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Ashley sat on the hard waiting room chair, the hospital was the only place the brunette tried to avoid. Ever since Spencer was shot and Ashley waited for a month in a half by her bedside, the hospital got a new meaning. Her leg bounced up and down nervously as her gaze shifted between the clock on the wall and the nurse's station.

The room was filled with sick people and their families, she felt suffocated but feared to step foot outside and miss the nurse or doctor. Her knuckles gripped the seat while her head rolled back onto the wall and her eyes slipped shut...


"Yeah Aiden?" Fifteen year old Ashley sat on the wooden swing behind her house, her boyfriend Aiden lying on the grass pulling it out and tossing it aside for no reason.

"If we break up..."

"Never going to happen," she kicked the bottom of his Nikes.

"I know that," he wrapped his hand around her wrist yanking her off the swing and onto him, she laid half on and half off, her head on his chest, "But if we do..." she snorted, "Pretend Ash!"

"Okay, I'm pretending," she sarcastically replied.

"So if we break up and it's bad as in I hate you or you hate me or what ever can you promise me something?" He asked cautiously while running his hand thru her auburn hair.


"Name your kid after me,"

"Aid?" she leaned up on her elbow so she could see his eyes.

"No listen Ash," he propped himself up on both his elbows, "Name it after me so no matter what I'll be apart of you."

"Fine but that goes for you too," she pointed with mock seriousness.

"Okay," he laughed before falling back so he was lying down again.

Ashley went to follow suit when a thought occurred, "Wait?"

"Did you change your mind already?" he sighed; he knew the Davies mind worked beyond human knowledge and that she could or would change her mind in seconds.

"No, but what if I have a girl and you have a boy, I'm not naming my little girl Aiden."

"Yeah okay let's see, well I can call my son Ash, it works for the kid on Pokemon..."

"Please tell me you don't still watch that?" Ashley glared.

"Oh don't front you know you do too,"

"NO...I don't," he chuckled at her knowing full well that she loved watching cartoons, he caught her a few days ago watching the very same cartoon she was now denying to have seen.

"What ever,"

"So my girl?" she wondered setting her head back down on his chest, her hand running back and forth on his stomach above his shirt. A breeze played in the branches which moved flawlessly allowing bits and pieces of sun light to drift on to their bodies.

"I got it," he piped up after a few minutes of silence, "Aiden Jr."

"I told you Aiden I'm not naming her Aiden," she shook her head, some times dumb jock really did apply to him.

"No check it out Ash, you can name her Aiden Jr. but on the birth certificate just call her A.J. and only you and the guy your with, if you tell him, will know what it means."

He watched her for a minute; her brown eyes scrunched a bit as she played with the idea in her head. Aiden loved everything about his girlfriend from the way the sun hit her hair and made her eyes sparkle to the crazy ideas that popped out of her head, "I love it..." she smiled down at him, "but..." she leaned down so close their lips touched as she spoke her next words, "We'll never break up..."

"Good," he closed the distance and their lips met in a passionate kiss.

"Mrs. Davies," Ashley shook the memory away as she lifted her head up to stay at the same shy nurse from before, she glanced at the clock for a second, she'd been out of it for a few hours.

"Are they alright?" she asked pretty much launching her self out of the chair, regretting it instantly as a bolt of pain shot thru her lower back.

"Calm down, would you like to see them?" the nurse smiled as Ashley nodded vigorously.

"So why was there blood?" Ashley's body didn't want to stay still, she was bobbing up and down, her hands shaking in her pockets as she tried to appear cool and calm.

"During one of the contractions the umbilical cord wrapped around the babies neck and there was a slight tear," she said as they came upon a door that read OR, "Go on it..." than she left.

Taking a deep breath Ashley pushed the swinging doors open, a sheet was placed between her wife's head and her belly. The doctor was just now finishing stitching her up; the lighting seemed too bright for an operating room. Sounds of machines buzzing and beeping made the place seem alive, in the back ground Ashley heard her baby crying causing her to release the breath she had no clue she'd been holding. She walked around the curtain so she could see her wife, the woman's eyes dropped every few seconds, and sweat glistened on her forehead from the heat of the lap above her head.

"Hey baby how you doing?" Ashley asked running her hand over her wife's cheek, brushing hair out of her face.

"Ask me tomorrow," she chuckled tiredly.

"Here you go," the doctor grinned as he handed the baby over to Ashley, "Meet your new baby girl."

Ashley held the tiny infant in her arms, it squirmed for a minute before settling down and closing its little eyes, Ashley leaned over slightly to show her wife who had to lay still on the table so she didn't upset the stitches, "Look at what you did..."

"What we did,"

"So you two figure a name out yet?" the doctor inquired wiping his hands off on a near by towel.

Ashley tilted her head toward her wife who stared right back, "What do you think Spence?"

"Go for it sweetie,"

The brunette turned her attention back on the doctor before proudly announcing, "A.J. Davies,"

"Very well," he nodded writing it down on the bracelet than wrapping it around the tiny wrist of the new baby, "Does it stand for anything?"

