In the name of Love

"Its time," Hercules told Xena as she picked up her two-year-old daughter.

"We're ready, aren't we Elle?" Elle, short for Gabrielle nodded her head vigorously. She had full head of brown hair like her father, but Hercules knew she was her mother's daughter except in hair. They left her grandparents farm where they had lived in peace for two years since they had traveled back. It had been hard forcing each other to stay put when their best friends were hurt because of Dahak, when Solan was killed. Hercules had to remind herself that he would be returned to her in the end.

The worse time was when she actually found herself wishing to intervene them going to Rome, but than she wouldn't have Eve and that was unacceptable. If she wanted that than Hercules would have helped her save Solan from Hope altering their destiny than. He had his fair share of trials to aside from Iolaus's death and the return of Iolaus from the Sovereign's dimension, he wanted to stop him for good.

"All right how far are we going to let this get, I mean, I could go right now and free Solan."

"If it weren't for Solan you probably would have escaped with the helmet and Gabrielle would have most certainly been killed earlier, plus we're risking Elle's life now as well." Xena nodded. "Because if we don't go back than Elle doesn't exist."

"Okay I got it, we have to get rid of the raisins, so Gabrielle doesn't give it to Solan. Now, we put a fake Solan with them and he'll claim to have eaten the raisins, in reality Gabby will have given him normal sun dried grapes." Hercules nodded.

"What about the real Eve?"

"Remember how that story about me coming back from the dead and using Autolycus?"


"Well I just barely admitted to Gabrielle that technically I was a half-Goddess, but I can make her disappear, its just putting something her place that looks like her is the problem."

"I think Aphrodite can help us with that too."

"All right well come on we've got work to do, let's get Elle safely with Aphrodite." They headed for the temple they knew so well and called upon Aphrodite. They weren't surprised when she understood perfectly what they had done and what they wanted her to do." Of course they kept out the part about them plotting to kill all the Gods well almost all.

"Be good Elle, and remember Dite, don't let our past selves see her at all."

"Oh of course not, and don't worry we're going to have so much fun doing hair and make up," Aphrodite squealed. They left. Ares they found to be very helpful as they began their journey only ten minutes ahead of their past selves. He sufficiently distracted Hades while they switched the raisins. Hercules waited safely near the Elysian Fields and Xena took the invisibility helmet to help their past selves. While they were running for the lake, she kept the proxcidicai from finding them by showing herself. Naturally they followed her. She put the helmet back on and while Hercules was practically arguing with Xena about killing Chronos bones, she jumped back in the lake. She replaced the helmet and waited. She knew now that she was the reason why she had a clear way to the Elysian Fields until they got there.

"Finally," Xena muttered as she watched her past self with Solan. Ares appeared and she was surprised at his admission to love once he had gone, but dismissed it. She loved Hercules and Ares wasn't going to change that. When he had walked away she hurried to the scene where they now faught. Solan waited behind the rock with the fake Raisins.

"Come on, sweetheart," Xena told him. He looked at her in surprise. "I'll explain later right now we have to go if we're going to save your sister." He nodded and watched as Hercules appeared with a fake him.

"Give him the raisins." The real Solan did so. The fake Solan took his place while Hercules and Xena took him away. He was given the real raisins.

"Who are you?"

"I'm your mother from roughly three months from now. This time I had the chance to change the past and I took it for you and Eve." He smiled knowing she was using the name he picked out. "Take him to Aphrodite." Hercules nodded as she kissed his cheek. They left. Xena cringed as Hercules fought Zeus, he tried his hardest. She forced herself not to jump in. Things had to at least seem as if they were happening the same way so she'd make the same choices and thus the time paradox would be fixed.

"Okay you can do this just concentrate, Aphrodite will take care of the rest. She held out her arms and Eve appeared just Hercules was stabbing Zeus. Everyone was too paralyzed in the moment to notice her disappearance and than the fake one appeared. Zeus struck them all.

"Aphrodite get us out of here," Xena whispered. She disappeared with her beautiful baby girl in her arms.

"You did it!" Hercules exclaimed coming over with a towel.

"Yes." Xena wrapped her in it and cleaned her off thoroughly. They cut her umbilical cord before Solan and Elle came in to see her.

"Eve pretty," Elle told them.

"Yes, very pretty." It was hard, but they managed to avoid themselves while they waited in the temple. It helped that Aphrodite changed their appearance until than.

"Xena I can't believe she's alive," Gabrielle commented.

"Yes, I'm sorry I had to make myself go through that, but she'd agree Eve's life is worth it." Gabrielle nodded.

"Zeus is coming," Aphrodite told them. They all hid knowing Zeus was going to destroy the temple in order to get to past Xena and Hercules.

"My poor temple," Aphrodite cried.

"We're sorry Aphrodite."

"No, you have nothing to be sorry for you didn't do it. Come on let's get you guys safely to my other temple." They all disappeared.

"So is the plan still the same?" Gabrielle asked. They nodded.

"Just Zeus and Hades though no one else has tried to kill us."

"So far."

"No, we're going to keep Eve hidden eventually after its looked like I've grieved we'll so called adopt her. She's protected here in Aphrodite's temple." Gabrielle nodded.

"Do you have to kill him?" Aphrodite asked.

"Yes, I have to finish the job I set out to do," Hercules told her. "It's the only way as much as it pains me to admit it, but he won't stop. He'll kill us all even you Aphrodite." Aphrodite frowned and nodded.

"All right, but be careful, they need you." They nodded as she took their hands and they appeared in the hallway outside the great hall.

"Hercules I don't want to make you kill your father anymore, I should have, nobody should have to kill their parent." Hercules nodded. He didn't trust himself to take the shot anymore, he had hesitated and cost Xena Eve's life for real the last time, he wouldn't ruin their second chance not now. They walked into the great hall. Zeus didn't sense them because they hadn't yet reached the stone and gone back. It was clear they had just made it to the water phase. It wasn't long now, before even the fates could detect them again on their loom.

"Die you heartless bastard," Xena whispered in his ear before she sent his immortal blood running over the cold marble. He gasped and looked at her in shock and that was the way he died. Aphrodite watched from the door in acceptance. She had the honor of calling Hades and Hercules slit his throat as well before they left becoming whole again as they went.

The days passed and no Gods retaliated as Ares instead of Athena took over the throne on Olympus. Persephone took over the underworld to her mother's dismay, but naturally spring and summer brought fewer deaths so she was able to spend more time with her mother leaving the seasons unchanging.

"Do you even think they know it was us?" Hercules asked. Xena shook her head.

"Maybe, but they also think Eve is dead now we also made sure of that. Perhaps they think that they were spared just in time, but even if they don't we're ready for them. In the mean time we have a family to love." Hercules smiled and nodded.

"Love, so much trouble and never has it been more worth it when I see their faces." Xena smiled and nodded her agreement.

"There will never be a more greater cause to fight for than love, especially the love one has for their children and husband."

"Or wife."

"And best friends," Gabrielle commented walking into the room with the children and Iolaus who had been enlisted to help Gabrielle.

"Don't worry we'd never forget." Aphrodite returned them to the farm where they lived happily for the rest of their lives with all three of their children even a few new ones growing up to live long and healthy lives.

The End

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