Title: It's All Fun And Games…

Author: GregSanders

Summary: My attempt at a feel-good story. What happens when the team is really pissed off at a certain person and Greg comes up with a master plan? Read and you'll find out: p

Disclaimer: I don't own CSI…I wish I did, but I don't.

Chapter 1

"Greg, where's my results?" yelled Ecklie.

"Sorry Ecklie, they're still being processed, and I'm really back-logged," said Greg as he was filling out paperwork.

"Well, hurry up, or I'll make sure that you're only working for me." Ecklie ran out of the lab and towards Trace. "Man, I wish I could just choke that guy," muttered Greg.

"What was that Greg?" Greg jumped up and saw Grissom standing in the doorway. "Hey Grissom, here's your results for your case. The blood on the knife belongs to your vic and your suspect. Told you he did it."

Grissom smiled and took the paper out of Greg's hands. "Thank you."

Greg smiled as Grissom walked out of the room. He began to blast his Marilyn Manson CD just as Ecklie's results came out of the printer. As he banged his head to the music, he studied the paper and paged Ecklie. Maybe Ecklie will finally get off of my back as soon as he gets his results thought Greg. But that thought was shattered when Ecklie walked into the room. "Turn that shit off Greg."

Hurriedly, Greg turned off his stereo. "Here are your results."

Ecklie snatched the sheet from Greg's hands and sighed. Without acknowledging Greg, Ecklie storms out of the DNA lab. "You're welcome!" shouted Greg.

As soon as Ecklie was gone, Greg blasted his music again and went back to work.

Nick was just leaving Trace when he ran into Grissom. "Hey Grissom, I just got our results back from Hodges, the fibers found on the vic were cotton fibers."

"Good. The blood from the knife belongs to our victim and our suspect," said Grissom.

"We got this guy!" yelled Nick. Grissom smiled and walked to Brass's office. Nick rounded the corner and was just about to go the break room when he ran into Ecklie…literally. Papers flew from Ecklie's hands. "Watch where you're going, Stokes."

"Sorry Ecklie."

"Yeah, you better be." Ecklie picked up his papers and walked off to his office. Nick shook his head and walked into the break room, ready to steal some of Greg's coffee.

Warrick and Catherine were with Archie, trying to make some sense of the video tapes they got from the store. "There is nothing on this tape that suggests that Roy did this. The only time you see him is when he walks in, pays for his cup of coffee, and then leaves. Sure, he's got a motive, but he's not shown during the time of the robbery," said Warrick.

"Guess all of our suspects are crossed off the list," said Catherine.

They thanked Archie and walked off when they heard Ecklie yelling at Nick. As Nick passed them, Warrick and Catherine confronted him. "Hey, what's the matter with you?" asked Catherine.

"It's none of your business Willows. Weren't you ever told to keep your nose out of other people's business?" asked Ecklie.

"Hey, hasn't your mother ever taught you how to treat women?" asked Warrick.

"Unless you want to find yourself another job, then I suggest you lay off Brown," said Ecklie as he walked pass them. Appalled, Catherine and Warrick headed to the break room to check on Nick.

Grissom walked out of Brass's office with an arrest warrant when Sara walked up to him. "Hey, I see you got an arrest warrant for Jason."

"Yeah, he's already in the interrogation room, waiting for us." They began to head to interrogation, when Ecklie yelled from behind him, "Gil, I need to talk to you."

They stopped and looked at Ecklie. "I need to talk to you about the behavior of your team."

"What about them?" asked Grissom.

"I have found them to be rather impolite to their boss," said Ecklie.

"Maybe you should treat them with more respect," suggested Sara. Grissom smiled a little bit.

"Very funny Sidle. Maybe you should talk to your team."

"Let me do what I want with my team, Ecklie, and you can worry about yours."

Ecklie stormed off as Brass walked out of his office. "What was that all about?"

"I don't know."

Brass smirked and walked to interrogation followed by Grissom and Sara.

"I can't believe this guy," said Nick as Warrick, Catherine and Greg sat with him at the table with cups of Greg's coffee.

"Who does he think he is? President of the United States?" asked Warrick.

"If he was, I would go straight back to Norway," said Greg as he took a sip of his coffee. "Make sure to take me with you," said Catherine.

"Hey guys, what's up?" asked Sara as she and Grissom walked into the room. "The guy confessed. We laid the evidence out and he couldn't stand it," bragged Sara.

"That's great. I would be happier if some person wasn't being such a jerk lately," said Nick.

"Let me guess, Ecklie got into all of your asses?" asked Grissom. Everyone nodded. "I think he gets pleasure out of making us miserable," suggested Greg.

"Tell me again how he got promoted and you didn't?" asked Warrick.

"It's just the way life goes," replied Grissom. Everyone sighed and looked down at the floor. Suddenly, a light-bulb went on over Greg's head. Greg's eyes lit up with an idea. "Oh no, I know that look," said Warrick.

"This can not be good," agreed Nick.

"I think I found a way to get Ecklie," said Greg.

"Oh no no no no no! You know how dangerous that is? Hodges is practically his pet and he could get you fired!" said Sara.

"Not if everyone joins in and he doesn't figure out it's us," said Greg.

"Wait, you want us to be part of this?" asked Warrick. "Why not? He's pissed everyone off here, its perfect! Even Grissom could be part of this!"

Grissom lifted an eyebrow with confusion. "So, what do you say guys? We pull some pranks on Ecklie then pull off biggest prank ever known in this lab?"

Everyone thought about it. "I'll do it, as long as if Ecklie finds out, you take the fall," suggested Nick.

"Okay, fine," sighed Greg.

"Then I'm in," said Nick.

"Me too," said Warrick.

They all looked at Sara, Catherine and Grissom. "I'm in," said Sara.

"Guess it sounds like fun," said Catherine. They all looked at Grissom. "You guys have fun. Even though I would love to pull something on Conrad, I can't. I'll make sure that he doesn't suspect you guys," said Grissom.

Greg smiled. "Now this is going to be fun!"


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