One Man Alone cannot be a Pirate

By: Zephyire


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Summary: After the battle with Baron on Secret Island, Luffy faces a devastating fact about his nakama. Moustache offers Luffy his hidden treasure in hopes of pulling Luffy from his depression. Back in Time Fic. Serious Powerful Luffy. A second chance at becoming the Pirate King. Two devil fruits?

Chapter 8: Nami Enters

"Hey... Luffy." Zoro stared at the heavens.

Luffy was draped over the side of the small two man boat, twirling his fingers in the water. The boat itself had a single sail and two oars. They were drifting because they didn't want to row, and there wasn't any wind.


"Are we lost?"

"Nope. Just got to follow the bird."

"What bird? I don't see any."

"That's 'cause you're facing the wrong way."

"Eh?" Zorro turned around in his seat. A giant bird was slowly riding the air currents. 'Holy cow! That's got to be at least eight feet long! How did I miss that?!'

"Luffy? How will following a bird help us get to our destination?"

"Well, they can't very well nest out here on the ocean, could they? Though, I guess it could be possible in the Grand Line, or some other sea, but not here in East Blue."

"Good reasoning."

Luffy stood up and dusted off his pantaloons. "This is taking too long."

Zoro quirked his eyebrow, but didn't move. If the captain was going to do something about their speed, he wanted to watch. Especially since there wasn't any wind.

Luffy walked the two steps to get to the back of the boat. He then turned to look back at Zoro.

"Might I suggest that you hold on?" Luffy said, a slight smirk on his face. Zoro quickly grasped his katanas and the center mast. Luffy placed his hand just above the water.

After several seconds, Zoro began to relax a little as nothing had seemed to happen. His hair ruffled slightly in the breeze. 'Wait…breeze? There wasn't any wind a second ago!'

The wind began to pick up speed as it rushed toward the back of the boat. Luffy's hand was shaking as the air began to shimmer beneath his outstretched arm.


The boat shot forward with incredible speed bouncing slightly over the waves that the congregating winds had created. Luffy was holding on to the boat with his unoccupied hand and bracing himself with his feet. Zoro held the mast in a death grip.


After several minutes of the neck breaking speed, Zoro had finally calmed down enough to enjoy the ride…and let go of the mast. He had held his swords so tightly; the wrappings on the handles had left a slight inverted indent on his palm. Running his hand through his hair, he surveyed the surroundings. Looking forward, he was surprised to see three people bobbing in the water. They were waving their hands and yelling for them to stop.

"Luffy! There are some people in the water to the right! We gonna stop?!" Zoro was forced to yell over the wind that was whipping in his face.

"What!? Ok!" Luffy pulled his hand back in the boat. It was shaking and he had to hold it with his other hand. He was also sweating profusely. With a grunt, he slid back into the boat. "Guess I gotta work on control. I've got the power to do it. And I could keep it up longer, but not in such a small space. It's hard!"

The three men swam slowly over to the small boat and climbed on board.

"Hey! Stop the boat! This is the pirate Buggy Sama's territory!"

"What!?" Zoro glared at the three pirates. The one closest was holding a knife.


"Hohohohoho… We didn't know you were the "pirate hunter Zoro"! We're really sorry…" The now disarmed pirates were battered and bruised. Two of them were using the oars while the third sat between them, counting out the strokes.

Rubbing his arms slightly, Luffy looked upwards. "I think we lost the bird…"

"Luffy… you passed it about a mile ago."

"Eh, heh heh…" Luffy chuckled, slightly embarrassed. "Well, you three said that this was…Buggy's?... territory, so you should know where land is!"

They nodded quickly. No reason to get even more beat up.

"Oh yeah… why were the three of you drifting in the middle of the ocean?"

"Yes yes yes! Good question, you finally asked!"

"That girl!"

"Yeah! That bad girl!"

"But she's real cute too!" The pirates took alternating turns in the conversation.

"The three of us just finished robbing a ship, and on the way back, we ran into a teeny little boat with a ripped sail…"


"There's someone fainted at the side of that boat!"

"Oh? It's a girl?"

"Hey! What's wrong with you? Are you almost dead?"

The orange haired girl looked up shaking slightly. "Am…am I dreaming? I actually found someone… in this vast ocean… I don't know who you guys are, but please, give me a cup of water…please? And if it's convenient, please provide me with a small piece of bread. I… was in a ship wreak… If you want money, I'll give it to you. Please save me…"

"Sure! We'll save ya! But can we see the treasure chest first?"

"Sure, please take what ever you want. But please give me water first…"

"What's your hurry? Let me take a look at the treasure first!"

"Yeah! Yeah! We'll save you, don't worry!"

"Since you guys seem to like it so much… I'll give you the boat too as a bonus! He he!"

The three pirates looked up slowly only to find their boat drifting away.

"Ah?! That woman took our treasure and our ship!"


The lock fell away and the chest snapped open.

"Hey! This chest is empty!!"

The girl looked toward the horizon. "There's a bit of dark clouds toward the south…the wind will pick up, and then that boat will sink!!"

"WHAT!!!!" Lighting struck the boat, which quickly broke apart.

"Bingo! Bye bye! I'm taking your treasure!"

"Damn you! You planned this!! Some one help us!!"


"And that's what happened…terrible huh!?"

"So, she can predict the weather…this girl must be something special! Wonder if she'd join us…" Zoro mused.

Grinning to himself, Luffy thought, 'We're coming back together. I can't wait to see Nami again!'

"If I find her, I'm gonna kill her!"

"First we got to get our loot back!"

"Yeah! If we go back empty handed, Buggy Sama will…"

"Who's Buggy?" Zoro questioned.

"He's our pirate leader, haven't you ever heard of "Buggy the Clown"? He's a dangerous man who ate one of the "Devil's Fruit"."

"Ate a devil's fruit huh?" Zoro glanced at Luffy.

The captain seemed thoughtful at this information. "You know, I'm gonna need to get a subscription from the Marines to get the latest wanted papers. Don't want to get behind, eh?"

Luffy paused and looked out over the ocean. "Hey, which way is Buggy?"

"It's the way we're going! I swear!" The pirates cringed away slightly.

"Okay! Zoro…"


"I'm going on ahead. I'll meet up with you there."

"Sure thing captain."

"Call me Luffy."

Suddenly Luffy began to dematerialize. A slight breeze ran over the sail, pushing the boat forward slightly.

"What the…?!He's your captain? Just how powerful is he?"





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