God Fearing Child


Lady Razeli

Disclaimer: The characters of Xena: Warrior princess do not belong to me they belong to MCA Universal etc...

Violence: Yes

Sex: No

Author's Note: This story probably will not have much of the same dialogue as in God fearing child, I'm just merely exploring what would happen if Xena found something other than the invisibility helmet in Hades' domain.

Chapter One: Old friends and new enemies

"Haha come feel Gabrielle the baby just kicked." Xena said with a smile. Gabrielle came over from where she was folding up bedrolls. Xena was silent as she placed her hand on her stomach. Gabrielle smiled when she felt the baby kicked.

"Was that a drop kick?" Gabrielle asked with a little surpise.

"Yea, I think it was." Xena said. They laughed.

"Just like it's mom." Gabrielle stated. Xena merely smiled some more.

"Hercules." Gabrielle said seeing him. She went over to them and they hugged.

"Hey Gabrielle, you cut your hair?"

"So did you." Gabrielle said smiling back at him. Xena looked at the exchange before walking towards them.

"Hey old friend when were you planning on telling me you were having a baby." Hercules asked showing up. Xena smiled some more.

"Hey old friend did you hear I was having a baby." They clasped fourarms and than hugged. Xena noticed seven men behind Hercules just as he noticed seven behind her.

"Seven behind you." Hercules said in a love voice as they seperated.

" Seven behind you." Xena said.

"Just like old times." Xena nodded as a fight started. They knocked them out, but didn't kill them. Two were still awake and Xena put the pinch on one, while Hercules choked one. They found out that Xena's baby was being targeted by the Gods. One stood up about to attack Gabrielle from behind.

"Gabrielle get down!" Xena threw her chakram just as Hercules yelled.

"Xena no!" The chakram hit the men in the head killing him instantly, Xena caught her chakram.

"These men belong to Zeus, you kill one and the rest just get stronger." Hercules said as blue mist swirled around each man. They ran and soon slowed to a walk. Xena was furious.

"You can't hide forever." Hercules said.

"Yes, but there are ways to kill a god Hercules and I know you know, but until than I can hide with Hades invisibility helmet."

"Xena no, if you give birth down there your baby will be stillborn."

"Some how I'd rather that happen than see my child killed at the hands of the gods." Xena said. Hercules understood her feelings. Soon it was decided that Hercules with get the bones of Chronos and Xena along with Gabrielle would retrieve the helmet of invisibility.