The silent audience began to cheer loudly for Hinata. With that Hinata released the jutsu on Hanabi and the Medical team came out and carried her away to treat her for chakra depletion. Naruto got on the ledge of the stand and jumped down landing and causing dust to fly up around him. Unfazed by this he rushed over to Hinata hugged her swinging her around in the process.

" That my girl. You were great Hinata-chan." Naruto said laughing twirling the girl around

Hinata giggled at his words, " I couldn't have done it without you Naruto-kun."

Naruto finally put her down and smiled at her, " Na, even without me you could have beaten Yuki on your own."

Tsunade seeing how Naruto got down shrugged and followed him down to the arena floor as she landed everyone quieted down.

" Please everyone remain seated I have a couple of announcements to make. First off I would like to ask the elder of the Hyuuga clan to come down here at once." Tsunade said sounding annoyed

The elder, along with all the people that were in the Hokage stand and Naruto's friends came into the arena.

" When this fight was issued the Hyuuga elders made a bet with Hiashi. And since Hyuuga Hinata has won she is now heir and able to change what she wishes." Tsunade spoke, " So Hinata what will you do?"

" My first change will be the elimination of the Branch House." Hinata said with a smiling Naruto beside of her

" YOU CAN'T! There has to be a Branch to protect the Main." One elder said

" And what good has that done?" Shikamaru asked

" What do you mean boy?" another elder shot angry

" I mean Neji is from the Branch House and is one of the stronger fighter in Konoha and you still deny him the respect he deserves because he's a Branch Member." Shikamaru explained annoyed at the man's question

" But what about the Juin Jutsu?" Kyou asked now walking in with Ibiki

" I will ban the use of it on current Branch Members. Anyone caught using it will be stripped of the Hyuuga name and banished from the estates. The children that are of age will not have it placed one them. Naruto-kun is trying to figure a way to removed the ones on the members that now have it." Hinata said

" Done." Naruto said smiling

Silence engulfed the arena at his words.

" What to you mean done Gaki?" Jiraiya questioned

Naruto reached into his vest pocket and pulled out another scroll with on red in color. He threw it a Tsunade, who caught it and opened it Jiraiya peering over her shoulder. The two looked at the scroll shocked at what they saw.

" Otouto…when did you have time to crack all of these?" Tsunade asked shocked

" The Kitsune Summon Scroll wasn't the only thing I was working on. It seems I picked up Otousan's knack for seal and can break them rather easily. Might be why Kyuubi's cracked like it did. Anyways, any seal I could think of I decided to figure out a way to break it. I started with the Hyuuga Juin Jutsu and worked from there. Then Juin Jutsu the Hebi created and the one Otousan made that had Kyuubi sealed in me. There are a couple others I found out about and am still working on those, but I'm almost done. So, if you want I can remove the Juin Jutsu from the other Branch Members that now have it on them." Naruto explained everyone in shock at this information

" Will it hurt us?" Neji asked

" Um….It'll sting a little I think. I mean that how I set it up to work, but I haven't been able to try it out on anyone yet. I was hoping to tell you later and have someone volunteer to have it removed." Naruto answered scratching his cheek

" You have your volunteer." Neji said walking up to him

" Now?" Naruto asked surprised

Neji nodded as he removed his hitaiate and undid the wrappings around his head.

"Obaa-chan, Hiashi you need to watch this it might be helpful, Aniki you too you're your Sharigan activated." Naruto said

Tsunade and Hiashi both nodded as they moved closer to Naruto and Sasuke did the same activating his Sharigan again.

Naruto did a number of hand seals that took minutes to complete. His hands then started to glow purple and all the chakra moved to his right pointer finger. He moved his finger forward and stopped inched from Neji's head.

" Are you sure you want to do this?" Naruto asked worried it might not work and kill one of his friends

" If it can help remove it even if it kills me and you find the right way afterwards I will do this. I hate this mark of control Naruto. You've known this since we became friends." Neji said

Naruto smile and nodded moving his finger to touch the center of the X. The purple chakra moved from Naruto's finger into the seal causing it to glow and pulse. Neji gritted his teeth as the stinging sensation Naruto talked about started. Then as soon as it started Naruto stepped back. Neji collapsed on his hands and knees Tenten rushing over to him worried.

