This is a story about Edward's and Bella's daughter. Love changes how their daughter Evelyn sees the world

Evelyn's POV

I want a place to call home, permanently, where our family doesn't have to hide. I want to stay in the same school for more than 3 years. I want a best friend I can call every night just to talk about nothing. I want to be normal, or be just a little bit normal.

For centuries my family has been moving around trying to hide who we really are, I have to pretend that my parents and aunts and uncles are my siblings, and that my grandparents adopted us all, I am a freak living among freaks. I don't die, or grow old, I stay in the same 16 year old body forever and ever.

We are moving again, this time to a place called Forks in the state of Washington. I did some research on the town and it is the rainiest place in the US. Joy, another dreary, dark town fully installed with clouds every day and rarely has any sun. I can picture my brothers and I on our first day of school at Forks High School right now. We will get stared at every second, be asked if we need help with anything, and last but not least I will probably be hit on by at least three boy before I even enter the building. Fun this is how it is at every school we go to.

Fantastic I personally can't wait…not! Maybe I'll get lucky maybe the boys from Forks don't like oddly attractive Goth girls like me. Oh who am I kidding this move is going to suck!

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