Save Me

By Ash Kaiba

DISCLAIMER!! I don't own any of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters. I do own the event.

All these handicap stories made me want to write on of my own. I like it so far.


"Hold the meeting for another 15 minutes! No, listen! I'm on my way, just behind schedule!" A young man yelled through the cell phone. "Kaiba Corp. will be there!"

The brunette snapped the phone shut. His cerulean eyes tossed and turned in anger. The chauffer focused on the road. The passenger glared down to the phone. He slid down further into his seat. Brake lights glowed red in the dark gloom. Rain pattered the windows of the limo. The stoplight turned green as the limo pulled forward.

Yet, they were not going to make it. As the limo moved across the intersection, Mother Nature played. She blew harder and the lights began to sway. The driver slowed to a cautious speed. His employer snapped at him, but went quiet as he sipped a bottle of water. Weather conditions worsened. The phone rang again. The passenger snapped at the caller and then, broke out apologizing. It was obvious that his brother had called.

"Everything's fine, Mokuba. It's just a bad night with terrible traffic." The man paused. "Listen, don't stay up too late."

The traffic continued to worsen. Tail lights glowed as head lights attempted to blind the driver. Then, he looked ahead of him. A pair of head lights glowed at him. The driver tried to avoid it, but couldn't react in time. The car rammed into the driver panel. The impact sent the passenger against his door. Because the limo was stuck in the intersection, another vehicle had rammed into the passenger side. The sudden force pushed the truck closer. Glass shattered around him as the barrier glass struggled to hold together. The young man cried out as the vehicle formed a hazardous cocoon around him. Bits of glass sliced his body. His ocean eyes stung and watered, trying to rid them of the glass. The barrier glass shattered. The man turned and screamed as pieces fell onto him. Two slashed his eyes. His world went red for a moment; then, dimmed. He tried to cry out, but his voice sounded different. Silence fell.


The man weakly groaned. His arms couldn't find the strength to move. The voice kept talking to him, telling him to hold on. The splash of rain mingled into the voice's conversation. When he tried to respond, but the voice rebuked him.

"Easy now. Be ready. Pull, gently. Keep talking, Mr. Wheeler."


Wheeler's voice obeyed the command. The man tried to find him, tried to look at him, but couldn't muster the strength to do it. He felt hands down his sides, but they vanished at his legs. Panic began to seize him. Then, he slipped away.

Later that night…


A boy with raven hair rushed past the nurses and doctors. His violet eyes glowed in worry as he slowed to a walk. As he stepped into the room the nurse told him, the group turned. A blonde sat next to the bed. Blood covered his shirt and arms. Two brunettes kept their distance. A red star head held the boy's brother's hand.

"Yugi? Téa? Tristan? Joey? Why are you here?"

"We thought we should wait here until you arrive." Téa whispered. "He just got out of the operation." She added, gesturing to the body in the bed.

Mokuba Kaiba looked and flinched at the sight. His brother's body didn't move. His eyes were covered with bandages as were his ears. His throat had a piece of gauze taped to it. A tiny red tube ran down the bag and into his left arm.

"Is he alright?" The boy asked, his voice quivering.

"The doctor told us that Kaiba will not be able to walk, see, or speak. Maybe he will when new operations come. But," Yugi Mutou paused, "there's a chance that his hearing will go too."

Mokuba sniffed and cried into Yugi's school jacket. His friends looked sadly at him and his handicapped brother.

Some months later…

"Are you ready to go home?"

Seto Kaiba nodded, his foggy blue eyes staring ahead. Roland pushed the wheelchair toward the hospital doors. He heard clicks from cameras and Mokuba yelling, "No story here! Now, bug off!" The wheelchair stopped and a heavier click echoed in his mind. Mokuba had said something to Roland. And then, he felt an arm across his back. The door closed.

"It is okay, Seto."

Kaiba fingered for his brother's hand. It slipped into his hand and gently squeezed.

"Maybe you won't lose your hearing. But, this is going to be hard. I'll have to run the company. What about Student Council?"

Kaiba shrugged. How can I talk without actually talking? How can I read and write?

"What challenges we face, Seto, we'll overcome." Mokuba replied.

Kaiba leaned into his little brother, praying he was right.

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