The sound of pulling heaven down was colossal- a gigantic crack that shook the very fabric of his world and bent time around it's beauty. Renji pulled the heavens down around him, tugging at that distant star with the desperation of a dying man, framing her face with reaching fingers and a longing gaze.

But just as suddenly as that strange confidence had overtaken the man, it deserted him as well. Hesitation. And while those reaching fingers may have fallen reluctantly to his side, the longing gaze better hidden, it remained.

Perhaps, he wonders, could the star ever feel any affection for the stray that kept her company during those long nights before she took her place in heaven? What might he look like, from all the way up there?

The star laughed. Had he actually said that aloud? Dammit.

Rukia presses a chaste kiss to his cheek. "Even if you are an idiot, you're cute sometimes- you know that?"

And so he reaches just a bit farther.

A/N: Shocking. I actually wrote something that involves Renji being happy. XD