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Chapter 11

Finally, all the pieces were coming together for the final prank…the grand finale…the big shebang! All he needed now was to make the final touches. And that's when he saw two people he definitely needed. "NICK! SARA! Come over here!" shouted Greg.

Sighing to themselves, the two walked into the DNA and found Greg sitting at the desk. "What's up Greg?" asked Nick.

"I need you two to get lots of equipment on and move something for me."

"What would that be?" asked Sara.

"You remember that very decomposed dead guy that came in two hours ago?"

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" noted Nick.

"Well, I need you two to move Stinky into Ecklie's office."

"And what if Ecklie sees it?" asked Sara.

"Oh, he won't. You see, Ecklie got a triple homicide out in Carson City, so he won't be back for awhile. While you two gear up, I'm gonna go inform Doc of the plan. See ya in two minutes," smiled Greg as he got up from his seat and headed out the door.

Nick and Sara groaned as they went over to the locker room and grabbed two hazmat suits. When they arrived at the coroner's office, they saw Greg and Doc Robbins waiting at the door. "Doc is gonna show you two to Stinky. See you in Ecklie's office, I have to go get the footage from Archie," said Greg as he ran away.

Rolling their eyes, they looked at Doc Robbins. "Can we just get this over with?" asked Sara.

"You bet," replied Doc Robbins as he led them into the morgue and opened the vault. As soon as the door was opened, the smell of rotting flesh soon filled their nostrils. "MAN THAT STINKS!" shouted Nick.

Carefully, Nick and Sara lifted Stinky onto a gurney and placed a cloth over him. "Make sure to bring him back in one piece," said Doc Robbins as the two wheeled away the wretched body. After they walked into Ecklie's office, they saw Greg setting up the camera in front of Ecklie's desk. "Great! Sit him Ecklie's seat."

Nick and Sara carefully lifted the body and sat him in the seat. "Okay, Nick, one more thing…I'm gonna need you to play camera man for me. When I say so, hit the record button. Then, I'll point to the camera. That's when you'll press stop. After waiting a couple seconds, I'll tell you to hit record again and then I'll wave, which is the signal to hit stop. If you want, you can stick around and watch the fun, Sara," smiled Greg.

Sara smiled and sat on the couch. "Okay, in five…four…three…two…one…"

Catherine and Warrick were walking down the hall when they saw Greg walking out of Archie's office. "Hey guys, it's all set up," smiled Greg.

"Oh my God, what is that stench?" asked Warrick.

"Ha ha, very funny. Just head over to the break room. Nick and Sara are already there. As soon as you walk inside, turn the TV onto video 1. Ecklie will be back any minute. I'm gonna inform the WHOLE lab to turn on their TV's and then…well, you'll just have to wait and see."

With that, Greg ran down the hall. Catherine and Warrick smiled and walked into the break room where they saw Nick sitting down with Sara, Brass, Doc Robbins and David Philips as Grissom was cooking some popcorn in the microwave. "You have any idea what Greg is doing?" asked Catherine.

Nick and Sara looked down at the ground. "Never mind, just turn the TV to video 1."

Smiling, Nick turned the TV onto video 1 and sat watching a blue screen. That's when Ecklie walked by. "What the hell are you guys doing, I'm not paying you to sit around!"

"You may want to take a seat, Ecklie. You're definitely going to want to watch this," smiled Nick.

As Ecklie stood behind them all, the blue screen switched to Greg sitting in Ecklie's office with the decomposed body sitting next to him. "Hey everyone, this is Greg Sanders, if you didn't already know that. Anyway, my buddy here and I are here to give you a sneak peek of what's been going around the lab. And…yes Ecklie, EVERYONE is watching. Anyway, a couple of my colleagues and I have been playing a few tricks on Conrad Ecklie and have taped them for your viewing pleasure. So, here's a little treat from me to you."

The 'movie' was every prank that was pulled on Ecklie the past couple of weeks. First, it was green hands prank. As soon as that was over, laughter began to fill the halls and the break room. Then it switched to Ecklie's head turning purple. Even more laughter erupted. The next shot was of the team superglueing the office to the ceiling, then taking it down and Ecklie trying to figure out why he was stuck to his chair and office. Then, it quickly turned to Ecklie running out of his house screaming and the team freezing his boxers and shorts. Then, they saw Ecklie drinking some coffee and the scene immediately switched to Ecklie running into the stalls of the bathroom and disgusting sounds of puking and moving his bowels was heard. Then, it was the shot of Ecklie getting doused by water balloons and water guns, with the little shot of Greg getting chased by Grissom with a water gun to add a little more humor. They all began to laugh when they saw Ecklie's office turn into Instant Oatmeal. And to top off all of the pranks, it was the shot of Ecklie screaming like a little girl as he saw the mouse and the teddy bear telling Ecklie a spooky message. Fits of laughter filled the hallways. Everyone in the break room was keeling over in laughter. Nick and Warrick actually fell to the floor dying of laughter. Then, it was a shot of Greg in Ecklie's office with Stinky. "Well, there you have it folks. If you ever want to see this footage again, just go online to YouTube and look for 'Pranks on Ecklie'. Say goodbye Stinky, because as Porky the Pig would say, 'That's all folks'."

The screen turned blue again as everyone continued to laugh. Ecklie's eyes filled with horror after watching the movie. "I'm gonna kill him," he muttered.

"What was that Conrad?" asked Grissom.

But Ecklie didn't hear him. Instead, he marched straight over to the DNA lab and found Greg leaning back in his chair listening to his iPod. "Sanders."

But Greg didn't hear him. Anger flustered through Ecklie as he tore the earphones out of Greg's head. "SANDERS!"

"Oh, hi Ecklie. Did you catch that video? Man, it was really hilarious," smiled Greg.

"I'm glad you found that funny. But now, I suggest you start cleaning your stuff out, because your fired."

"I wouldn't do that Ecklie."

Ecklie turned around and found the whole team standing in the doorway. "You see, if you fire Greg, then you have to go through all the trouble of finding a new DNA analyst and a whole Graveyard shift," smiled Grissom.

"That's right. Where one of us goes, we all go," chimed in Nick.

Ecklie stood their, his mouth agape. Greg sat next to him, staring at them with equal shock. Finally, Ecklie let out a groan. "Fine. But Sanders, you're on suspension without pay. I'll see you back at work in a week."

Before Ecklie left, he whispered in Greg's ear, "I'm gonna make sure to make your life a living hell from now on."

And with that, he was gone. They all walked in and patted Greg on the back. "Congratulations on a job well done," smiled Nick.

"Don't worry about Ecklie, he'll get over it," smiled Catherine.

"Why don't we go out and get something to eat to celebrate the finest prank ever pulled in the Las Vegas Crime Lab," suggested Brass.

Everyone cheered in agreement and began to walk out of the lab. And if you watched them all leave the lab; you could have sworn that you heard the "Friends" theme song playing in the background.


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