The two girls locked eyes, "Nope..." they said in unison.

"Okay, well Mrs. Davies I know you want to visit longer but they both need their rest." The doctor started pushing Ashley out the door as she waved good bye to both her girl's.

The drive home was uneventful as the drive to the hospital but she welcomed the blissful silence of just the wind and the radio. Pulling into her two story house she shut the vehicle off and crawled out, she had so much to do, she had to call the family and have the baby furniture shipped. Her tired fingers fumbled with the keys as she desperately tried to unlock the front door, finally it swung open and she sauntered in.

"Coffee," she slurred to the empty house as she walked toward the kitchen. Her feet stopped right out side her study, the computer was still on as she forgot to turn it off while rushing to get to the hospital. Ashley leaned in the door way watching the curser blink on and off after the last word she wrote in her unfinished sentence, sighing she walked further in and sat in her desk chair.

The dead line was tomorrow but she wasn't sure if her mind would let her finish, she'd already started to cry while writing it earlier before her wife interrupted and now she knew she'd cry for sure if she sat down to finish writing but she had to, cracking her knuckles she placed her hands on the keyboard once more...

"Ashley?" she turned her head to Aiden staring him straight in the eyes, conveying all the emotion built up inside. Her eyes went wide as her other hand went slack, she whipped her head where Spencer was but the girl was no longer on her arm, no longer dangling some what safely from her hand which was now empty like her heart...

"Aiden grab my hand," Ashley felt nauseous as the sweet voice of Spencer filtered into her thoughts, two hands reached into her eye sight, reaching for the boy still grasping onto the brunette's hand. Unknown to the older girl that when Aiden called her name and saw the emotion inside her he had used his free hand to grab the back of Spencer's pants, clutching her belt and with the last of his strength physical and mental hauled the blond up toward the ledge where she had found a foot hold and crawled to safety. Aiden knowing that he would never have had that courage or strength to get her up there if it wasn't for Ashley.

Spencer tried to get a firm grip but the rain was making it near damn impossible, "Spencer?" Aiden called out, she locked eyes with him, "I'm sorry..." he yelled over the thunder letting those two words convey what he could not at this time.

Aiden than glanced at Ashley and held her gaze, his voice broke, "I'm sorry..." he repeated but some how it seemed like those two words meant some thing different for her, both girls got what they needed from them.

Ashley took a deep shaky breath as she uttered the last two words she'd ever say to him, "It's enough!"

He grinned as his hand slipped out of her grip and he fell but not one sound escaped his mouth as he stared up at the girl's keeping his back to the ground and Ashley and Spencer watched until he disappeared into the darkness below.

Stillness washed over the two teens who stared into the pit of darkness, "Ash?"

Ashley slowly turned her head, Spencer was doubled over holding her stomach and pale as a ghost, quickly the brunette forgot everything else as she enveloped her girlfriend, "Shhh...I've got you baby," she whispered over and over again in the crying teen's ear.

Those four words would be used a lot over the years; they seemed to calm Spencer the quickest. Ashley had some how managed to get her girlfriend in the car and to the hospital, turns out Brenda dowsed the drink she gave Spencer with a hallucinogen so she was more susceptible to coercion but the bitch put to much in which gave Spencer an over dose.

A lot happened the beginning of senior year, changing the Carlin's and Davies' forever, yet some how bringing them closer together, stitching together a new family who would do anything for each other.

Ashley put a period at the end of the paragraph, moving the mouse to file and saving the document under 'Dark Days', as that is what the family referred to as the past or never brought it up. Leaning back in her chair she wiped the tears that had fallen on to her vest, taking deep breaths in and out trying to calm her rattled nerves.

Her mind still spinning with memories but the one that stuck out was the one that made sure Aiden's death wasn't in vain...

Spencer stared out the plane window while her family chatted and laughed, no one would tell her where they were going. Ashley had asked her yesterday if she remembered back in high school how she had a surprise for her but Spencer declined to go and that night Aiden fell, the blond had nodded indicated she did remember so Ashley went on to ask if she wanted the surprise now, Spencer giggled at the thought of receiving a surprise years later but nodded her approval.

And now her and her family were in a private jet heading to some unknown destination or at least unknown to Spencer.

"Having fun?" Kyla asked plopping down in the seat next to her.

"Fun, I feel like I'm being kidnapped, everyone knows but me..." she laughed.

"Suspense, you know Ash lives off that,"

"She lives off a lot, so why is Todd not here?" Spencer inquired about the younger girl's hot boyfriend of two years.

"This is only for family and he ain't part of it yet," Kyla swept her hair behind her ear feeling embarrassed about letting that slip, "Not like him and I are going to...you know..."

"Ky I get it, when you're ready your ready," Spencer patted her shoulder.


"Buckle your seats were about to land," the pilot came on.