" NEJI." Tenten said rushing towards him and sitting beside of him

She grabbed his right arm and flinging it over her shoulder to help him up. He looked over at her and smiled weakly. She smiled back and then her look changed to shock.

" It worked didn't it?" Neji asked hopeful

Tenten smiled tears starting to fall from her eyes as she nodded and hugged Neji who returned the hug. Neji looked over at Naruto and mouthed a Thank You as he then tried to calm down Tenten.

" That's…that's impossible. No one is that good with seals." Sanji said in shock

" On one person was. After all he was the one that created the seal to hold Kyuubi for all these years." Jiraiya said smiling at his student

" Are you telling me that this boy is able to do the same things the Yondaime did?" Sanji asked

" Well Duh he's the Yondiame's Musuko after all." Kankurou said not knowing the elders didn't know this bit of information

" NANI?" all the elders shouted

Naruto chuckled at this and they all turned to look at him, " You guys really need to get out more often. If you had come to the Konoha Matsuri instead of sending Hiashi you would have found out about Orochimaru being dead, Kyuubi being gone, and that I'm the Musuko of Arashi Kazama."

Demasu in total shock over this information fainted and was caught by another elder before he could hit the ground. Sanji on the other hand had gone white as a sheet and looked like a goldfish with his mouth opening and closing, but nothing coming out.

" My next change will be the disbanding of the Hyuuga Elder Council." Hinata spoke smiling at the still gapping Sanji

" You can't do that. There has always been an Elder Council." One of the younger elders said

" Traditions are made to be broke." Hiashi said

" But you …." Another stared

" SILENCE! You have caused nothing but trouble these past months. That shows me you don't care for the welfare of our clan anymore, but for you to have as much power as you can possible have." Hinata said annoyed and angry at the way the elders were protesting her changes

" You still can't do this." Another elder said

" Might I remind you elders what you have done today?" Tsunade spoke glaring at them

" What are you talking about?" Damasu asked acting ignorant

Tsunade looked over at Ibiki who was still with Kyou.

" Ibiki?" Tsunade questioned smiling

" We hade Inoichi go into his mind. It's just as he told Naruto. They threatened them with the death of their family member with the Juin Jutsu." Ibiki informed her

Tsunade grew angry and looked at the elders, who now wouldn't look at her.

" I could have you all put in prison for what you tried to do today, but since you have a new head I'll let her deal the punishment." Tsunade said the elders paling at this

" On top of being removed from office you will not be allowed any high position in the clan ever again. If you try to gain power again you will be stripped of the Hyuuga name and you will be thrown out." Hinata said calmly

The elders breathed in deeply shocked at her ruling and paled at the news too. Most nodded, but Sanji just glared at her.

" You Sanji-san are to be under Hyuuga guard watch 24 hours for the next 5 years. If after that time you have behaved you might receive your freedom back." Hinata said

Sakura who had moved over to Neji to help him recover faster moved away finished with a happy Neji and Tenten standing fully upright.

" Lastly I'm stepping down as heir." Hinata said

Everyone gasped at this and the audience erupted into talking about her last statement.

" Musume why?" Hiashi asked confused

" Because I'm not cut out to run our clan Otousan. I've known that for a long time, just as Hanabi isn't good to be the head either. She is still too young and she must be taught of the real world and not what the elders have made her believe." Hinata said

" So who will lead us?" Kyou asked worried the clan would start fighting with each other for leadership

Hinata looked over at Neji and smiled, " Nii-san."

Neji eyes grew wide at this knowing she had said this to him many months ago and he started to wobble and probably would have fallen again if Tenten hadn't of grabbed him at the last second.

Neji looked over at Tenten and smiled, " Arigatou." He righted himself and moved towards Hinata, " But I can't Hinata-sama."

" Yes you can Nii-san. You're with Otousan all the time and know as much maybe even more than me on Hyuuga politic and rules. I'm sure what you still don't know he'll be more than willing to teach you." Hinata said smiling at him knowing he'd make a great head

" YOU CAN'T! THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! A Branch Member can't be the head of the clan." Sanji protested but was knocked out

Naruto stood behind him smiling widely, " He's too loud and starting to annoying me. So do you accept Hinata-chan's offer Neji?"

