Marriages and Plots


Lady Razeli

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"Xena, I'm proud of you, but you know this isn't what I had in mine." Gabrielle said.

"Gabrielle I understand if you want to leave, but you know you'll always have a place here." Xena said. Gabrielle looked surprised.

"Xena, I'm not talking about leaving." Gabrielle stated.

"Oh your not, I just thought because of your tone and Iolaus he's such a terrible gossip," Xena said.

"See that's what you get for getting so deep into the gossip around here." Gabrielle teased. Xena only smiled and shrugged.

"Gossip is the only thing I can do when I can't spar, its hard convincing the Duke of Remmingway and his follows that my skills aren't as good as they use to be, in fact I'm just a terribly good peruasionist who has very little skill in actual fighting, I'm taking lessons from the palace guards now."

"Yes, I know Queen Atia told me centuries of rulers were warriors and that is why Pyramid is so peaceful." said Gabrielle.

"I don't think it has anything to do with being a warrior, I think its the people, which is a reason why I couldn't leave them in the hands of the Duke, generations of children after him would lose that peace."

"That would be a terrible thing to happen to anyone."

"Yes, and the feeling isn't pleasant." Gabrielle nodded.

"How's your grandfather these days ever since the tour around the country he's been a bit sick."

"He should be on his feet again in no time, but I fear if something else is thrown his way he might not be able to handle it, he's so old nearly a hundred my father was in his forties when he met my mother."

"He was really handsome than I saw a picture of him in the hall of monarchs, and I've been learning the history of Pyramid, Queen Atia said I could write as many stories as I would like to share with the people, she says she's setting something called Bard's corner."

"Oh I see she liked my idea of how to keep you busy."

"You mean the Bard's Corner is for me." Gabrielle said.

"Yes, I thought it would make you want to stay if you decided to leave, I know how much you like to tell stories and I'm sure everyone wants to hear a story or two about their princess before she became a princess," Xena laughed a little at the last of her words. Gabrielle laughed as well.

"Thank you Xena. "Gabrielle said.

"Consider it your solstice present." Xena said hitting her playfully.

"No fair Xena." Gabrielle said going after her. Xena laughed and ran a little. They had fun and more than once Xena hid from Gabrielle and scared her. Xena finally let her catch her when they reached the stables.

"Your a fast runner you know that." Gabrielle breathed as Xena laughed some more.

"Yea, Rocelin tells me that all the time, I can never lose him though, Can I Rocelin?"

"Nope never." Rocelin said. Gabrielle laughed when she saw him appear.

"So how about a ride down to the orphanage the tour ended a week ago, and I haven't seen any of them in forever." Xena said.

"I'm sure Isabel will be happy, she's been asking me about you."

"You went without me?" Xena asked.

"I had business in town and I stopped by before I came back." Rocelin said.

"Such a bastard you knew I was desperate to get away from those so called cousins of mine, you know the hags who were married to actual cousins of mines and their stupid daughters, who we all know is by a different father."

"Well they were family none the less." said Rocelin.

"I will get you for that Rocelin of Mayberry you can count on it." Xena vowed. Rocelin only laughed and had the stable saddle three horses. Soon they were off.