One Man Alone cannot be a Pirate

By: Zephyire

DISCLAIMER: I do not have any affiliation with Shueisha, Toei Animation, or with Eiichiro Oda. I don't own One Piece - I write this fanfic.

Summary: After the battle with Baron on Secret Island, Luffy faces a devastating fact about his nakama. Moustache offers Luffy his hidden treasure in hopes of pulling Luffy from his depression. Back in Time Fic. Serious Powerful Luffy. A second chance at becoming the Pirate King.


Chapter 1: Losing


"Uncle, what did you do with Chopper?"

"Are you referring to the creature with horns?"

"Uncle, I want to tell you two things. No. 1, Chopper is a deer-man. No. 2, I will not allow you to harm my partner."

"You will not allow me to harm your companion? There are six of them, right? Now only five are left up there."

"Ugh….What did you say?" Luffy gasped.

"The rest is going to end up inside Lily as well."

"What are you talking about!?"

"And here you are still talking about me harming them," Baron chuckled. "You will not allow me to harm your companion? HAHAHA!"

"That's unforgivable."


"THAT'S UNFORGIVABLE!!! Gomu, Gomuno!"

An arrow whizzed through the air straight through Luffy's arm and imbedded itself in a rock several paces away.

"Arrow No. 1. Where was all your bravery just now? As of now, you are short yet another companion."


"Who will be next? Oh yes, where is the cook?"

"You bastard! Gomu, Gomuno!"

A second arrow flew through the air, effectively rendering Luffy's left are immobile.

"Arrow No. 2."


"There are 3 people left. They will be finished if you don't act!"

"Stop! Gomu, Gomuno!

This time, the arrow pinned Luffy's right leg to the rock. Unable to stand on his remaining leg, Luffy fell onto his side.

"Let me tell you something, Pinocchio is dead."


"What are you going to do? Fight with me with one left foot?"

"Gomu, Gomuno!"

A fourth arrow locked Luffy's last remaining limb to the rock.

"Another girl has disappeared.

"Na….Nami…" Luffy chocked out as he slid slowly backwards, his face dragged across the rocky ground.

"You can't take action anymore. And your last companion has just disappeared."


With a scream, Luffy abandoned his usual Rubber cry and simply extended his neck and head. Baron gasped as Luffy's head traveled toward the giant plant. Firing four arrows, he was confident that this would be the end of Straw-Hat Luffy. Weaving his neck around the first two, Luffy was able to barely dodge a lethal hit from the third. Grazing his neck, it left a stream of blood in its wake. The fourth one however, found its mark. Luffy's head stopped expanding and Baron smirked. Suddenly, Luffy shot forward, the arrow clutched in his mouth. Baron took a step back. Luffy arrived just in time to see Zoro melt into the Lily Carnation.


The situation became too much for Luffy and his limbs, stretched out over a mile, contracted. His entire body slammed into the rock where Luffy was now pinned.

"Straw hat boy, the swordsman has just died. You don't have any crewmembers left. You are completely alone now."

"Alone…And my crew…"

With a kick to Luffy's head, Baron looked down on Luffy. "Are you feeling the pain now? You have lost everyone and that's an irrefutable fact. What are you going to do? A life of hopelessness and disappointment awaits you. It is better that you join your crew." Grabbing Luffy's hair, he continued. "I will give you some references. The captains that I have captured chose to die than bear the loneliness. That would be an apt choice for you as well. Because one man alone cannot be a pirate.


AN- This begins in the 6th One Piece Movie, Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island. The dialogue is mostly from the actual movie, to better set the scene (I don't think I could recreate it as in-depth as it is without the actual dialogue), but I wrote the narration. After this, the majority of the dialogue will be written by me. Thanks for understanding.

Additionally, when you see the word DISCLAIMED at the top of the following chapters, it is referring to the Disclaimer at the top of the chapter (I'm lazy). Thank goodness for Wikipedia….it's got all the minor characters and story arcs that I forgot.