Neji looked at Naruto and then Hinata still in shock.

He bowed to her, " I'd be honored Hinata."

Hinata ran over to him and hugged him happy he accepted.

" Well Neji I'm sure you can change a couple more things , but right now I need to make the last announcement." Tsunade said

" Villagers of Konoha I thank you for coming and witnessing such a wonderful fight and the ruling made afterward. I have but one more announcement and you can all go home to relax for the rest of the day. I have decided to announce my heir, the next Hokage and Rokudaime."

Cheers erupted in the crowed exited over the news of this.

Naruto though hearing this grew upset There's no way she's going to let me be the next Hokage not after what she just found out. The Kyuubi being the next Hokage, yeah right.

Hinata sensing his worried looked over at him and saw he was now frowning. She moved over to him and took his hand in hers. He looked over her and tried to smile, but couldn't with her. Some of his friends seeing his worry started to smile knowing he was about to get the shock of his life. Hinata moved closer to him and kissed him on the cheek.

" Everything will be alright Naruto-kun." Hinata whispered in his ear

Naruto looked over at her shocked she had just kissed him in front of the whole village, but also was finally able to really smile because he knew that she care and knew he was worried.

" This person has gone through a lot in his life and has never faltered in his beliefs. He fought bravely when Oto attacked. Went after friends when they were in need or lost and has been to the brink of darkness and back. Just like his Otousan, he never gave up on this village even though they long ago gave up on him." Tsunade spoke smiling her eyes watching Naruto

Naruto hearing this looked up in shocked knowing now what was going on. He looked over at Gaara and his siblings who nodded and smiled. Then looking over at Hinata she smiled lovingly at him he then stood there in a daze not believing what was happening.

" So today I announce my heir and the Rokudaime, Uzumaki Kazama Naruto." Tsunade said

Cheers erupted from the arena as the crowd stood up applauding and cheering.

" So what do you say Otouto?" Tsunade said finally turning to him and smiling

Naruto was still standing there shocked by the news.

Kyuubi started to chuckle at this, " As Kakashi so eloquently put it Tsunade. I think you broke him again."

" KTISUNE! Urusai." Naruto shouted at him hitting him on the head

" Hey I might not have my power back yet, but I'm still your elder." Kyuubi said back annoyed

" Oh like I really care." Naruto shot back

" Gaki." Jiraiya said stopping the two's fight

Naruto looked over glaring at Jiraiya, " Nani Ero-sennin?"

" So what do you think?" Jiraiya said

" About what?" Naruto asked

Everyone sweat dropped at this.

" About being the next Hokage dope." Sasuke said annoyed

" That was real? You really want me to be the next Hokage after what you found out today Baa-chan?" Naruto asked shocked

" Naruto what I found out today still doesn't change the fact you are one of the strongest ninja here in the village. Apart from Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura, Jiraiya and myself. What you showed us today is even more reason why you would make a great Hokage." Tsunade said smiling at him

Naruto stood there stunned at her words still shocked at her proposal. Tsunade smiled figuring he wouldn't believe them and think he was daydreaming. She moved to one of the many tunnels that lead into the field. Their Yamato was waiting holding an object. Tsunade walked back to the group and held the object for the audience to see. They all started cheering louder at what they saw she was holding. Tsunade finally turned to Naruto and showed him what she had been showing the crowd. In her hands she held a cloak like the Yondaime, but on the back said Rokudaime in Kanji. She handed it to him as he flung in on him swaying in the wind. A collective gasp was heard by the village as they witnessed the truth of Naruto being the Yondiame's son. As second went by they erupted into cheers again louder they ever heard in Konoha's history.

15 Years Later

A figure stood on top of the tallest building in Konoha gazing up at the Hokage Monument with the current Rokudaime's smiling face on it. The breeze made his outfit and hair blow wildly. A woman came walking up behind him a child wrapped in a grass green blanket.

" Are you out here again?" the woman asked

The figure turned around and smiled at her looking like his face in the mountain, " Just remembering when I first recognized you as not just a friends and the day Obaa-chan gave me my cloak. It's been a year Hina-chan, how can I not. She was the one person that seemed like a Okaasan to me even if I did constantly call her Obaa-chan." Naruto said smiling

She smiled at him remembering when they were younger.

