Hi, everyone sorry for taking so long to put up the sequel to Restoration of Humanity up, but here it is. Hope you like it.


It had now been two weeks since the announcement at the Konoha Festival about the fight between Hyuuga Hinata and Hyuuga Hanabi. Hanabi has been taken under the elder's wings and was being trained personally by them, whereas Hinata had been left to fend for herself, but she wasn't alone her father had asked Neji to help her train. On top of her now boyfriend Naruto and other friends and sensei volunteering to help too.

Currently, she was out behind Naruto's house sparing with Neji on getting her Hyuuga Jutsu's down pat. He looked at her intently getting ready to start his next attack. As he rushed towards her his hands started to glow blue with chakra as they started using Jyuuken. Hinata blocked a number of his attack, but he was still able to find openings and block her tenketsu points in her arms.

He sighed as they stopped, " Hinata-sama how many time will you do that?" Neji asked

" Gomen Neji-nii-san." Hinata said bowing her head

Neji just shook his head at her actions, " Hinata-sama I'm not mad at you, but that's the same attack I used on you in our first Chuunin Exams and you're still unable to block it after three years."

Hinata shuddered a little and just continued to hang her head upset at his words. Neji just sighed and shook his head again. It was the sound of the back door opening and shutting that made him look away from Hinata. Naruto was walking out of his home smiling and carrying a tray with a teapot and cups. Umi and Kyuubi were walking behind him talking to each other. He saw Hinata and looked at Neji frowning.

" Oi Neji, what did you say to Hinata-chan to upset her?" Naruto asked

Neji just shook his head and smiled at how protective Naruto was of her now, " Nothing I just said that the last attack I used was the same on from our first Chuunin Exams and she still couldn't block them."

"Did you ever think she still might not be over that yet?" Naruto asked moving to a tree stump and setting the tray down

Neji looked at him surprised, It's been three years she must have gotten over that by now.

" I mean come on think back to how you and Hiashi were treating her at the time and understand the way she feels when you bring something like that up." Naruto said moving to Hinata

As he reached her he engulfed her in a hug and whispered in her ear. She giggled and looked up at him smiling, she nodded and followed Naruto holding his hand back to where the tray was sitting.

" Neji you slave driver get your ass over here and drink something. I don't want Hiashi on my ass for you passing out on me from dehydration." Naruto said poring tea into the cups

Neji smiled again and chuckled a little at Naruto's words.

" Was that a laugh I heard? Hinata-chan, Neji laughed I guess Tenten's finally gotten him to loosen up." Naruto joked and Hinata giggled at this

Neji's ears blushed at his words, " Hai, well you know how Hiashi is about Hinata-sama. Even more so seeing that she's having to stay here for now."

" Yeah well she wouldn't if you elders weren't so bent saying she's weak. She very strong, we've all seen it." Naruto said annoyed

" Hai, we have, but they haven't and as far as they're concerned she's still the weak Genin from the first Chuunin Exams." Neji said casually sipping his tea

" Demo…I'm Chuunin now, doesn't that count for anything?" Hinata asked upset at this

" Hiashi and I both thinks so, but you know the elders have last say in anything that goes about in the Hyuuga family." Neji said as Hinata nodded

" Those pompous, arrogant, SOB. When I get my hands on them…" Naruto said his chakra starting to flare again.

Kyuubi jumped on his head, which caused Naruto to look up.

" We really need to start you on training with this new chakra. Otherwise you'll destroy the whole village if someone pisses you off." Kyuubi said

Naruto hung his head, " Gomen, but I just can't stand how they treat her."

" We all know this kit, but losing yourself to anger isn't the option. At least not right now." Kyuubi said

" Neji, isn't there anything we can do to stop this?" Naruto asked

" Unfortunately…" Neji started

As Neji continued his talk with Naruto Hinata zoned out from Naruto loosing control again it made her think back to how she had ended up here at her boyfriend's house and what he had done after the festival.


As the festival ended and all the villagers left to head back home for a good rest Naruto was literally dragging Hinata over to where Hiashi and Tsunade were. Tsunade seemed to be yelling at the man.


" Gomen Hokage-sama, but they wanted me to keep it quiet until the announcement." Hiashi said bowing

Tsunade sighed and rubbed her trembles.


As all the adults looked they were surprised to see Naruto in front of them extremely angry now.


