A/n: Sry for all the bad grammar etc... in this particular story.

The First test

"Archery, Xena I am no good at Archery," Hercules said.

"Really fooled me you've been hitting the bull's eye all night," Xena retorted with a grin as she kissed his neck. The last thing she cared about at the moment was the stupid archery contest they were having. Sandy had been personally dispatched to each man's room with the announcement as a messenger ran through the towns.

"Xena, come on this is serious, If I lose one of the villagers could take my place." Xena stopped.

"Don't worry about it, I took care of everything, now can we be happy for a little while longer before we're thrust back out into the real world?" Xena asked. Hercules sighed and nodded. If Xena said she had it taken care of than she did. He kissed her and they cuddled until Sandy ran in to alert her to her grandmother's arrival.

"Oh god the water is freezing," She muttered to Sandy as she stepped in while Hercules left out using the servant's stair.

"Good morning dear, are you ready for the first challenge?" Queen Atia asked.

"Yes, I can't wait to see who's a good shot." Sandy washed Xena's back.

"Sir Bradley is a great shot, I've seen him you know."

"I'm sure he is, but I don't like him, he's boring."

"That Prince Jai is boring."

"He's a sap, I would sooner swallow human flesh and blood than marry him." Queen Atia smiled.

"Well Sir Bradley will make a wonderful husband for you Xena, but who invited that Hercules fellow." Xena shrugged.

"I like him, he's hot."

"I don't, he only claimed to be a prince when you were ready to marry." Xena didn't say anything.

"Well I get to choose the second task, it was wrong for you and my grandfather collaborated without me." Queen Atia shrugged.

"Fine I suppose you could choose the second task."

"Good no one will know until I announce it a week from today." Queen Atia nodded. Once she had gone, Xena called Aphrodite. She spoke to her privately.

"Of course I'll do that warrior babe, anything to make you marry the right stud." Xena smiled and nodded.

"I knew I could count on you Aphrodite. Now let's go find my stud." Aphrodite nodded and they hurried off.

"What we cannot do that, they'll know."


"I don't know, but they'll know."

"Look it'll only be for a few minutes. All you'll have to do is nod your head and look ultra hot behind the screening."

"If you haven't noticed I'll be hot impaired."

"What are you trying to say that..." Xena started, but Aphrodite interrupted.

"Come on Big Bro do you wanna win or not?" Aphrodite asked. "Think about the man that wins ravishing Xena's body..." Hercules put his fist through the wall.

"I'll kill them."

"Yeah well you'll go down for treason if I have to marry the prince of my nightmares."

"Fine I'll do it for you." They nodded and Aphrodite snapped her fingers.

At breakfast Hercules appeared more cultured and familiar with the ways of Pyramid where as Xena seemed unsure of everything and seemed to be taking her cues from Hercules. Hercules made excellent conversation with her grandparents while Xena was unusually silent even to Gabrielle.

"Are you sure you're all right darling?" Cyrene asked.

"Um...yes just nervous about the first test, Hercules isn't good at archery you know." Cyrene nodded knowing exactly who her daughter had picked. Obviously she fancied Hercules more than she told Cyrene she did.

"Of course darling you do tend to get rather nervous. That's you the warrior princess."

"Uh huh."

"You're not Xena," Cyrene said a little later as they walked to the field where the archery contest was being held.

"Of course I'm Xena."

"Yes, maybe you're somebody's Xena, but you're not my Xena, my daughter doesn't get nervous."

"Yes, I usually don't, but we're talking about my future with this contest. If Hercules doesn't win, well I don't know what's going to happen."

"Yep definitely not Xena, my Xena thinks ahead. So you must be Hercules, because she told me you weren't a good shot and your family are gods. Yep that has to be it, stick close to me you are going to stand out soon even to her grandparents."

"I knew it," Gabrielle said coming up. "Oh why didn't she tell me."

"It was last minute no time," Hercules told her. He felt extremely weird being in Xena's body and using her voice. And that was after they exited his bedroom and were late to dinner. He never realized how hard a woman had to reach ecstasy. They now had a whole new perspective on each other in bed.

"Can I barrow the Princess for a second," Xena said in Hercules body looking extremely nervous. Cyrene and Gabrielle nodded with a promise to talk later, she merely nodded and pulled him into his tent. Thankfully for them no one saw.

"What is it?" Hercules asked.

"I can't stop thinking about myself and well look, I can't go out there like this." Hercules looked down and started laughing.

"You really shouldn't turn yourself on that much."

"This isn't funny, you can handle this I can't."

"All right, All right I mean its not like its as bad as Rex kissing you." The situation was immediately fixed except now Xena felt sick.

"Thanks, now go."

"Oh I almost forgot, your handkerchief."

"No, later remember." He nodded and left walking like a guy. "Walk like a woman!" He switched his walk as best he knew how without making her look ridiculous.

"A token for good luck," Hercules told Alexander and stuck a handkerchief in his sleeve. To Xena he put her scarf around his own neck. Prince Jai, Sir Bradley, and the other one received nothing to The King and Queen's dismay. The spectators cheered, they liked the two men she was favoring for they had shown themselves to the public to gain support from the people.

"Sit still and look pretty," Cyrene whispered to Hercules, who nodded.

"How does she do this, God, we're going to get caught, I can't even walk like her."

"Hush, just clap when you're suppose too." Hercules nodded and sat back. "Sit up straighter, you're a warrior princess for the love of Gods." Hercules sat up looking almost rigid, which only served to make Xena look mean. It was a good thing for the screen.

"Xena stop looking so mean, a princess should have a soft face," Her grandmother told him he relaxed, but so did his posture. Luckily the Queen looked away.

"Here if the book slips you're slouching," Cyrene told him. He held the book up easily at first, but as the qualifying villagers went he thought it was hard.

"The princes will now shoot!" The announced exclaimed. "Prince Jai is up first." Prince Jai disqualified every villager unless every other prince did terrible. He did not get a bulls-eye. To Hercules' relief that had not occurred, and after him was Prince Theodore who was very cocky and arrogant. The look on his face when he hit the bulls-eye just served to piss off Sir Bradley, who split his arrow in two. He grinned as he wiped the look off his face and than stared in disbelief as Prince Alexander split his.

"You're not the only one that's good."

"It seems neither are you," Sir Bradley told Alexander as Xena split his arrow. There was cheering as the three of them were given their own target and blindfolded. For that reason no one was seated behind the targets.

"Oh God there's no way she can win," Hercules murmured.

"Take aim!" They all took aim as best they could. Hercules closed Xena's eyes, he couldn't watch. He heard the unmistakable sign of two arrows hitting the target while others flew just off. He opened his eyes as they people cheered for their two favorite princes. Xena and Alexander had just barely hit the target earning them higher scores, but Alexander won overall. After that there was celebrating.

"All right let's change back."

"In the morning I'm enjoying your body." Hercules groaned in Xena's body before she left to change while Sandy helped him so that they could get ready for dinner.