" He started getting restless. I think he want to be with you today." Hinata said handing the baby over to him

Naruto looked at the boy wild blond hair and white slit eyes looking up at him smiling now.

" If he'd had had my eyes he'd look like Otousan." Naruto said looking down at the boy

" That exactly what you said the day you named him at the hospital. That's why you named him Arashi isn't it?" Hinata asked smiling

Naruto nodded to her question, " I wish I met him even if it was just once. I would have cherished that moment like it was my last."

" But you did, didn't you? When you received Kyuubi's memoirs." Hinata said reminding him

" It's not the same Hina." Naruto said looking out at the monument again this time at his father's face

Movement caused him to look down again to see a yellow and white speckled kit stick its head from beneath the blanket. Arashi laughed at the kit's movement and reached over to hug the kitsune. Naruto chuckled at their interaction.

" So you went to see Hana too?" Naruto asked and Hinata nodded, " How's Inazuma?"

" Hana said she's never see a more healthier kit before, but of course he's one of Kyuubi's pack too. So it would be expected they be stronger than normal. She did find one think strange." Hinata said and Naruto took his eyes off the two and looked over at her, " He's got a relationship with Arashi she's only seen in the Inuzuka's."

" Him too huh?" Naruto asked not surprised at this news

" Do you think we should worry?" Hinata asked him

" Why? You have Umi, I have Kyuubi and myself and….." Naruto was stopped though

" NARUTOOOOOO!" a yell was heard through the village

Naruto looked over at Hinata smiling and disappeared with Arashi and Inazuma still in his arms. Hinata shook her head and left the balcony.

He arrived at the Uchiha compound that had been rebuilt years before and was now sporting a number of little Uchiha troublemakers courtesy of their Uncle Naruto. Naruto walked through the front gate and stopped as he spotted why he heard Sakura yell. There inside the entrance were the Uchiha twins, Kuragari and Hikari frozen in ice.

Naruto started to laugh at this. Hearing his father's laugh Arashi and Inazuma both woke up and were looking over at the sight too and as best as they could they laughed at the sight too.

" I'm glad you find this sight amazing dope, but tell him how will you undo what your Musume has done?" Sasuke asked walking up to the laughing group

Sasuke was now the captain of the ANBU. Naruto had asked him if he wanted to start the Konoha Police Force back up, but he said that Konoha had done fine without them so why bother. Naruto looked at Sasuke and handed Arashi and Inazuma took him. Sasuke looked at Naruto to see his eyes were now slits and purple in color.

" Hey now don't go and turn them into fried Uchiha's." Sasuke said playful

" Teme, I would think you'd have more confidence in me than that. I let you hold Arashi and Inazuma after all." Naruto shot back

" Yeah and why Hinata left these two with you is beyond my knowledge." Sasuke said

" Well she's probably on her way here now. I kinda rushed over here when I heard Sakura yelling for me." Naruto said walking over to the frozen twins

Sasuke looked down at Arashi," Are you sure you want him as your Otousan."

Arashi looked at him funny and then started laughing at him. Sasuke smiled and shook his head at the boy's reaction.

" Kitsune no Hi." Naruto said as a stream of blue flames was blown out of his mouth

After a few second the twins were out of the ice block. They looked at each other and started laughing.

" It worked." The said together

" What worked?" Sasuke asked annoyed

" The jutsu Oba-Hinata told us about." Hikari said smiling

It was then a girl with long black hair that was long in the back and had two strips hanging in front of her ears. She ran into the clearing and was wearing dark blue hakama and a haori that had a kitsune on the back and on the upper part of one of the sleeves was the Uzumaki crest. She looked at Naruto upset at what he done.

" Otousan why'd you did that. That was they best ice sculpture me and Momochi made yet." The girl protested

Naruto chucked and looked at his daughter. He reminded her so much of Haku that he had named her after him, if it wasn't for her eyes that were pupil less, but blue instead of white. She'd probably look like Haku too. It had grown even stranger when the kitsune she picked to be with her was white and brown and named Momochi, which Team 7 knew was the last name of Zabuza. The two were always together and Momochi was highly protective of Haku, just like the human versions once were.