" I know, but…" Hiashi started

" NO BUTS, SHE STRONG YOU KNOW IT, SO WHY DO THIS TO HER?" Naruto questioned again not allowing Hiashi to finish his explanation

" Well it's because…" Hiashi tried to explain again

Naruto growled as his chakra started to emerge and whip violently around him. A number of the people stepped back because of the violent chakra. Tsunade was thankful all of the villagers and most of the ninjas were gone so they didn't see this.

" Kit you need to calm down." Kyuubi finally said worried


Everyone looked worried as the chakra slashed around more violently with each second. Kyuubi looked at Hinata who was upset at what was happening.

" Naruto-kun." Hinata spoke softly as she engulfed him in a hug

Naruto tensed up at the contact, but feeling an all to familiar aura it diminished. His arms wrapped around her as he buried his head in-between her neck and shoulder.

" Gomen." Naruto voice said softly

Hinata nodded hearing his words, " It's alright Naruto-kun I'll just have to prove to them they were wrong in what they've decided."

" Right Hinata and don't forget we'll help too." Kiba said smiling with Akamaru barking in agreement

" Kiba-kun." Hinata said happily

" Right, all of us will help." Sakura said smiling

" And us too." Umi said, " I still must teach you how to use those Mizu Jutsus correctly."

" Then it's settled everyone will help Hinata train." Tsunade said smiling

" HAI!" everyone shouted

" Also…" Hiashi interrupted, " This was not my idea and I want to further your training in the Hyuuga Jutsus as well."

" Demo, Otousan the elders?" Hinata questioned worried on how they'd react to this

" Yes, the elders…Well for now I think you should continue to stay at Naruto's house seeing that it might not be safe at ours. At least until the fight happens, also Neji…"

Hiashi turned to Neji

" Hai, Hiashi-sama." Neji said bowing

" I want you to go over each day and teach Hinata at Naruto's house. She need to master the Hyuuga Jutsu and you're the best one to do it since the elders won't keep tabs on. You are to continue this until you believe she has mastered them." Hiashi said

" Is that the best idea Hiashi?" Gai asked

" Hai, the elder know the boy is strong, but they still underestimate his ability. They wouldn't care where he goes as long as he doesn't disgrace our names. So him going out into the forest to train wouldn't arise suspicion." Hiashi explained

" Hinata, I also want you to come over to my office everyday until the fight. I'm going to show you new Medical Jutsus that might be helpful in a fight. Especially with those eyes of yours." Tsunade said

Hinata smiled at this news, " Hai Hokage-sama."

" You might also be able to help this baka when he hurts himself too." Tsunade said thumbing over to Naruto

" Omae!" Naruto said angrily

Kyuubi snickered at her words, " She right you know. You have a tendency to hurt yourself."

Naruto glared a Kyuubi, " Why did I ever have to worry about I had a 9,000 year old kitsune imprisoned in my belly that healed me even from the slightest wound." Naruto shot back at him

" Hai, but I'm not in there anymore." Kyuubi said pointing his paw to Naruto's stomach, " I'm out here and you're going to have to learn how to heal yourself now."

Sasuke was the one to scoff at this, " Better have a room ready for him to be a frequent visitor in the hospital, Sakura. He'll be there a lot."

Naruto looked over at Sasuke angrily, " Aniki!"

He proceeded to jump on Sasuke as they got into a fight. The dust cloud was so big no one could see what was going on inside of it. Most of the group started laughing as Sakura growled at their childish behavior. She stomped over to the large dust cloud.

" Will you two STOP IT!" Sakura said releasing a little of Inner Sakura, who hit both the boy on the head

As the dust settled Naruto and Sasuke were both sitting on the ground nursing a large lump on the top of both their heads.

" Itai, Sakura-chan." Naruto wined

" Well don't do baka things." Sakura said back

Naruto pointed to Sasuke, " He started it."

" Dope." Sasuke said back

" Sasuke-kun, don't provoke him again. Both are you are unbelievable. Are you sure he's not your biological Otouto somehow?" Sakura said

" Pretty sure, but you would be the one that could make certain." Sasuke said smiling

" Iie, I'd rather continue not knowing." Sakura said knowing how much Sasuke would like that idea

" So what's going to happen now?" Choji asked

" Well…Hinata needs to go back home for tonight at least. Since she doesn't have anything anymore at Naruto's." Tsunade said

" Says you." Naruto spoke smiling

" Oh ho! My student has decided to join me in my research after all." Jiraiya said happily rubbing his hands together

Tsunade growled and punched him in the face sending him into a tree.

