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Genre: Angst

The little boy skipped along the path, humming to a merry tune, clutching his mother's hand. His mom held a tatty umbrella with a huge hole in it, but she seemed happy all the same. She walked on, leading her son towards a playground. The boy twirled around for a bit before running of towards the playground. It was a joy for him to be out at the park, and even a bigger joy for his mother to see the delight in her son's face. The kid was barely ever aloud to go outside. The boy splashed around in the puddles, not caring that he was soaking himself, for the rain jacket he was wearing was two sizes two small.

The boy ran towards a see-saw, jumping on it idmedatly(not noticing the water soak through his jeans) and yelling for his mother to come over. His mom laughed merrily, put her umbrella down, and jumped on with him. The mom's face twisted into a giant smile, bewildered from the delight on her son's laughing face. Soon she started to sing the merry tune that her son was singing earlier. The boy smiled and joined in with her. They stayed like that until the boy jumped of the see-saw, sending his mom landing with a thump. She laughed and went after her son.

"Mommy, come push me!" the little boy cried, jumping onto one of the swings. But his mother was to preocupied keeping an eye on the two policemen who were eyeing the boy. She ran over to her son when the policemen started to walk towards them. The woman picked up her son, taking him off the swing, but luck wasn't on their side this day. One of the policemen grabbed the woman while the other grabbed the son.

"Stop, let go of me!" the boy cried, reaching out for his mom. The policeman grabbed him by the white, fuzzy dog ears that were perched on top of his silver hair, and threw him against one of the poles on the swings. All was silent from the boy.

His mom got out of the policeman's grip, running over to the boy. She fell on her knees, sobbing and screaming to the heavens.

This wouldn't have happened if he wore his hat.

This is based on a scene, just so you know. A scene from a story I read. I don't really remember what story it was now..A reference, I could call it. Ish.

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