" Haku that might be so, but you can't go and use people as part of your sculptures." Naruto said trying to contain his laughing

" I DON'T SEE WHAT'S SO FUNNY." A pregnant Sakura said as she walked out of her house

Naruto looked over at her seeing Inner Sakura had come out a little, " He..he, Sakura-chan it wasn't totally Haku's fault. The twins seemed fine with it when I unfroze them."

" UNFORZE THEM! That is the word Naruto they never should have been frozen in the first place." Sakura shouted

Sasuke moved over to her to calm her down. Once she saw Arashi and Inazuma she clamed down, " Naruto he's still adorable as ever, but you still aren't getting away with what Haku did."

As Sakura was talking Naruto's eyes went to the monument again his thought wandering and eyes becoming unfocused.

" Otousan?" Haku asked never seeing her father like this

Sasuke and Sakura looked at Naruto worried as they then looked at what he was staring at.

" Sakura it's today." Sasuke whispered to her

Sakura gasped not believing she could forget. She sighed as she took Arashi and Inazuma from Sasuke and walked over to Haku and Naruto.

" Hikari, Kuragari you two get to you rooms. I'll deal with you later for trying techniques you are told about and not shown." Sakura said angrily at the two

" Awe." They wined but got up off the ground and walked inside the house

Sakura then moved and touched Naruto with her hand. He looked over at her smiling with his eyes.

" Here." Sakura said handing Arashi back to him, " Go take them home and you take the day off. I don't know why you didn't do it in the first place."

" I don't need the day off. I just…." Naruto started but was stopped by being knocked upside his head. He turned to glare at Sasuke for what he did " Teme."

" Otouto…" Sasuke said getting Naruto's attention since it had been years since he had called him that, "…just do as she asked. You're not with it today, so just relax with your family."

Naruto sadly laughed at this and nodded, " Family. Haku, Momochi come on."

With this the group walked away and back home. Haku and Momochi looking up at Naruto worried.

" Do you think he'll be alright Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked worried

" Once he get home with Hinata he'll be fine." Sasuke said as they two moved inside the house

The group moved quietly back to the house Haku every once and a while glancing at Naruto worried about her father's behavior today.

" Haku." Momochi said causing the girl to look at him

" You do know what today is don't you?" Momochi asked her

She looked at him annoyed by the question, " If I knew that I wouldn't be so worried about Chichi."

" Baka today's the day Tsuande-Oba left us." Momochi said annoyed his partner would forget this

Haku now looked even more upset and stopped on the next branch. Her body shaking over having forgotten about the day. Naruto sensing her stop also stopped and jumped back to her and Momochi, who was trying to comfort her.

" Come on Haku it's alright. How were you to know?" Naruto heard Momochi saying to her

Naruto stood in front of her noticing the droplets of water coming down her face.

" Hey now why are you crying Haku?" Naruto asked smiling

Haku just ran at him hugging his waist and shaking her head. Naruto sighed and patted her on the head.

" Hey Momochi can you grow a little bit?" Naruto asked

Momochi nodded and did what he asked. He stopped and was now the size of a large dog.

" I need you to carry Arashi and Inazuma for me. Can you do it?" Naruto asked

" Again? I hope they didn't do anything that'll stink again Naruto." Momochi complained

Naruto handed him the two wrapped in the blanket and Momochi grabbed it with his mouth making sure there were no hole where the two could fall out and then he was gone. Naruto looked down at Haku, who was still crying into his shirt. He sighed and picked her up and having her ride his back. They jumped through the trees and finally reached their house. As they landed Hinata, Umi and Kyuubi all rushed over to him. Haku by this time had fallen asleep on Naruto's back.

" Naruto-kun is she alright?" Hinata asked worried

" Yeah." Naruto said walking into the house and the group following him to Haku's room

Momochi came in and was small again. Naruto laid her down in her bed and Momochi curled up near her. She reached out and pulled him closer a tear falling from her closed eye.

" Tsunade-Oba." Haku said in her sleep

Naruto sighed at this and walked out of the room. Hinata, Kyuubi and Umi all looked at each other sadly and left the room. Hinata shutting it behind her, they moved into the kitchen where they heard Naruto going through he cabinets. By the time they reached the kitchen he had 20 packets of ramen out and was filling each with hot water. He took them over to the table and started eating them quickly.