" Tsunade-sama why do you do that? We have to take him to the hospital now." Shizune complained

" Old habit and he deserved it." Tsunade shrugged and spoke

" Yeah, He did. Ero-sennin, that's not what I meant." Naruto said grumbling the last part to himself

" Naruto if you don't mind me asking what do you mean? This is my Musume we are talking about here after all." Hiashi questioned

" Well since she was staying over for so long, when we went into the village to shop and she bought things. She'd just brought them back to my house and stored them. Even after she went home a lot of her stuff remained in the room she stayed in. So, she really has enough clothes to last her about a week before she needs to go home and get clean stuff." Naruto explained

Hiashi turned to Hinata, " Is this true?"

" Hai, Otousan. I have enough stuff there for a week as Naruto-kun said, but I'd like to go home tonight and gather up as much as I can instead of waiting a week." Hinata replied

" Very well then we shall head home." Hiashi said starting to walk away

" HEY! Chyotto matte! I'm coming too! I'm not leaving Hinata-chan in that place with elders like your." Naruto said angrily

" Gaki, don't be so rude. You can't just invite yourself over to someone's house." Tsunade scolded him

" I don't care I won't leave her there alone." Naruto spoke back

Hiashi smiled at how protective the boy was of his daughter, He's just like how Arashi was with his wife.

" I don't see a problem in that Hokage-sama. It actually might be a good idea." Hiashi said

" SEE!" Naruto said back to her

Tsunade snorted at him, " Fine but don't do anything sukebei."

Naruto blushed red, " Iie, that's for him to do." Naruto thumbed at the unconscious Jiraiya

" Kyuubi, you and Umi head home. I'll be there in a little bit. I don't want any Hyuugas seeing you two with us." Naruto said

" Hai, Hai kit." Kyuubi said annoyed

" One Hai will do, baka kitsune." Naruto said equally annoyed

Kyuubi stuck his tongue out to him as he and Umi headed back to Naruto's house.

" Well we'll be heading to our hotel then. I will see you tomorrow them Hokage-sama, so we can talk more." Gaara said as he and his sibling started to walk away

Hashi also turned with the two teens following behind him.

He was lost in thought about what the elders were thinking that he didn't noticed they had already arrived at the Hyuuga Compound. The strange thing was though that the gates were already closed and he knew the guard didn't close them until he was back home. As he reached the gate a Hyuuga Branch member jumped down from the Watchtower.

" Why is the gate closed when I'm still out?" Hiashi asked

" It was the elders that said to do so Hiashi-sama." The guard said fear laced in his shaky voice

" Really? Why did they say that?" Hiashi questioned

The guard gulped at what they told him to do, but they didn't know Hiashi was still outside the gate, " They um…they…"

" Yes?" Hiashi asked started in get angry

" They told me not to let Hyuuga Hinata enter the compound." The guard said closing his eyes waiting for the pain to rip though him from another use of the cursed seal on him

When no pain came he opened one eye to see the three people there looking shocked. Naruto reaction went from shocked to pissed off.

" NANI?!" Naruto shouted running towards the guard

" Naruto-kun don't." Hinata said softly catching him and pulling on his sleeve as the boy started to move towards the guard

Hiashi though put his arm out to block the boy and this caused Naruto to look up at him.

" Hiashi?" Naruto questioned

" Did they force you to do this?" Hiashi asked the guard

He looked at Hiashi surprised he hadn't used the cursed seal on him yet like the elders had. He nodded at his words.

" Are you still hurt from it?" Hiashi asked

" Iie, Hiashi-sama I just have a slight headache from it now." The guard said still shocked at Hiashi's reaction

" Then go call you second and have him take your place and go rest." Hiashi said

" Hai, Hiashi-sama." The guards said bowing and heading inside

Hiashi turned to the two, " Well Musume it seems you are not welcome here anymore, as I feared."

" Otousan?" Hinata asked looking up at her father worried

" I'll have Neji come over tomorrow with everything we think you'll need. If anything's left out tell him and he'll bring it to you." Hiashi said looking at Hinata sad that the elder had done this to his daughter, " Naruto, please protect her. If they're willing to force a guard by using the cursed seal on him to close the gate and not allow Hinata entry into her own home. I'm not sure what else they may do."

