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Love is not a Distraction

Aang looked into the sky, thinking about what happened between him, Zuko, Azula, and Katara. Katara. Seems after his encounter with the Guru, that's all he could think about really. "You must let her", the Guru's statement echoing through his head, as he looked at Katara, sleeping peacefully on Appa while he continued to fly though the air.

Aang moved over to her closely, thoughts raging through his head as he looked at the woman he loves.

"Katara…" he started to say as he moved closer to her.

"Even though you're sleep and you probably won't hear me, I just wanted to get this off my chest. I love you Katara. I love everything about you. Your pretty hair, your gorgeous eyes, and your beautiful smile. I love you so much that it hurts. Hurts me to think that you may not return the same feelings about me. That you love like a friend or brother, not as a person that you want to spend your life with."

"Sometimes I even feel jealous when you're with another boy other than me. Especially when I saw you with Zuko. It just made me so mad to see you so close to him. It felt like he was stealing something that was mine. Though in truth, you can never be mine. Since I'm the Avatar, I can't have someone as a companion to love. I can't have anyone, or it will interfere with my duties. Reason being is because I have to master the Avatar State."

"But for some even though I need to master it, I don't want too. Losing you just so I can be this all-powerful being just isn't worth it. I never wanted to be the Avatar anyway and if I could, I would give it all up just so I can be with you. But because I am, my love for is just a distraction to my duties. You are a distraction to my duties."

" It's funny too, even Aunt Wu said I can't have a love interest. I guess she was right too. I wonder who this powerful bender that she predicted for you is. I bet that it's Zuko. It probably is since I can't have you and Jet wasn't a bender anyway. Or maybe it was Haru, but we haven't seen him in along time though. So the only person is Zuko."

" That's what I fear the most, knowing that not only will you not be with me but you may also fall in love with someone who tried get us all killed. I hate the fact that I can't be there for you, I hate that I can't be the person to help through the hardest times of your life. I hate the fact that I can't be the person that's able to hold you at night and tell you everything is alright, I can't be the person to protect when you need it the most. I HATE THE FACT THAT I CAN'T BE THAT SPECIAL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE, ALL BECAUSE I'M THE STUPID AVATAR."

" Because of that I'm going to be lonely for the rest of my life. With no one to hold, no one to love, while your with someone else, someone else who loves you, someone else who's not me."

Aang looked back up at the sky and gazed at the stars. He then looked back at Katara, tears in his eyes because he knows that deep down inside, no matter what happens, a small part of him will always love her. He then stood up looked to the sky once more and said

"Even though all that I said you didn't hear, I still wish that I didn't have to feel this pain inside, all because I love you. So no matter whatever goes on or whatever happens, I don't care what no body says because my love for you will never be my distraction".

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