Disclaimer: If Dragon Booster was mine, I'd be glomping Moordryd right now, not writing fanfics. So, nope. it's not mine!

A/N: Yeah, I decided to write a bit of Artha/Moordryd. It's just a brief one-shot, but it's something. I'm dedicating it to Goddess-of-da-Cheeseburgers and Kayyasha1, whose stories made me love this pairing, and to my sister, Calilea, for getting me into Dragon Booster to begin with.

Lightning lit up the sky briefly as the dark-haired teen ran through the streets. He wondered briefly how he could even see the lightning way down here, but dismissed it in favor of trying to reach his destination on time. He wished he'd come here on his dragon after all, instead of leaving him back at the stables. Rain dripped from somewhere above him, and he bent his head and kept running, not looking where he was going. Considering that his eyes were staring at the ground, it isn't very surprising that he ran headfirst into the person he was headed to meet.

"You're late, Stable Brat," a voice sneered from above him as hands gripped his shoulders to keep the pair from falling into a puddle. Artha looked up.

"Sorry," he said boredly. "Had to clean up, you know…"

The white-haired teen he'd run into rolled his eyes, then bent down for a brief kiss. "I'll let it go… just this once." He led the other boy inside the compound. "What were you doing running here, though? I would think you'd just ride Beau…"

"It's a long story, Moordryd… Let's just go inside…"