Ashley came over, "Huh Ky your in my seat," she pointed to the one next to Spencer who giggled as Kyla made an over exaggerated noise getting up and moving allowing Ashley to flop down beside her, "You okay?" the brunette wondered because the blond had a fear of planes but mostly when they bounced or shook.

"Yeah just can't wait to have my feet on the ground again," she put her hand in auburn hair moving her girlfriend's head closer so their lips brushed against each other, the passion building as air left there lungs and time seemed to slow down.

"Whoa lover girl's back down," Glen coughed standing over them.

"The planes down?" Spencer asked confused.

"Yeah Spence planes down," Chelsea chuckled.

The family piled out, first Glen and his wife Madison than Chelsea, Clay and their son Nathan than Paula, last but not least Ashley and Spencer, "Wait...put this on." Ashley handed Spencer a blind fold.

"Ash no come on," Spencer whined.

"Pwease," Ashley pouted and gave the lost puppy look knowing full well her girl couldn't resist.

"Fine, I hate you..." she said taking the blind fold and tying it around her head.

"I love you too babe," Ashley giggled while pecking Spencer on the lips and leading her out of the plane and into a car.

The ride was filled with talking and laughing mostly at Spencer who was having a heated argument with Glen while wearing the blind fold, her hands were flying in every direction as she yelled at him and he yelled back but it was light hearted.

"We're here," the driver spoke thru the intercom.

"Thanks," Paula stated as the group piled out of the car where they walked for about five minutes before coming to a halt.

"Okay take it off," Ashley said you could hear the smile in her voice. Spencer took it off but still hardly saw anything in the dark; the sound of rushing water was loud and deafening while a light mist swirled around them.

"Where are we?" she asked turning back around to stare at Ashley who was down on one knee, Spencer glanced over to her mom who had a video camera pointed at them, Madison was leaning in Glen's arms both grinning like no tomorrow, Clay and Chelsea standing side by side holding hands while Clay held Nathan in his free arm, Kyla leaning against a tree trunk with tears in her eyes, "Ashley?"

Just as the word left her mouth a loud pop resounded over head, still not being used to loud noises after prom Spencer spun around her heart racing a mile per second, a firework lit up the sky in the shape of a happy face the sparks falling down ward illuminating the wonderful sight of Niagara Falls, another fire work, another loud pop, another chance to see the rushing water, she turned back to Ashley who was still on her knee.

"Spencer, I love you more than you could possible know. We've been thru so much over these few years but no matter what we have gotten through them together, as I hope we get through the rest of our years in this world. There is so much I want to say to you, so much I need to say to you but I can't because words are never enough to show how much I love you, years ago you asked me to chose between you and Aiden but since I never cared for him like that the real choice you asked for was you or death because Spencer if you left me that's where I'd be right now, you're my life and happiness, and I would be honored to spend the rest of my life with you. Spencer...will you marry me?"

Ashley asked bringing the ring out from her pocket, Spencer felt her body stiffen, she wanted to respond, to move and cry well she had the crying part down as the wetness drenched her face or it could be the spray from the Falls she wasn't quite sure.

"Well?" Paula cocked an eyebrow urging her daughter to reply.

"Baby are you okay?" Ashley got up and stared lovingly into her favorite blue eyes.

"Ashley," Spencer squeaked out.


"You stood up?" she whispered making Ashley giggle and get back down on her knee.

"Better?" Spencer shook her head, "Can you answer soon the sidewalk is hard," Ashley shifted to her other knee.

"I...love you Ashley and you know what forget about speeches hell yes I'll marry you!" Spencer lurched forward crashing into Ashley who fell backwards onto the slightly damp grass but like it mattered because their clothes were already wet from the mist of the Falls.

Cheers and applause echoed thru the night as the two embraced in a romantic slow raw passion kiss unlike any they shared before.

Smiling at the memory Ashley shut her computer off and trudged upstairs, her legs barely moving, feet shuffling on the floor. Flipping the light on in the bathroom she discarded her clothes and ran the water, stepping in she let all the tension melt away, I have a daughter, God I'm a mom, she thought while rinsing off the soap. Once her body was clean and relaxed she stepped out wrapping the towel around her body, wiping the mirror off so she saw her self.

She brushed her hair than her teeth, loving the minty fresh taste it left in her mouth. In her bedroom she felt lonely as she found some boxers and a wife beater to throw on. Climbing into the bed big enough for three people her size she stared up at the ceiling wishing Spencer was beside her, safe and warm under the covers.

The phone started ringing interrupting her thoughts, rolling over the best she could with how tired her body was she reached for the cordless phone on Spencer's side of the bed, "Hello?"

"Ash?" Spencer's soft tired voice drifted thru the receiver.

"I got you baby," Ashley smiled before singing into the phone, letting all the emotions she'd been feeling ring thru her voice and into her wife's ears until the breathing on the other end evened out to a faint little purr, "I love you forever and always Spence," the brunette whispered into the phone careful not to wake the sleeping woman before pressing the 'end' button and falling asleep as well.