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The bullets whizzed past Spencer's head, she ducked. Throwing her arms over her head for protection, everyone else was screaming and dropping to the ground but her mouth wouldn't open. Ashley...oh god...Glen, Clay...Aiden...Kyla...Madison! Spencer wondered where every one was. Car tires squealed in the parking lot as the shooters took off.

At the hospital Glen sat next to his sister, the two of them were surrounded by several of their friends. Chelsea was crying on Glen's shoulder and Aiden was next to Kyla the two trying to set things aside for the time being.

"Spencer, Glen..." Paula rushed in, her and Arthur had been having there own night alone and didn't hear the phone ring for at least two hours. She grabbed Spencer in her arms, the teenager felt stiff and calm. Her eyes were red and puffy put no longer was she crying.

"Dad..." Glen hugged his father who gratefully hugged back.

"Where's Clay?" Paula asked. She released Spencer and grabbed Glen while Arthur took his daughter in his arms.

"He...he's in surgery." Glen choked out, "Madison...she was shot too and..." he trailed off as he glanced at Spencer.

"Glen what?" Arthur asked.

"Ashley...she's..." Glen pulled his eyes from Spencer and leaned closer to his father, "She's dead."

Paula hears and immediately hugs Spencer again, "Honey I'm so sorry."

"I'm all right." Spencer lies and her family knows right away but lets it slid for now.

"I'm going to see if I can find anything about Clay." Arthur rushes toward the nurse's station.

"Tell me what happened?" Paula asked while making her children sit back down.

"The car..." Spencer spoke for the first time in several hours; this caused Aiden and Kyla to look over.

"What car sweetie?" Paula pushed hair from Spencer who quickly stood and walked toward the bathroom, "What car?" she asked anyone there who would answer.

"We don't know." Kyla spoke wiping tears from her eyes.

"It came out of nowhere." Aiden side glanced his girl friend or who he hoped was still his girlfriend. After the shooting she was the first person he thought of, he knew right then that he just didn't want to lose Ashley as a friend but now he had. Tears threatened to spill but he held back.

"Clay just came out of surgery." Arthur strolled back over, "They say he can have visitors but two at a time. He'll still be sleeping but he should be okay."

"Madison... did you..." Glen trailed off, the prom was perfect. His heart grew even more for her.

"She's going to be fine, she was shot in the back...they won't know more till she regains consciousness." Arthur gripped his son's shoulders, "Where's Spencer?"

"The bathroom." Paula answered as she stood to go see her other son.

"Will you guys be okay?" Arthur asked Aiden, Kyla and Chelsea.

"I think so..." Aiden spoke, "If anyone needs a ride I'm here." He spoke to all the teenagers in the room but really meant it just for Kyla. She stood up and headed to the bathroom.

"Spencer?" Kyla spoke as she walked into the restroom. She saw the other teenager in a dead stare at the mirror, water splashed all over her face, "Are you okay?"

"She gave me this you know..." she pretty much said in a whisper, showing Kyla the bracelet on her arm. Kyla thought the girl was going to speak more but she didn't.

"Spencer maybe you should go home..." Kyla walked over to her but Spencer only stared at the mirror.

"Why did I get mad...if I hadn't she'd still be here." Spencer whipped around to stare at her dead girlfriends half sister, "It's my fault that we were out there!"

"Spencer...no, it's not your fault!" Kyla tried to touch Spencer on the arm but she pulled away and rushed out of the restroom.

That night Spencer locked herself in her room, laying on her bed trying to cry but how could she cry when she felt guilty. Everything that happened ran over and over in her mind, the bullets, the screams and the blood. Spencer glanced down at her prom dress which she still had yet to change out of. There was Ashley's blood mixed in with Clay's. Splattered from top to bottom, even her shoes were drenched with the red gooey stuff. Standing up she walked to her dresser and took a picture of her and Ashley off the mirror, it was from the night they had dinner with Ashley's father just before he died. Laying back down on her bed she held the picture close and placed her head on her pillow. Her eyes closed, tired and sore she allowed sleep to take her away from the night.

Yawning and stretching Spencer realized she was under covers, her dad must have came in the middle of the night and covered her up. She wanted to go downstairs and talk to him, tell someone she was sorry about last night but she couldn't move. Spencer opened her eyes and found herself at Ashley's house, in Ashley's bed.

"Nice of you to join the awake people." Ashley's voice spoke on the other side of her. Swallowing Spencer moved slowly to look, her eyes drifted down to meet the beautiful eyes of Ashley Davies. Spencer shot out of bed screaming causing Ashley to fall back wards out of bed and quickly stood up, "Spencer what's wrong?"

Spencer took a couple steps back as Ashley approached her, "Y...you...your..."

"I'm what?" Ashley asked trying to touch her girlfriend who yanked away, "Spencer your scaring me...what's wrong?"

"Ashley..." Spencer stared at Ashley who held concern in her face; she was totally freaked out by what was happening.

"Yes." Ashley smiled coming closer placing her hand on Spencer's arm. The blonde freaked out, grabbed her coat and started down the stairs, "Spencer wait up!"

"What's going on?" Kyla asked coming out of her room and following the two downstairs.

"I don't know...she just flipped out, Spencer." Ashley sped up and cut her girlfriend off before she got to the door, "Slow down. Talk to me."

"I...got to go."

"Where?" Ashley wondered, she couldn't put her finger on what was going on.

"Home..." Spencer pushed past Ashley, as their shoulders touched Spencer dropped to her knees and threw up. Ashley's flesh on hers made the images come flying back, the bullets and Ashley crying out as one smashed into her chest because she jumped in front of Spencer.

"Spence..." Ashley tried to help the girl up but she pulled away and ran out the door, "At least let me drive you!"

"I'll get this, go get her." Kyla smiled and motioned for Ashley to leave.