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Ch 7.

They appeared in their bedroom in the Royal palace, and Raithos immediately laid Harry upon the bed.

"Is there anything you need my love?"

"Just hold me baby, don't leave me."

"Never, I'll never leave you my love." Raithos climbed into the bed and wrapped his arms around Harry, who had his hands on his, now empty, stomach.

"We never have to return Harry, you know that don't you?"

"I know, but I want to destroy Voldemort. If he never came back. . .well, I can tell you that I wouldn't-" Harry broke off, a hard rage settling in his stomach.

He suddenly felt the need to be fucked, hard, by his husband.

"Rai, I want you in me."

"So soon?"

"Fuck me!"

Soon, the sounds of a Demon couple fucking were all that was heard in the south wing of the House.

Barely two months passed and the Demon world still refused to help the wizards, light or Dark.

A demonic funeral for the unborn child of Raithos and Harry was held, it was beautifully done. Harry got to see his parent's again, as they attended the funeral.

Harry trained with more dedication than he had the previous year and he emerged a fearful warrior. He led the first two campaigns against an enemy clan and was proclaimed the most vicious commander since the King, himself, had led his army to reclaim the hills from their enemies.

He was preparing to leave for his third campaign when he fell ill. He would wake up every morning and vomit before feeling fine enough to eat something, which he would then promptly throw up.

He ignored these signs, not wanting to get his hopes up.

It was February the first when Harry's past and present collided.

He had just entered the great hall, when two guards shimmered in; a third person hanging limp between them.

"My Lord, we have caught the one called Granger." the captain said. Harry was stunned, he was sure that Hermione would never be caught. He waved his hand and chains snaked up from the floor and wrapped around her body, securing her in Place.

Harry conjured a chair and sat down and waited for her to regain consciousness.

He waited for ten minutes before something weird happened.

He watched as Hermione's bushy brown hair turned Black and straight. And her height grew. And she finally completed the change.

Laying before Harry was none other than-

Raithos reeled in shock as he heard the scream and felt the anger washing over the Castle. He dropped his things and shimmered to his husbands side.

Harry was furiously pacing back and fourth, every-so-often a ball of Fire would fly from somewhere on his body and explode against the wall.

There was a Black haired Lady chained to the stone floor of the great hall.

"Harry?" Raithos asked, stepping up to Harry.

"Guards! I want you to organize a search, you will find Hermione Granger or you will not live to repeat your failure." Harry snapped out.

"Yes my Lord. We live to serve." the captain of the guard gathered a squadron of men and left the palace.

"Sweetie?" Raithos asked.

"Yes, love?" Harry asked, still pacing.

"Who is she?"

"Her? She's the bitch that ruined my Life! Raithos, my love. Meet Bellatrix LeStrange. The murderer of my godfather, countless innocent people, and our child."

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