" Hiashi I swear on my Otousan no one is going to harm her while she's with me." Naruto said looking at Hiashi with a determined look in his eyes

Hiashi smiled at him, " And I know you never go back on you word."

Naruto smiled widely at him, " Right!"

It was then the new guard came to the post. Hiashi entered the compound and the guard looked at Hinata upset at what he had been also told to do and mouthed an 'I'm sorry' to her before he completely shut the door. Naruto looked at Hinata worried how she was taking this. She looked at the gate longing to go inside and be with her family. She then looked over at Naruto who was looking at her worried.

Why am I so upset about this Naruto-kun has had to deal with this all his life and it wasn't his family it was the whole village. They hated him and thought he was something he wasn't. Hinata thought

Tears started to gather in the corner of her eyes at the thought of all he had been though and now what was happening to her was so similar. She came out of her daze when she felt something touch her cheeks. She looked up to see Naruto still standing there smiling and his thumbs wiping her falling tears away.

" Hey come on Hinata-chan it'll be alright. We'll train and show them they made the biggest mistake of their lives in doing this." Naruto said hoping it would help her

Unfortunately what it did was set her off and she moved close to him clutching his hakama and put her face in his chest and started to cry. Naruto looked down at her upset and looked up at the watchtower he could see the guard observing everything that was happening and how upset the man too was about what the elder were doing. Naruto moved his eyes to the sky and saw a shooting star pass over his head. He sighed at he brought his arms around her and picked her up bridal-style. She wasn't even aware they were moving as she continued to cry in Naruto's chest.

" It's alright Hinata-chan everything will work out you'll see." Naruto said softly to her as he moved though the trees to his home

As he entered the house Hinata has finally stopped crying as he looked down at her in the light he noticed she had fallen asleep him his arms. He smiled down at her, but quickly turned upset again as even in her sleep she cried and sniffled. Moving up the steps he signed in relief at reaching his door. Thankfully he had left it cracked and just pushed it completely opened with his foot. As the sound of the door opening Kyuubi and Umi looked up. The two were surprised though to see Hinata sleeping in Naruto's arms.

" Kit why's she here?" Kyuubi asked confused

Naruto shook his head not wanting to wake her. He moved to his bed and placed her down and covered her with an orange fleece blanket. He then pointed out the door and Kyuubi and Umi followed him down to the kitchen.

" Naruto-kun why she here? I thought she wouldn't come till tomorrow." Umi said just as confused as her mate

Naruto said nothing as he moved to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. He clutched the bottle because of the anger he was feeling. Kyuubi and Umi looked at each other feeling the anger the boy was emitting.

" Kit you can't blow up not now. Tell us what happened." Kyuubi said trying to keep the boy calm

" They wouldn't let her in." Naruto growled out

" Nani?" Umi asked surprised

" When we got there the guard said the elder's told him not to let her in. I don't think they knew Hiashi was still out of the compound still." Naruto said

" But why didn't that stop Hiashi-sama?" Umi asked

" They used the curse seal on the guard." Naruto said though his teeth as he sat down, " He was still hurt by the effect of it. Hiashi didn't want to make her stay out, but she might be in danger if she stayed the night there. I'm in charge of protecting her." Naruto said

" Naruto-kun." A soft voice spoke from the entrance of the kitchen door

Naruto whipped around seeing a very weary looking Hinata standing in the doorframe. He rushed over to her and guided her to a chair and then sat into a chair opposite to her.

" Hinata-chan you've been though enough. You need to rest." Naruto said concerned

" I'm alright. It just made me think." Hinata spoke

" About what Hinata-chan?" Umi asked

Hinata looked at Naruto, " About you."

" Me?" Naruto said confused

Hinata nodded, " It's like how they treated you for all those year, but for me it's just my family and for you it was the entire village. Something much worse."

Naruto got up and moved over to her. He kneeled by her and looked at her upset, "Is that why you were crying so much?" and she nodded, " Hinata-chan what happened to me doesn't matter it's in the past and they're now regretting all the things they ever did to me. What we need to focus on is getting you ready to kick you Imoto's ass."

Hinata giggled at his words, " Alright Naruto-kun, but I will not hurt her."

" You just need to roughen her up a bit and prove to the baka elders who's stronger." Naruto said smiling

Hinata smiled and nodded at his words.