" Kit don't you have to be a work today?" Kyuubi asked him

Naruto stopped eating and set his chopsticks down, " Aniki told me to go home for the day. I wouldn't be any good spacing out like I am because of today."

" Will Haku be alright?" Umi asked worried about the girl

" I think so. I believe she just realized on our way back what today is. Though the way I'm acting probably didn't help either." Naruto said staring back on his ramen

" So have you gone to see the Gama yet?" Kyuubi asked

" Iie, I'd think he'd want to be alone today." Naruto said

" Naruto-kun go over there for me you are the only one he has left that he's close to. Go over there and see him." Hinata pleaded with him

Naruto looked over at her sadness easily see in his eyes.

He sighed, " Alright Hina-chan for you I'll go see the sukebei."

With that he finished the last of his ramen and got up to leave.

" Tell Haku where I went when she wakes up. She's love going to see Ero-Oji so she can come if she feels like it." Naruto said as he walked out the door

Naruto arrived at a hut right above the waterfall he had trained with Jiraiya when he was a Genin. He chuckled at the antics the man played to do his so-called 'research'. He ran his hand though his golden hair as she walked up the hut. He noticed Jiraiya sitting outside his back against a tree that gave a wonderful view of the Konoha Forest. Beside him sat one of the Armor Gama.

" Decided to have someone keep you company today Ero-sennin." Naruto spoke smiling

Jiraiya glanced over to where the voice had come from, " Gaki go away and leave me in peace today."

" Hey not my idea. Hina-chan asked me to come. I can't work today either so just let me keep you company you bitter old coot." Naruto shot back

" I otta sick Gamatatsu on you." Jiraiya said looking at the toad

" He won't do anything to me and you all bark and no bite so don't start." Naruto said sitting down beside of him

The sat there in silence for a number of minutes looking out onto the forest

" One year." Jiraiya said

" Yeah." Naruto voice barely heard above the roar of the waterfall

" I'll be joining her soon." Jiraiya said now looking up into the sky

Naruto sighed at his words and ran his hand through his hair, " I really wish you wouldn't talk like that Ero-sennin. It's hard enough on me that she's gone. I don't know what I'm going to do when I loose you too."

Jiraiya smiled at his words, " You'll be glad to get rid of a bitter old coot like me."

Naruto chuckled at his words, " Haku forgot." Jiraiya looked over at him waiting for him to continue but he didn't

" And?" Jiraiya asked as the silence continued

" She cried herself to sleep. I carried her back and left her at the house. Though I did tell Hina to tell her I came to see you. Just don't talk like that in front of her." Naruto said

" I don't know why she'd get upset I'm just a sukebei after all." Jiraiya said chuckling

Naruto laughed at him and stopped, " Your her Ero-Oji, just like Tsunade was her Oba. Of course she's going to be upset when you go, just like I'll be. You are some of the first that saw me as me and since Kaasan and Tousan couldn't be here with me you two were their replacement."

" I know I was a much better Tousan than Arashi could have ever been." Jiraiya said smiling

" Oh right the mighty sukebei a better Otousan than the Yondaime. Nice try Ero-sennin, but you get no Onsen privileges with that one." Naruto said laughing

" Omae." Jiraiya said annoyed at his words

Naruto finally stopped laughing and looked up into the sky as Jiraiya was doing watching the cloud float by. Suddenly the three head a noise coming from the tree. Naruto and Jiraiya looked Gamatatsu deciding it was time for him to go home and disappeared. Dropping down from the trees was Haku and Momochi. The two ran over to Naruto and Jiraiya extremely happy.

" Chichi, Jiraiya-Oji you have to come." Haku said happily

" She's defiantly your kid, Gaki. Never stays sad for long." Jiraiya said smiling

Naruto chuckled at this and looked back at Haku, " Haku what's wrong?"

Haku shook her head, " I can't tell you. It's a Himitsu from Haha."

" Kami what's that wife of your up to now? She's as bad as Tsunade was." Jiraiya said

" Where do you think she learned it from?" Naruto shot back at him

Haku finally in front of them grabbed Naruto's hand and started to pull him towards the trees. Naruto laughed at his daughter's antics as Momochi was pulling on Jiraiya's pants leg too.

