was holding his cigar and the other was holding his gold and platinum pocket watch. The suit was neat and crisp, not a single wrinkle was on it.

"You better be ready to leave," he snapped.


The man glared at him harder. "Kyo, get his bag."

A man in black appeared and snatched the blue duffel bag. As fast as he appeared, Kyo disappeared. Seto looked back at Mokuba. He placed his fair skinned hand on his brother's head and ruffled the black curls. Then, Mokuba felt tears crawl into his eyes. He jumped into Seto's arms. His warms tears soaked the dry pullover. Seto smiled and hugged him back.

"I'll miss you," Mokuba wept.

"So will I."

Seto walked over to the bed and set him down. He pecked Mokuba's forehead. Mokuba held on, just for one more minute with the only family he had.


"I have to go, Mokie." He whispered as he released the boy. "Good-bye."

Seto turned on the ball of his foot. Mokuba watched his brother approach the man. The man turned and allowed the boy to walk in front of him. His violet eyes struggled to take in what happened. As the door slowly closed, Mokuba jumped to his feet as if he remembered something. He started to run at the door, almost completely closed now. His mouth opened to call his brother back to him. But, the door had closed.

"Cheer up, kid. Someone will adopt you."

"My brother's gone."

Every adult struggled to cheer the boy up. But, he continued to sit by the window, watching if his brother would pull up and carry him out or join him back at the orphanage.

"If I don't come looking for you, will you look for me?"

"I will," he whispered. "I will."

He glanced at the calendar. It is still hard to believe that you left about a month ago. He thought as a bell rang. The boy turned toward the door and rose to his feet. His tanned hand grabbed a picture. He glanced at himself and his brother playing chess. The genuine smile on his brother's lips stood out. I hope your okay, big brother. Mokuba prayed as he walked to the sliding door. He gripped the handle, the cold cutting down to his bone. Slowly, he stepped out and closed it behind him.

"Hey, Mokuba! Come on!" A kid yelled.

"Yeah, runt!"

He followed their orders, lining up with kids in his age group. They stood in formation as the old caretaker greeted the adoptive parents. Young, worried eyes searched the crowd for a twelve year old, but the adults blocked all the possible cracks. Couples fell in love with every other child. They avoided him, claiming he held onto the past for too long. Mokuba sat down on the couch, staring at his worn out shoes. The picture floated to the ground.

"Excuse me," a feminine voice called. "Did you drop this?"

Mokuba lifted his eyes up to a pair of chestnuts. "Yes, thank you."

She smiled at him. The woman knelt down in front of him. Her dark blue skirt pulled itself tight on top of her golden legs. A matching jacket covered a cream blouse.

"My name is Hiroshima Amaye. What's yours?"

"Mokuba…Nijomi Mokuba. That's what my brother would say."

"Your brother…is he here? I would like to see the two of you."

Mokuba shook his head. Amaye appeared to understand. She pulled the boy into a hug. Mokuba listened to a man talk to the caretaker. He faintly heard that the man was interested in adoption. Scratching of an ink pen reached his ears. Then, the man approached him with a smile. Amaye grinned as he whispered in her ear. The boy cocked his head, confused.

"Mokuba…welcome to the Hiroshima family. I am your stepfather, Hiroshima Arika."

Tears trickled down his face. Mokuba leapt into Arika's arms as Amaye asked the caretaker where his room was.

"Arika," Mokuba addressed.


"If I can find him, would you like to meet my big brother?"

"Both Amaye and I would…if you find him."

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