Set during the Resurrection Ship, Part II

Visions of the things to be

"Suicide is painless
it brings on many changes
and I can take or leave it if I please."

Lee lay back, letting the cool water wash over him. The bright sunlight shone down from a clear blue sky, warming his tired body.

"You must have really loved it here." A voice interrupted him, "You seem intent on staying, no matter what it costs you."

"I always felt at peace here." The Viper pilot looked round to see a dark haired woman in a long robe sitting on a nearby rock, "But I don't remember you ever being here."

"You probably wouldn't." The woman nodded, "And as you're probably going to write this off as an hallucination brought on by oxygen deprivation, I suppose there's not problem with me telling you that I am the one you know as the Prophetess Cordelia."

"Can't say I can remember the name." Lee shook his head, trading water.

"That's ok; I never intended to be a major part of your religion." Cordelia shrugged, "But the others felt that one of us needed to have a little word with you, so..."

"Why would I hallucinate someone I can't remember?" Lee asked, "Wouldn't it make more sense for me to imagine someone I know, like my mother, or Zak, or Gianne?"

"Strange how you name three people you presume to be dead." Cordelia tilted her head to the side, "That says a lot about your state of mind."

"Are you saying that they're not dead?" Lee looked up; more than a little confused by what he felt was becoming a rather bizarre hallucination.

"Death, as you know it, is but a transition between one stage of existence and another." Cordelia smiled, "No one truly dies: we all just move on. I know I did."

"What is this all about?" Lee asked, "What are you doing here? You said that you needed to talk to me."

"I'm afraid it's the proverbial 'good news/ban news' deal." Cordelia sighed, "Things aren't going to get any easier, not for a while. There is still much pain and suffering along the road ahead of your people. That I can not change. But you need to be strong: your people will someday look to you for guidance, and you need to be ready to give it."

"Supposing that this is all real: that you are a Prophetess, that this isn't some hallucination cause by loss of air through the rip in my flight suit." The CAG asked, treading water, "Why can't you just step in and stop the Cylons?"

"We can't interfere that directly." Cordelia looked down at the water, "I wish you could lay your arms down and let rest at last. I wish I could stop the Cylons without the loss of another human life, but that time has passed: if humanity is going to survive, I must do so by standing on its own two feet." She looked up at the sky, shielding her eyes with one hand, "I've seen hundreds of worlds out there; things you couldn't believe, and nothing is stronger than the will to survive against all the odds." She looked at Lee, "Time for you to go; good luck."

Lee felt his body jerk as a blinding flash of light enveloped him. A jolt of pain shot through his body, and he felt two strong hands holding him down on a cold, hard deck.

"It's ok, Sir." A voice informed him as the interior of a Raptors rear cabin swam into view, "You're going to be ok...

The End