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The Day Makers

STELLAR STARELVEN - Half Native American Cherokee and half Norse Viking by blood. Druidic
Witch and companion of Goddess Luminae by faith. Pure Elven Guardian at heart. The passion for writing
and imagination has ever been present in my life. Working in data processing currently until a full career in
writing becomes feasable, I fill the greater part of my free time with writing in many various forums of the
online universe. With plans for publishing the first part of a Fantasy trilogy sometime in the hopefully near
future, along with a seperate Fantasy/Romance Series nearing completion, there is no telling where the path
shall end ...however it is certain to be an interesting view along the way.

RICHARD McKINLEY - I was born in Kenton, Ohio, but have lived in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia,
Texas, and Colorado. However, most of my life, I have lived in Lima, Ohio. The lure of family keeps bringing
me back. I am a Customer Service Associate for a prominent convenience store chain, and have been writing
for nearly twenty-five years. However, I had never been able to break through into the market, except for a
couple of poems in an anthology, until the Internet became a serious phenomenon. Now, I am able to reach
readers, and am having a great time doing so.

ANDORIA SUNOK - A registered medical assistant and aspiring writer who has always been interested in
the hidden worlds of the mind and its imagination. With all my Celtic background, I somehow feel related to
the elven characters I create and the magical world in which they live. I am fond of Runes as a language,
especially when used in writing poetry. I am hoping to someday finish and publish a book, in cooperation
with several writers, based on the Starshield Universe.

LEV CHTERENBERG - I was born in a small town Chernovzi in Western Ukraine. I came to US when I
was 11 years old lived here ever since. I always tried to write sci-fi stories but never finished any of them until
I joined Starshield LS. Right now I am in 3rd year in Med School and working on four different stories.

ANATOL RATHBAUER - I'm a pure-breed Austrian, but was born in Munich, Germany. When I was six
years old, my family moved back to Vienna and that's where I've been living until today. I'm still a student who
will graduate this year (Class of 2001 - cool!) and head for uni to become a lawyer. In my opinion living in a
city like Vienna, where a certain morbid flair, left-over imperial splendor and constant personal backstabbing
dominate, makes a good basis for an aspiring writer. Then again, I wouldn't want to damage tourism to Vienna
by saying that I'm a typical example of its inhabitants.

MARK PROCTOR - I was born and live in Nova Scotia and have done only a small amount of travelling.
I have recently completed university and am now looking for work. I have always been interested in writing,
especially in a cooperative environment like Starshield. This is my first full story, both for Starshield and in

JEREMY HUSSELL - Jeremy Hussell - A Canadian student who just recieved his BSc in Computer Science.
Interesting facts: both his parents are ornithologists, and he holds a triple citizenship (Canada, U.S., England).

CHRIS CORLISS - I currently live in Denver, Colorado and work full time as a software engineer and go
to school full time. My first love was back in third grade when I started to read "choose your own adventure"
books. Ever since that time I have not only loved to read science fiction and fantasy but also loved writing
stories with elements of the fantastic in them.

FRANK VITTOE - I run and write The Spider Queen Theocracy on the Starshield Listserve. I am currently
studying to be an Emergency Medical Technician. My hobbies are playing Dungeons and Dragons and other
RPG's. I also enjoy music a great deal, and play guitar, electric bass and cello.

ESTEBAN JAUREGUI LORDA - Ever since I could tell an A from a B, I enjoyed reading. It soon became
clear to me writing was the only way to express myself not only with elegance but with honesty, allowing words
and phrases to simply flow from my mind to my hand. I'm 19 and studying to became, hopefully, an engineer
in 3 or 4 more years. I was born in Santa Rosa, but am currently living in La Plata, close to Buenos Aires...
that's Argentina, way down America.

LOWELL BOSTON - I was born in upstate New York and grew up in various places throughout the
continental United States. I think my nomadic childhood contributed to my wandering imagination and the
urgent need to see what's over the next hill. Professionally, I'm an Adjunct Assistant Professor for the University
of the Arts and part time instructor for Art Institute of Philadelphia. I began drawing when I was old enough to
hold a pencil. I began writing shortly after that.