" Alright you two, even though this is all nice you need to go to bed." Umi said

The two looked at her and nodded as they moved upstairs hand-in-hand. As they got to the top Hinata moved to her room to change, while Naruto moved to his and did the same. As Naruto was getting ready to get into bed he heard something behind him and turned to see Hinata standing at his door in a lavender P.J. outfit with a blue fox on one of the pants legs.

" Hinata-chan?" Naruto questioned

" Can I stay with you tonight?" she asked sadness still laced in her lavender eyes

Naruto gulped at her question, but could see how upset she still was and nodded at her questioned. She smiled at him and moved to the other side of the bed and pulled the covers up and slid under them and Naruto did the same. Naruto lay there looking up at the ceiling thinking about how to deal with the elders. He could tell Hinata was already asleep from the even sound of her breathing. Suddenly he felt movement as she moved towards Naruto and her arm moved over his chest squirming as close to him as possible. She sighed contently and smiled as she drifted further into a deep sleep. Naruto looked down at her shocked.

Did she do that on purpose or is she just clingy in her sleep? Naruto questioned himself

Naruto arms that were under his head moved and his right arm wrapped around Hinata as he also fell into a deep sleep. Umi and Kyuubi watched from the cushion seat under the window.

" Do you think everything will be alright Kyuu?" Umi asked worried

" With Kit helping it'll work out. She a strong one Umi, just like you." Kyuubi said

Umi nuzzled him as they two fell asleep curled up together.

Flashback Ends
As Hinata got out of her daze Naruto and Neji were still at it. She smiled at this and just shook her head. Neji looked over at her and smiled also.

" Hinata-sama, Hiashi-sama has been trying to stop the fight." Neji told her

The group was surprised at this, "Tell him not to do that Neji-nii-san." Hinata said

" Demo, Hinata-sama…" Neji said but was interrupted

" Iie, if they want me to prove myself to them, then I will. After that we'll see if they like how I change the family." Hinata said smiling an unusual gleam in her eyes, " You and I both know the rules of the head better then anyone, especially you Neji-nii-san." Hinata said

Neji nodded at her words, but also noticed a glint in her eyes that he only had ever seen in Naruto when he was about to play a prank on someone.

Neji shook his head; " Iie, I only know as much as I observe and your Otousan chooses to tell me. You on the other hand know all the rules, but maybe we need to get you back to the house Hinata-sama. I think you're turning too much into Naruto each day."

" OI!" Naruto shouted

Hinata giggled at the words, " You know it's better if I'm with him and you can come and tell me what's going on. So, what did Otousan tell you today?"

Neji started to tell the groups about how Hiashi has been upset at the elders for what they did to the guards the night of the festival and other things they were doing at the house. The groups sat for hours talking about thing that had happened since that day and how they could help Hinata further her training.

" Hinata-sama my team is going out on a mission late this evening so, I will be unable to train you for a while." Neji told her as he got up to head home

" It's alright Neji she was going to work with me tomorrow." Naruto said and Neji looked at him questioningly

" Kit is going to start training tomorrow to be able to control the wild chakra. So we don't have anymore chakra eruptions like he keeps on having." Kyuubi explained

" Oh and who's fault is it for waiting two weeks?" Naruto asked the fox annoyed

" Hey, you been slackin' what can I say." Kyuubi said

" Omae!" Naruto shouted as he started to chase the small Kyuubi around the front yard

Hinata giggled at the two as Umi and Neji just shook their head at the two's antics.

" Hinata-sama, please be careful. They're getting bolder by the day and who know what they'll try next." Neji said to his cousin

" I'll be alright Neji-nii-san I'm with Naruto-kun." Hinata said smiling at Neji and then turning to see Naruto smiling triumphantly holding a squirming Kyuubi in his hands

As he ran over to Hinata though, the fox puffed out of existence. Hinata giggled at the bewildered look on her boyfriend's face, as he then grew angry.

" KYUUBI!" Naruto shouted

Nii-san – Brother

Oi – Hey

Hai – Yes

Gomen – Sorry

Mizu Jutsu – Water Techniques

Otousan – Father

Baka – Idiot

Omae – Hey

Aniki – Big Brother

Itai – Ouch/ That hurts

Otouto – Little Brother

Iie – No

Musume – Daughter

Chyotto matte – Wait up

Gaki – Brat

Sukebei – Pervert

Kitsune – Fox

Nani – What

Imoto – Little Sister

Kyuu – 9

Umi - Sea