" Alright, alright we're coming. Just don't pull my arm out." Naruto said to Haku

" Yeah and get off of my pants fur ball. I don't want them ripped like the last pair." Jiraiya shot at Momochi

" Watch it Oji I'll do more than rip the end off next time." Momochi threatened

As the group moved through the trees Naruto and Jiraiya noticed the girl was taking them into Konoha.

" Haku why are we going back into Konoha? Everyone wanted me to take the day off." Naruto asked

" Haha said too take you and that what I'm doing." Haku said back to him

" Take us where?" Naruto asked starting to get annoyed at being left out of the loop

" Will you just chill Naruto and follow Haku." Momochi said get just as annoyed at Naruto with his questioning Haku

Naruto looked over at Momochi and stuck out his tongue.

" And here I thought you were the adult of the group." Momochi said

" You're only as old as you want to be and I am still to hyper to act my age." Naruto shot back at the fox

As the groups started jumping over the rooftops the two adults noticed Haku was leading then to the Hokage Tower.

" Hey I'm off today and I'm not going back to fill out that mound of paperwork Ino probably put on my desk." Naruto said annoyed

" Don't worry Chichi that's not what's going on." Haku said back to him happily

Instead of going inside though Haku jumped up and landed at the top of the tower. She smiled seeing everyone and ran up to her mother.

Naruto and Jiraiya paused looking up at the Tower and where Haku had just disappeared too.

" Well you comin'?" Momochi asked as he jumped and followed Haku

The two looked at each other, " You know I hate it when I'm the last one to know things." Naruto said annoyed

Jiraiya laughed at this comment, " You're always the last one to know things, Gaki."

" Oi, I'm the Hokage now I shouldn't be left out of the loop." Naruto shot back at him

Up at the top of the tower Momochi landed and looked back down at the two, who were now fighting. He shook his head and walked over to Haku jumping on her shoulder.

" Where's Chichi?" Haku asked

" Stopped and fighting with Ero-Oji." Momochi said

" About what?" Neji asked

" Somethin' about how he hate being not filled in about stuff." Momochi said back smiling at this

" Otouto's always been like that. There's nothing new there." Sasuke said as the group broke into laughter

It was then Naruto and Jiraiya landed and head them.

" Yeah, yeah laugh it up. Just wait till something bad happens and I don't know about it then you'll be sorry." Naruto said back annoyed

" Ne Naruto, you know anything about the village you're the first to know." Kakashi said smiling with his eye

" Yeah but if it's something personal you're the last one to hear about it boss." Konohamaru said

Naruto growled at this and then noticed all his friends and family he'd gained over the years were there, even Gaara and his Sib's.

" What's going on?" Naruto asked now confused

" Picture Chichi." Haku said happily

" Nani?" Naruto asked still confused

" I thought I'd be good for us to take a picture with your family Naruto-kun. So I gathered them all up here, so we'd have room to take the picture." Hinata said smiling at him while holding Arashi

Naruto looked at her tears forming in his eyes. He looked over at Tsunade and Arashi's faces smiling even more at this.

Then he looked over at Jiraiya, " Come on you old geezer, I might not be able to have this taken with Baa-chan, but your not getting out of it."

Naruto proceeded to grab Jiraiya by the sleeve of his jacket and drag him to where the rest of the group was. They all smiled at him as he pulled Jiraiya into the picture and he stood beside Shizune and Genma, who smiled at him. Hinata handed him Arashi and he took him to hold for the picture.

" Ok on the count of three." The photographer said, " Ichi, Ni…."

" Hihi." Arashi said smiling up at Naruto

Naruto looked down at him surprised, as did the rest of the group.

" San." The photographer finished

The picture showed most of Naruto's friends still with surprised looks on their faces from Arashi's first words, but Naruto had taken the boy quickly out of his blanket and held him in one arm smiling at the camera as Haku, and Arashi mimicked him.

Hitaiate – Headband

Rokudaime – 6th Hokage

Okaasan – Mother

Inazuma – Lightning

Kuragari – Dark

Hikari – Light

Oba – Aunt

Momochi – Peach

Gama – Toad

Sukebei – Pervert

Oji – Uncle

Kaasan – Mother

Tousan – Father

Chichi – Dad

Himitsu – Secret

Haha - Mom