Thanks to all the people who read Bloody Lollipops and pursued me through! (even when I wanted to end it at 25 drabbles). I'm really glad that you all commented!

I'd like to thank(jeez, what is this? A Oscar award speech?):

Fluffy Lover Foreva





sango mumbo bum



Thank you all for commenting and reading Bloody Lollipops!

My next two fan fictions will be called 'A Feudal Faerie Tale' (which has the Inu-Yasha characters and me, it's hard to explain, really) and 'Slipping Through Sweet Sickness' (which is about a cat-hanyou Kagome getting slaved by Koga, only to be saved by Inu-Yasha. Will he keep her as his own slave or set her free?).

Before you all leave to wait for my next fan fictions, I have a question.

After reading Bloody Lollipops, how old do you think I am? (as I said, it's between 10-400) Just tell how old you think I am. I might say how old I might at the end of A Feudal Faerie, anywhooz...

Thanks once again to everyone for reading, and also thanks if you guess (cause I'm curious)!

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