Murderous Perfection

By Ash Kaiba

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Chapter 6

He stared at the seventeen year-old. Seto cocked his head, waiting for his response. Mokuba danced around inside his body. Tears started to form in his eyes. The teen sniffed and wiped his eyes with his fingers. Mokuba spent time memorizing the other.

Dull wooden hair rested on his head. Thin brown eyebrows took cover under the matching blanket. The ocean eyes were calm. Pale skin contrasted his hair and eyes, but blended into the white suit. Tiny smoke gray threads etched a fancy design on the collar and down the chest. He stood about six feet tall. And white shoes protected his feet.

"Seto, it's really you," he whispered.

One of the guards approached the other teen. Black sunglasses blocked the light. It matched his tie and suit. Mokuba was barely able to make out the sounds from him. But, the brunette did. He watched the teen hand the Frisbee to the guard. The older man spun toward them and chucked the toy at them.

"Take your toy and get," his deep voice ordered.

Mokuba flinched as 'Seto' allowed the guard to continue. Then, quickly recovered his composure. "Seto! I challenge you to a match!"

'Seto' glared at him. "I do not have time for children games."

"Does that mean you're backing down?"

The ocean eyes narrowed with the old man's.

"What is the game?"

Chess," Mokuba forced out.

The brunette glanced at the old man as if he was asking for permission. The gray head shook his head. He walked past the brunette and the guards. His stone irises stared Mokuba down.

"A kid like you has no right to talk to me or my son. Now, get!" The man snapped. "Come, son. Our walk is over."

'Seto' snapped his head up and obeyed the command. The guards closed in around him. The cluster glided away. Mokuba's heart pounded in his chest. He was positive that the brunette was the one he was seeking. His eyes glanced at the clear blue plastic. Then, he looked at his friends.

"Man, you got some guts," Joey whistled. "Talkin' to the richest man in Domino. And his kid for that matter."

"I know," Mokuba grinned.

"It's not good, Mokuba." Tristan snapped. "That man has the money and the resources to hound you down."

"Maybe he knows that 'invisible' killer!" Joey added, cringing.

"Joey, there no such thing as an 'invisible' killer!" Téa screamed.

Mokuba stared at his feet. His friends knew about the murders. And that reminded him that, at the moment, he is the prime suspect. A shift in the pebbles alerted him. Yugi stood in the setting sun.

"What's up, Yug'?"

"I gotta head home. Grandpa and I don't want to miss the news." He answered his best friend.

"Oh, yeah…"

"You're next, Joey," Tristan giggled.

Joey spun around and smashed his fist into his friend's head. Téa followed Yugi as the other two lagged behind. Mokuba glanced at the Frisbee in his hand. Then, turned around towards home.

"Get in."

Seto obeyed his father's command. He slid into the seat, next to the adult. His eyes darted for the floor, praying not to cause trouble. They spared a couple seconds to check the boy's father. His father sat erect. His red sleeved arms crossed his chest. Anger lined the aging face. Seto lowered his head before speaking, hoping to calm the man.

"Father, did I do something wrong?"

He felt the adult stare at him and a gasp of surprise. Seto bit his lower lip as he continued to stare at the floor. The leather whispered in dismay as the man shifted his weight. A shadow passed over the black between them. Seto cringed, squeezing his eyes shut. His body tensed as a giant hand landed on his head. But, his muscles relaxed as Gozaburo ruffled the brown locks.

"Now, what made you think that," he jokily asked.

Seto shrugged with a smile on his face. When Gozaburo stopped, his brightened sapphires begged for more. But, Gozaburo was back in his previous position.

"But that boy…"

"With the long black hair?" Seto asked with his head to the side. "I thought he was a she."

"Do you know him?"

"He looks that boy from Hiroshima-san's wallet. His nephew, I think. But, when I see Hiroshima-san, he's always taking about how smart his nephew is." The boy answered.

"Thank you, Seto."


The stone irises locked onto him.

"I'm afraid…"

"Of what, Seto?"

"If the killer comes after you…"

"The invisible murderer won't kill me, Seto."

At that, Seto launched himself at his father. His thin arms wrapped themselves around his waist. Tears of joy ran down his face. But, his body complained. Weariness crawled from the darkest recess in his mind and took him.

Gozaburo watched his son's body relax. A small sigh from his lips told the adult that sleep claimed him. Not willing to disturb him, the father let him sleep. His giant hand stroked Seto's side. From the front, the driver checked on them.

"Drive back to the manor," Gozaburo ordered; his eyes never leaving Seto's sleeping form.

"Yes, sir."

Mokuba sank down into his chair. The smell of food wiggled into the boy's nostrils, trying to get him to eat. His parents silently ate. Silence loomed between them, threatening to steal them away. Mokuba glanced up from his plate, only seeing his parents eat. Seto…why didn't you stand up for me? I'm your brother.

His body tensed as the doorbell went off. His chair scooted back at he jumped to his feet. I knew it! You came back… He exclaimed. The wooden front door opened, revealing a man with black hair. "Hey, Mokuba…"

"Uncle Kenichi…"

Amaye stood in the kitchen door way, smiling at the sight. "Well, Kenichi, don't be a stranger and come in. I'm sure you're hungry."

With a growl from his uncle's stomach, Mokuba let him in. The three turned back and into the realm of food. Arika glanced up and waited for his brother to sit down. Then, asked, "What brings you here?"

Kenichi's smile dropped. "Kaiba-sama saw your son today. You need to teach him respect, Arika. You know that Kaiba-sama hates it when people talk back at him…and his son."

"Your boss has a son," Amaye paused as her brother-in-law nodded.

"He surprised with that too. After Noah-sama's death, we all thought that Kaiba-sama would hand it over to the Big 5. Instead, Seto-sama appeared. He's only seventeen and curious. Whenever Kaiba-sama brings him to work, Seto-sama wonders around, asking questions. For his age, he appears very innocent, like a ten year old boy." Kenichi paused. "Mokuba, I just had my ass chew out because of you. And I was lucky to get the night off. You could have made me stay at work. Kaiba-sama was so excited that his son was giving a speech tonight. And you darkened his mood."

"He's the creep that adopted my brother…" Mokuba growled as he rose out of his seat.

"Mokuba, sit back down and eat," his stepfather snapped.

"I hate you, Uncle Kenichi! I wish you just die!!"

Kenichi was about to yell at his nephew. The brown irises narrowed to thin glares. His mouth opened and Mokuba's nightmare broke loose.

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